I wish Musk will focus on Tesla and stay off Twitter

I wish Musk will focus on Tesla and stay off Twitter

I wish Musk will not commit so many of these unforced errors. Why even get involved publicly with the Thai cave rescue?
Pick a twitter war with some soldier? Some decent guy, got well earned fame for doing something good, and you will never come off good picking a fight with him.

Cave rescue, the boring company are distractions that we can do without. When three huge industries with half trillion dollar annual revenue each (oil companies, car makers and the utilities) are gunning after you, you cant afford to get involved in these random altercations.

BEV are not out of the woods yet, and oil companies would really love to kill it. Car makers are likely to realize "we are not in ICE business, we are in transportation business" and change sides, eventually after sense pounded into their skulls and the battery price drops another 30%.

gmkellogg | 16. Juli 2018


KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

He only gives his critics ammunition.

And it certainly doesn't help the brand.

dave.m.mcdonough | 16. Juli 2018

It's not presidential. Oh wait..

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16. Juli 2018

Everyone that posted above dave.m.mcdonough is wrong. Of course, I don't have a twitter account and never will. But then, I have no interest in being President of the United States of America.

agkulcz | 16. Juli 2018

Completely agree with OP. I can think of a couple of better responses to the diver's criticism than trying to insult him. Musk's response was just childish, unwarranted, and really just plain stupid - it is guaranteed to make him look bad. Regarding that mini-sub, it was fairly obvious that it was not going to work under the circumstances and couldn't be maneuvered in the tight passages that they needed to get through to get the boys out. The diver just called Musk out on that and you can bet that he knows what he's talking about here. Very disappointing....

dmm1240 | 16. Juli 2018

dumb move by Musk.

He should stay off Twitter.everyone should stay off Twitter. Has that platform ever gotten any celebrity anything but grief? If the celebrity is not screwing up they’re having to deal with trolling 24/7.

Why I don’t play on FB, Twitter, Instagram or anyrihing else of that nature. Essage boards are as far as I go and that’s probably too far.

vishious911 | 16. Juli 2018

Agreed. I believe this was _right after_ the Bloomberg interview (last-time-bet-the-company one) where Musk himself admitted he should probably not engage so much on Twitter.

gm_xeon | 16. Juli 2018

Pretty sure the guy works pretty insane hours and uses Twitter as his way to cool off, unwind, and see his followers shower him with love. But naturally there's a lot of hate on Twitter, so I think that's why he goes off the deep end when he sees people personally attacking him. It's not healthy and he does need to find a better way to unwind, calling someone a pedo due to where they live is pretty ridiculous, surely he realizes not everyone there is a pedo. But I think I can understand where he's coming from, we all have our inner demons and I don't think anyone here can understand how much stress he has in his life, even being a billionaire. I think his original tweets about the submarine were not intended to be self-serving, I think he was just excited as an engineer to have a nice distracting project he can quickly work on and wanted to share it with his followers, not thinking of the implications.

calvin940 | 16. Juli 2018

I think it's ok for Musk to be on Twitter but to limit himself to on topic Tesla, Boring or Space X business or product information. This engaging in spats , insults and being baited by these others is just a waste of time and energy. It also reflects poorly on him

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2018

Musk makes mistakes and will make more. I would not have put up a challenge against the egos of seasoned cave rescuers myself, in such a high profile situation, but I don't have billions in assets and a car company with over 400,000 people waiting in line to get product, either. ; )

KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

He was bullied as a child. His father abused him. He has been told "it can't be done" at every step in his businesses. He takes criticism personally, especially when he probably knows he's smarter than anyone else in the room.

The pushback on him trying to help with this rescue was ridiculous - and I don't think anyone on the internet is expert enough to say whether or not the sub would have worked. And there was PLENTY of that on twitter. And news articles slamming him for it - even though he was only responding to requests to help, not interjecting himself into the situation.

So then this guy gets on Twitter saying it was all a PR stunt and tells Elon to shove his sub where it hurts - So Elon was attacked, and rather than take the high road, he attacked back.

Lets not forget his just did an interview ONE WEEK ago where he said he needs to be better on Twitter.

Bottom line is, he needs to stop looking at his Twitter mentions if he's to keep using that platform. He is the Chairman and CEO of Tesla, and he needs to comport himself accordingly. I get who he is (from what I've read) as a man but he is very hard to defend when he goes this far.

