FSD Price (after delivery) now $5,000

FSD Price (after delivery) now $5,000

FSD still costs $3,000 initially but the after delivery price has increased from $4,000 to $5,000.

Ohmster | 27. Juni 2018

Well, I guess I lost that gamble. Twice.

‘17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 21.9x2. Grin on!

nwfan | 27. Juni 2018

@Ohmster, ditto.

S100D & M3 LR

inconel | 27. Juni 2018

Does the price increase apply to vehicles already purchased or only on new ones?

reed_lewis | 27. Juni 2018

I would guess that it applies to every car since you did not purchase it yet.

SamO | 27. Juni 2018

elon told you

he warned on the last earning call

bp | 27. Juni 2018

Unless the Purchase Agreement specifically states an upgrade price, there probably isn't a guarantee on the price for upgrades purchased after delivery.

This is why we purchased EAP & FSD with our S 100D last year and X 100D this year, would not be surprised to see the price for both after-purchase upgrades to go up, especially if Tesla decides hardware upgrades will be needed to achieve the goals for those features (such as a processor upgrade).

EVRider | 27. Juni 2018

Was there an article or tweet about the increase, or did someone just notice it in the Design Studio?

Silver2K | 27. Juni 2018

Just sell your car and get a new one, but this time include FSD and save $2k.

cosmicdust | 27. Juni 2018

Some people report that the price increase is only for MCU1 vehicles or may be only for AP2 vehicles.

mikeTeslagoal | 27. Juni 2018

I wonder if can add on at last minute during delivery, and pay cash!
@samO - what warning? Do you think the release of FSD is eminent?

Silver2K | 27. Juni 2018


Some or a feature of FSD will be released in August if I remember Elon's tweet correctly.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 27. Juni 2018

It’s probably to cover the added costs of the CPU upgrade and other possible necessary hardware upgrades that Elon alluded to. Wouldn’t be surprised if price goes up even further once the feature is fully active. I think people who have EAP and are annoyed at the nags will be lining up to pay the $5000 to upgrade to FSD.

Just confirmed on my AP2 Model S that it went up in price!

johnyi | 27. Juni 2018

@ mikeTeslagoal, if you haven't taken delivery yet just call your DS and ask them to add it. I did that about a week before delivery and after the car had left the factory, and they were able to add it for $3000 (no $500 change fee either). What's great about SW changes :-)

Tropopause | 27. Juni 2018

I had been considering purchasing the FSD for my 2017 S at the $4,000 after-delivery price. Last night I went in to My Tesla account and noticed it was now $5,000.

I agree with Melania, this is only the beginning. As FSD rolls out and blows people's minds, the price will likely go up accordingly.

I say, Go Tesla! Profitability is important to its future so these actions are part of the pathway to financial independence from the markets, the shorts, and the bears.

RedJ | 27. Juni 2018

Where in the My Tesla account can you find the price to upgrade?

dvanlier | 27. Juni 2018

This seems like a good marketing piece. No one knows when the real full self driving features will come. For now it might be just a slightly better enhanced autopilot using more cameras, and still having nags every 15 seconds. Or allow you to exit a parking space easier with the cameras. Who knows.. but by increasing the price he’s making people think it’s more than it is, sooner than it is. Good way to raise cash.

Uncle Paul | 27. Juni 2018

Acording to Electrek, the price increase should only apply to new car purchases. Existing vehicles should still be able to upgrade for the original $4,000 amount.

Ohmster | 27. Juni 2018

I verified the new pricing applies to both our vehicles. I was about to pull the trigger on one last week. “Missed it by that much”.

‘17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 21.9x2. Grin on!

Tropopause | 27. Juni 2018

RedJ- under My Tesla, click on “Manage” by the picture of your car. Then scroll down and you’ll see various options you can do or buy, including FSD if applicable.

EVRider | 27. Juni 2018

From the Electrek article (

"Current owners of Model S and Model X with Autopilot 2.0 have reported to Electrek that they are now also seeing the price of the upgrade increase.

We contacted Tesla to get an explanation about the situation and the company confirmed that it isn’t supposed to apply to existing vehicles and they will honor the original $4,000 price. The new $5,000 price is for new orders."

Tropopause | 27. Juni 2018

EVRider- thanks for that post! I’m getting FSD while the getting is good.

barrykmd | 27. Juni 2018

Part II of the nag.

melburstein | 27. Juni 2018

Well, that sure makes me feel better about spending $3,000 to pre-order. Color me happy.

tom | 27. Juni 2018

Damn, I just saw it was still $4k the other day , ARGO !

