Refresh S and X like Spartan Model 3

Refresh S and X like Spartan Model 3

bdambrosio | 30. Juli 2018

Hmm, maybe I'll lease the new MX I'm picking up next month, rather than buy,,, I like it, except for the 'pop-out' screen

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

Owning both a 3 and an X, I think it’s a bad idea. The display is what I love about the S and the X.

hammer @OR-US | 30. Juli 2018

Yet another reason I dont think I will ever give up my P85+ w/AP (still the best car Tesla has ever made IMHO)

jordanrichard | 30. Juli 2018

In reading the imbedded article about the timing of the interior refresh, they said they were surprised that it wouldn't be done until 2020.

For an outfit that follows every move and word Tesla says, I find that surprising. Tesla said that the Model S was on an 8 year design cycle. 2012-2020, 8 years. I am sure along with this interior redesign, there will be a new exterior design.

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

I’ll keep my X for as long as possible.

Tropopause | 30. Juli 2018

Give us FSD, then turn the cabin into a mobile living room. I'm happy.

jamenendez01 | 30. Juli 2018

My “favorite” line from the article:

“As for the horizontal screen, it should be a welcome change for Tesla’s software and UI team, which has to currently support their interface on both vertical and horizontal screens.”

That’s right, Tesla programmers are going to magically stop supporting all the existing Model S and X vehicles already out there with vertical screens because golly, they make the screens horizontal now.

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

+1 hammer

carlk | 30. Juli 2018

Like Tropo says this is future. Some adapt future quicker. Others lag. Neither is wrong.

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

The problem with horizontal screen is you can't view two things at the same time. The camera and the nav can't be viewed at the same time.

carlk | 30. Juli 2018

I'd be missing the turn by turn dash display too but like Tropo says just say take the next exist and stop at the supercharger. You don't need that display after 2020. Trust Tesla its thinking way ahead of you and I.

Mike83 | 30. Juli 2018

I am used to our MS now but driving my wife's M3 is also cool. I don't know, both are excellent. Of course with FSD perhaps the horizontal screen for movies or communications might be better. I would have to try it out.

Tesla-David | 30. Juli 2018

I also have mixed feelings about the MS/MX refresh. I love the minimalist design in our M3, but also love the design in our MS. With FSD coming, maybe the more minimalist design will work, but will have to wait and see. I love the current design in our MS.

phil | 30. Juli 2018

What strikes me is the long wait - interior refresh a year+ from now, full refresh three years from now!

By the time any of that happens, Model Y concept should already be shown. If they're gonna wait so long, they should just update Models S, X, and 3 to the Model Y interior design. Hopefully then the iPad won't be nailed to the dash the way it is in Model 3.

Yodrak. | 30. Juli 2018

I always thought I'd like the Model 3 plain dash with single touchscreen, and maybe I would, but having gotten a Model S instead I really, really like the split touchscreen and having the changeable side displays on either side of the speedometer.

No knobs, buttons, or switches is minimalist enough for me. (Yes, I know, the S does have two small buttons.)

rxlawdude | 30. Juli 2018

@bean, I think that wider screen pictured may have a "permanent" display of driving on the left side, with the right side being more like the current S/X and allowing dual "windows."

sr.smr | 30. Juli 2018

I prefer the Model S vertical oriented screen, and the refresh of the screen should more closely resemble the new Roadster's center screen than that of the Model 3. There is nothing wrong with the Model 3's screen, it's just that if you want to keep the price point higher for the Model S it needs to distinguish itself by following the look of the more expensive car, not it's more affordable sibling. And the Model S should retain its two screen design. The steering wheel is already rather minimalist so I don't see much of a change needed. However hidden ventilation ducts would be a welcome upgrade.

Uncle Paul | 30. Juli 2018

I predict that side view cameras will be allowed before this refresh and Tesla will integrate some appropriate viewing screens for them.