Kathy Applebaum | 16. Juli 2018

I work in tech and I've commented to my co-workers many times that I'm really glad our CEO doesn't drunk tweet on Saturday nights. ;-)

That said, I've also blocked a whole lot of people on Twitter who aren't doing shit except for finding every reason they can to revel in any negative news about Tesla or Musk. I question why they are so obsessed with tearing down someone who is at least trying, even if not everything is thought through as well as it might be.

dyefrog | 16. Juli 2018

It's too bad he can't take a Mulligan on that one and have a do over. Unfortunately there's no undo button on twitter or a MIB memory erase strobe.
He really needs someone with the second key to peruse his posts before he fires the bomb.

cascadiadesign | 16. Juli 2018

Big fan of Elon Musk but I'm starting to worry about the guy. His vision and work speaks for itself. The diver on Twitter is a jerk and I have no idea why he attacked Musk, but Elon's response just brings bad publicity. Engaging detractors on Twitter has little upside, but a lot of potential downside. Put the Twitter machine away and let the public respond to the detractors and let lawyers respond to Tripp.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2018

It is nice to see Musk deleted his tweets, a sign of recognition of his mistake. He will learn from this since he does learn from his mistakes.

gm_xeon | 16. Juli 2018

@Magic 8 Ball, it is a bit unfortunate that he does not apologize to those who he's wronged though, despite recognizing he made a mistake. A reply to the diver by Elon may have arguably have been warranted, but I think we can all agree that defamation is crossing a line. There's a difference in degree between the diver's remarks and Elon's.

dgstan | 16. Juli 2018

Maybe he's intentionally driving the stock down so more of us can pick some up before the meteoric rise with next quarter's results?

KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

LOL @dgstan - well that's certainly one way to do it. ;-)

mleonard1 | 16. Juli 2018

To be clear, Vern Unsworth's claim that the sub was not practical for the rescue is false. The sub was specifically designed to make it through the cave system. Elon's team worked directly with the rescue divers on site to ensure the sub would fit through all passages. So, Vern was dead wrong to call it an impractical PR stunt. That is why Elon was so upset. I agree that calling him a pedo without evidence is out of line, but I can't help but wonder if Elon has some insider information about the guy that gave him reason to say that. If not, he should apologize. Vern should also apologize.

gm_xeon | 16. Juli 2018

@mleonard1 true, I too want to give Elon the benefit of the doubt that his submarine was built to spec and suitable for the task at hand. I think we can all say it's unfortunate it was not able to prove itself and the naysayers wrong. But Elon does seem to make it a habit of being out of line, deleting his tweets because he recognizes his mistake, but then not offering any sort of apology. Deleting his tweets without a statement of any kind makes it look even worse, like he's getting rid of evidence. There's usually two parties at fault so I do agree there is probably an apology warranted from both sides, but Elon seems to want to start wars lately and that's doing more harm than good.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2018

@gm_xeon Yes, the tweet was totally uncalled for. Apology deserved if the accusation is untrue. They were on site and people talk differently and about different things. Maybe there was something seen or just a rumor, I just don't know if there is enough to judge if an apology to the diver is in order. Elon, should (and probably will) issue some sort of apology to the public for taking such a thing public tho'.

maintreqd | 16. Juli 2018

yes I'm having a very tough time standing behind him right now with the "pedo" comment now being a thing. Good grief man, you JUST said you realize you need to stop taking it out on Twitter, and then this? What could he have even been thinking???

I don't know that he'll apologize, either. He doubled down on it with a second tweet and everything, so there's no way to go back on what was said. Deleting tweets these days means nothing; it's all archived and being spread around the globe at a feverish pace. The stock is taking a hit and everyone's taking jabs now in the media. This kind of thing squanders all the progress they've made recently in the public's eye.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

I disagree with creating the false dichotomy that he should focus on Tesla and stay off Twitter. How he chooses to spend his free time is his business. Now, if you say he just needs to censor himself on Twitter, fine, but i'm sure just about everyone saying he need to devote time to Tesla also works for a living. Just like Elon, you do stuff outside your job, and it doesn't hurt your performance on the job, either.

KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

I don't think it's that he should focus on Tesla and stay off twitter, I think it's more that if he can't control himself, he should stay off twitter.

stevenmaifert | 16. Juli 2018

Without Musk on Twitter, we wouldn't know much about what is going on at Tesla.

Even if the sub could have made it all the way to where those boys were stranded, Misk's comment was inappropriate to say the least. The slightest verbal missteps can get you in big trouble these days. Just ask Papa John or Roseanne Barr.

joemar10 | 16. Juli 2018

I said this very same thing 6 months ago. EM should concentrate on business , ignore all the criticism and just laugh when he's proven right.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and just about every other car company is flattering him big time.

I don't do Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media other than the occasional forum reply and texts among my friends. It's too easy for things to be taken out of context.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

KP in NPT | July 16, 2018
I don't think it's that he should focus on Tesla and stay off twitter, I think it's more that if he can't control himself, he should stay off twitter.

But the title of the thread says exactly that: "I wish Musk will focus on Tesla and stay off Twitter"

OP needs to change the thread title then. I agreed that it's okay to request that he should control himself on Twitter.

KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

Ha true dat, Brian. ;)

Bottom line tho, it's hurting Tesla.

kevin_rf | 16. Juli 2018

With his latest tweet storm, he has kinda created an environment where I would not want to show up at a caving event (NRO,MAR,VAR,OTR) driving one... Kinda glad the car won't arrive before OTR. Might get awkward.

Plus how well do Tesla float when the campsite floods?

