Got my M3!

Got my M3!

On the day of 04/28/2018:

8:26 am: Invitation email received
9:03 am: Confirmation email received
10:58 am: Email from ISA received, asking me to complete delivery info
11:46 am: ISA emailed me: "You now have a VIN (woohoo!) "
12:11 am: All process completed. Will talk to ISA later in the afternoon to setup delivery details

04/12/16 reservation, Bay area, LR, Aero, PUP, Silver Metallic.

I think color is the key for this fast. We have physically seen M3s of all colors, our top choices are Midnight Silver Metallic and Silver Metallic. Since my son ordered his MSM AWD last night, I got the 2nd choice but I for sure will get the car before him!

qqaaplz | 28. Juni 2018

sorry, duplicate post. the portal is very slow today.