PatientFool | 27. Juni 2018

Interesting. Mine shows $5k now and I took delivery last year. Hope you're right EVRider. Beta testing FSD should only cost $4k IMO. lol..

diegoPasadena | 27. Juni 2018

"We contacted Tesla to get an explanation about the situation and the company confirmed that it isn’t supposed to apply to existing vehicles and they will honor the original $4,000 price. The new $5,000 price is for new orders.""

Tesla always finds the right way to do things. We made our purchase decision based on the promised possibility of upgrading for $4000. They, as we, see that as part of the purchase agreement.

mikeTeslagoal | 27. Juni 2018

I wonder what the upgrade price was for upgrading the MS 100D.

johnyi | 27. Juni 2018

Still i'm glad I grabbed it at the last second before taking delivery. Though I haven't even used AP yet other than trying it once to make sure it worked. Having too much fun driving :-) But eventually I figure I'll want to let the car take over some tasks, and can see FSD coming in handy years from now.

RedJ | 27. Juni 2018

@Tropo thanks

dborn | 28. Juni 2018

How glad I am that I ENJOY driving!
One less thing to worry about.

megoldin | 28. Juni 2018

I called Tesla customer support about this. the agent checked with the inside sales team and denied the $4000 price for FSD applies to existing owners. I read the Electrek article as well. Who is correct?

carlk | 29. Juni 2018

How do you differentiate between existing owners and new owners? Isn't everyone purchasing the upgrade an existing owner?

Tropopause | 29. Juni 2018


I believe Tesla means to inform prospective new buyers that FSD cost $3k when ordering the car but if you decide to forgo and wait until later, FSD will cost $5k.

For all others in the past who chose to forgo the $3k FSD at time of order in favor of the $4k price, that upgrade price still applies.

I haven't confirmed with my local SvC.

Ohmster | 29. Juni 2018

The Agoura Service folks are looking into this too.

carlk | 29. Juni 2018

Tropo I just thought that existing owner/new owner description is too vague. If there is truly the distinction Tesla would have said owners who have bought or received the car before a certain date could continue to upgrade at the lower cost. Otherwise it's not even enforceable. I guess we'll soon find out.

Silver2K | 29. Juni 2018

Must put Tesla in a perfect position to make some serious cash from this announcement.

He announces FSD features will be released in August and then raises prices a month later and then opens the flood gates by inviting all to order their cars. This will insure FSD software orders by those looking to keep costs down. :)

Wiley coyote, Genius

Silver2K | 29. Juni 2018


SamO | 29. Juni 2018

What, was he demoted?

SUPER genius . . .

carlk | 29. Juni 2018

That's exactly what they do. That a good sign about progress of FSD too. They wouldn't want to have thousands of people to pay for it and then having to wait for a long time to without ability to use it in some way. Sales clerks used to advise people to purchase only the EAP not too long ago.

jjs | 29. Juni 2018

Wait! I thought they already did that! :)

PatientFool | 29. Juni 2018

existing owner is simple. whatever day you update the price, cars purchased prior to that day get the old price, cars after get the new price. it can be easily reflected on your account on the website just as it is now. pretty poor communication all around by Tesla on this topic. If they were going to raise the price on existing owners, they should've sent an email to owners to give them a heads up. That didn't happen. So i presume the electrik article is correct and they just fumbled the price increase to existing owners and need to update their website. We'll see i guess..

Silver2K | 29. Juni 2018


It was a typo :)

inconel | 29. Juni 2018

Silver too easy! When you forgot a whole word it is not a typo :)

john9800986 | 29. Juni 2018

I am going to Pick my Inventory 100D in a few hours I will check on this. looks like i might be better off going for FSD now. My wife's X does not have it grrrrrrr

Silver2K | 29. Juni 2018

No ablamos ingles

Tropopause | 29. Juni 2018

My Tesla Account still shows the higher $5,000 to upgrade my car to FSD. It seems if Tesla had wanted to implement this price increase to new buyers only then they wouldn't have upped the price on existing owners' accounts. I guess they will fix it if that's the intention.

EVRider | 29. Juni 2018

My car is AP1 so I don't have the option to add FSD, but if I had EAP, I'm not sure I would add FSD to save $1,000 (or possibly more) later. On the one hand, I would think it's worthwhile if FSD really adds value in the near term, but on the other hand, I wouldn't want to be one of the many complaining a year from now that they didn't get their money's worth. I'll give credit to Tesla for their marketing -- until they raised the price I would not have considered adding FSD now even if I could.

inconel | 29. Juni 2018

Parlez vous francais Le Creuset?

Tropopause | 29. Juni 2018

$5,000 will be a steal when it's more someday. The better it works, the more it will cost.

carlk | 29. Juni 2018

Even $10K, OK maybe 20K, is cheap for a true level 5 FSD car. Uber and Lyft would buy everyone of them Tesla could produce if Tesla let them to.