Shock | 16. Juli 2018

If Musk is as smart as he thinks he is he will apologize immediately, lest he find himself on the losing end of a defamation suit.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

@KP in NPT :) Yeah, it does hurt Tesla when he does that. I wonder though, does doing nothing hurt more? The guy basically confirmed (in some people's minds) that Musk did it for publicity, so if he leaves it at that, it's almost like he's admitting it. He has to say something to clear his\their name(s), especially with the way the current media/news/social climate is; silence is approval/guilt these days. You can't ignore people like you used to be able to do. Musk still should have left it at just defending the sub. I'd been fine with that.

Musk probably heard about how bad the sex trafficking is over there (especially for boys) and projected it onto the guy, especially since he's not native to Thailand and now lives there. Still, you can't say that kind of stuff unless you have absolute proof. He should have just said the other stuff and left the "pedo" off.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

I don't think he can get sued. "Pedo guy" can mean anything. It's not an obvious reference. I know I didn't know for sure what they claimed he was talking about until the reports started coming out; I'd never heard it put that way.

lilbean | 16. Juli 2018

If he was abused as a child, then maybe he has a passion to protect children. He may have had info about that guy and in that case, he would be a hero.

KP in NPT | 16. Juli 2018

@Brian - I do think he has the right to defend himself, I guess only if it's done civilly. There had already been a week of coverage about his involvement, and it was not fair. He had previously defended his motivations, reminding us that he didn't interject himself into the problem, but that he was repeatedly asked to help and eventually did. But the media didn't cover it that way and made it seem like he was butting in, or trying to apply his crazy ideas where they weren't needed. I guess he should have just accepted that the media can be dicks towards him regardless of what he says and just left it at that. Because this just gave them even more fodder.

efuseakay | 16. Juli 2018

He needs to drop his ego too. Calling one of the divers a lefophile. Wtf planet is this.

And I’m sorry. But that whole mini submarine thing was indeed a publicity stunt. Not only did he wait weeks before offering to help, but that thing in no way would have done any good.

dalesmith1962 | 16. Juli 2018

Musk has already proven that it wasn’t a publicity stunt. Why want weeks to get involved? Because those that requested his help waited weeks to ask.

dalesmith1962 | 16. Juli 2018


GAGSTESLA | 16. Juli 2018

Go watch what provoked the response from Musk.

mvu | 16. Juli 2018

I am a fan of Elon Musk's vision and ingenuity. I love his cars. I want to support him and see him succeed. But his latest behavior on Twitter has shaken my confidence in him, and I don't think I am alone. Emotional instability is the last thing you want to see in a leader. Elon did a lot of damage to himself with his latest pedo tweet.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2018

@mvu You might think that but I know of someone who rants all the time on twitter that is running the big top.

gmkellogg | 16. Juli 2018

@mvu I'm in the same boat. Tesla has a gigantic target on their back, no need to keep making it bigger.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

@GAGSTESLA It raised an eyebrow that the guy would make those comments about Musk when he was genuinely trying to help in ways even more than the sub. The sad part is that in almost every article, the comments the guy made first are mentioned in passing at the middle or end of the article. Much is made of Musk's comments upfront without providing the context. It's a cheap tactic where you get the reader to make up their mind up front, then slowly share the other facts, but by that time they won't change their initial reaction.. Trust me, these people know human behavior and are milking it for every dollar. It's no different than a child asking for permission to go to a friend's house with no adults there and right before they're getting dropped off, mention that the opposite sex is going to be there, too (or something they knew their parents wouldn't have agreed to if they were told up front).

carlk | 16. Juli 2018

I just mentioned this to Elon. He said he would do that if we can stay off this forum especially when people like mos or P90D shows up.

dgstan | 16. Juli 2018

My God. If he knows something about the conduct of this "pedo guy", he should contact the authorities. That would make him a hero.

An ambiguous tweet only served to tank the stock.

Magic 8 Ball | 16. Juli 2018

@dgstan The circumstances suck but I put another buy order in today ; )

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

@carlk Touche'!

GAGSTESLA | 16. Juli 2018

@ Brian B, understood. The guy came off as a jerk and a snob, Musk responded. Musk has much more to lose in this tit for tat than does the jerk. As once said, don't get into a wrestling match with a pig in it's pen. You get mud on you and the pig loves it.

Brian B | 16. Juli 2018

@GAGSTESLA So true. Makes you wonder if he was put up to it or fed a leading question.

"What do you think of the billionaire Musk who thinks he's smarter and better than you, and knows more about the situation than you? You think his weird contraption would work better than anything you noble people could ever think of?"

Surely the guy didn't just make those comments unaided.

carlk | 16. Juli 2018

Elon has never backed off from what he thought was unfair or unjust to him. That's from early days against Top Gear and NY Times to more recent fights against shorts, Martin Tripp and this guy. This is consistent with his character that he's willing to take risks to do (what he thinks is) the right thing and not just try to cover his ass.

carlk | 16. Juli 2018

... instead of shorts it's more appropriate to say short FUDsters.