Trailer Hitch

Trailer Hitch

I see that e-trailer already sells a trailer hitch for the M3. Does anyone know if this will void the Tesla warranty

EVMan | 06. Juli 2018

I am getting the one from Torklift Central. I have one of theirs for my Chevy Volt and it works great. It looks very similar to the e-trailer one. I spoke with someone at my local delivery center and they indicated that it would not void the waranty.

rpc_in_va | 06. Juli 2018

Hmmm. Reading the M3 owners manual, a towing is explicitly not supported. I’d say it would violate the warranty.

gadget63 | 06. Juli 2018

I thought I read somewhere where towing wasn't recommended, but why sell a hitch then

Magic 8 Ball | 06. Juli 2018


I think a lot of people are interested in the bike racks that plug into hitch.

CST | 06. Juli 2018

You can attach a bike rack to a trailer hitch, same with skis. That would be a much cleaner way to carry these along rather than on the roof.

gadget63 | 06. Juli 2018

yeah that's what I am thinking. It's a safer way to carry bikes. Although it would be tempting to tow my Jon boat with it..... hehehe

CharleyBC | 06. Juli 2018

These guys also sell a Model 3 hitch: No personal experience, but someone on this forum mentioned getting one recently. Not sure which brand, but we want one for carrying bikes.

CharleyBC | 06. Juli 2018

@EVMan, are you installing it yourself? I got a bit intimidated watching their video. I’d hate to harm our beautiful new Model 3!

hokiegir1 | 06. Juli 2018

I got the Stealth Hitches one. :) In fact, that's my car on their install guide. We don't tow, but we both have heavy electric bikes that are much easier to carry on a hitch-mounted rack. They have a no-drill install, so they say it doesn't void the warranty. I haven't had an issue where it's come up yet to test that.

jrzapata | 06. Juli 2018

I already put the torklift one on my M3
First use tomorrow. Intended for bike rack only

bgraseo | 07. Juli 2018

Had Torklift installed on my M3 as well. Along with Kuat Sherpa bike rack.

No issues, except for very steep inclines or declines you might rub the back part of the bike rack (not the hitch receiver) on the asphalt.

Thegolfpilot | 07. April 2019

I’m going to be a little bit of a test dummy for this tomorrow. I started getting intermittent whines/milling sounds from my car at 17k miles on my dual motor 3. They are looking at it tomorrow (at their request). I use my hitch time to time to bring my mountain bike with me (30 pounds). I am going to leave the torkhitch installed and if asked I will tell them exactly what I use it for. My Rav4 EV has had the battery and motor replaced by Tesla despite having both an aftermarket hitch and fast charger installed. Tesla has been fair and honest so far with me and I don’t expect that to change.

benichols | 07. April 2019

I have had this hitch installed since last fall and have had the TM3 serviced twice since then with no mention of the hitch. It's nice to have the ability to haul my bike and I take the hitch receiver off and use the cover from Torklift the vast majority of the time.

Sparky | 07. April 2019

Franz indicated last month that a Tesla hitch option was coming for the Model Y and Model 3. Has anyone heard anything more on this?

PECo CT | 08. April 2019


“My Rav4 EV has had the battery and motor replaced by Tesla despite having both an aftermarket hitch and fast charger installed.”

You meant to say “Toyota”, right?

CharleyBC | 08. April 2019

@Sparky: Not only have I not heard more about Franz’s comment, I hadn’t even heard the comment itself. Can you provide a link?

gballant4570 | 08. April 2019

Toyota makes an EV? I read they weren't planning to move beyond hybrids.

pmcneill64 | 12. April 2019

Does the receiver hitch with bike rack interfere with backup cam or rear- looking sensors?

Pierogi | 12. April 2019

I was at a Tesla service center today getting my winter tires swapped out and asked them about the tow hitch and if it would void the warranty. They relied saying yes it can void the warranty of the hitch is not installed properly and causes a problem with the car. Also if you have a problem with the rear bumper area and you have the tow hitch installed those problems would not be covered under warranty because you altered the rear of the car with the tow hitch.

I was previously dead set on getting a tow hitch and bike mount installed but not anymore. I’m going to go with the Tesla roof rack mounts.

Pierogi | 12. April 2019

@pmcneill64 - yes if you have the bike rack installed and folded up it will block the sensors and camera. Issue would be magnified with bikes installed on the racks too.

Sasquatch2001 | 28. April 2019

does autopilot work with the rack + bikes hanging off the back? I want to mount a Kuat rack for my fatbikes...

moabchick | 28. April 2019

@Sasquatch - yes AP still works. We drove Denver - Moab and back with a bike rack on AP. We have the Torklift hitch and a Thule hitch rack.