PatientFool | 30. Juli 2018

hmm kneejerk reaction is it's super ugly..

i'm not sure what i think about the portrait vs landscape display. i love that my S is portrait and not landscape and how i can have two apps open with one over the other. in landscape i would worry that some of the instrument cluster has to move to the display like the 3's and therefore you lose the ability to have two apps open at once.

i don't mind losing the cluster behind the steering wheel. Hell i can't see a good part of it anyways because i'm tall and the steering wheel blocks it. but what i would *LOVE* is some kind of advanced HUD to replace it. If the info that is currently on my instrument cluster was further up closer to my line of sight, that'd be ideal. Problem is i have yet to see a HUD that can display that much info and typically they don't work with sunglasses. but if someone could solve those problems..

its interesting how a lot of this depends on the timing of true FSD technology. if i can just go to sleep when i commute i will not care about most of this. the displays become more informational and entertaining. the car becomes a box i climb into to take me places. the whole vibe changes. if i "drive" the car, i want my displays. I even want my side mirrors closer to the direction i'm looking (forward) by integrating them into the dash. better visibility overall.

but ya.. the renderings are really ugly IMO..

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

That would be good @lawdude.

NCC1701S | 30. Juli 2018

Before we bought the Tesla S we were looking for an ICE car for my wife. We did NOT buy and Audi or Mercedes because of the pop up or non-integrated touch screen. The Model 3's touch screen looks like they finished the car design and then had an "oh crap", moment when they realized that they forgot the user interface, then bolted on a leftover monitor. In the luxury electric car space Jaguar might get the nod when they get one to market. I love my MS but would not buy one with that redesign.

Haggy | 30. Juli 2018

I like the Model 3, but the horizontal screen is not without problems. For one thing, holding the wheel with a hand at 3 o'clock blocks part of the screen. The part of the map showing directions is too far away. The vertical screen has things right where I need them and I never find myself wishing that something were more to the right and less close to me.

2015P90DI | 30. Juli 2018

Much prefer an integrated screen over these slapped on screens hanging out in the open. Hated it when Mercedes started doing it and not a fan of it in the Model 3. Looks cheap to me. Looks cheap in the Mercedes, looks like the "cheap" option in this revised interior. The center gauge is nice.

AmpUp | 30. Juli 2018

Yes, it's not so much the aspect ratio of the screen, but whether it is integrated into the dash or hanging out. I have no problem with the vertical design, but wouldn't mind a horizontal version, if it didn't stick out from the dash. (What's minimalist about that?) And I really hate losing the instrument cluster - that's why I bought the S instead of the 3 I was waiting for. Unless Tesla is improving performance in a noticeable way, I'll upgrade to a new S and bigger battery before the refresh.

lilbean | 30. Juli 2018

That’s what I don’t like about it either, sticking out. Maybe this is Tesla’s plan to cut costs. Isn’t that why they did that for the Model 3? I do like the vent controls though.

2015P90DI | 30. Juli 2018

I hate that any manufacturer makes an effort to "cut costs" on a $100,000+ car. We're not cutting costs on buying it, why should we pay a premium price for an economy version of the car?

@ampUp - They do have a small instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Have to look at the additional photos as it's not visible in the main photo rendition. I'm ok with the small one as long as you can get Nav directions in it as we do now.

perrymaloffmd | 31. Juli 2018

I damaged a rear bumper this AM and was directed by mercury to several body shops. None would take in a tesla model S informing me thy cant get parts for 3 months. Very minor damage
Any suggestions much appreciated

MsLynda | 31. Juli 2018

Nope...don't like it.

dborn | 31. Juli 2018

In a word, YUK!!

Silver2K | 31. Juli 2018


Tldickerson | 31. Juli 2018

@perrymaloffmd , it might help you if told us where your located at!

lilbean | 31. Juli 2018

I agree, @Silver.

GaryD | 31. Juli 2018

Just not a fan of that minimalist dashboard design. I would be more accepting if a heads-up display was included. Also would expect much more extensive voice control over basic car functions. One of the reasons why I switched my purchase from the Model 3 to a Model S.

Wonder if that minimalist design will become a differentiator or a detractor when the luxury car manufacturers start selling EVs that look like something you would actually want to drive and could get 200-300 miles per charge.

lilbean | 31. Juli 2018

I find it extremely helpful to view the nav behind the steering wheel.

carlk | 31. Juli 2018

Tesla leads instead of follow. It's too easy to design by analogy. This is likely the direction all future cars will go when everything is controlled by computer and AI. Things like Amazon Echo don't even have or need a touch screen or display. We'll just have to learn and adapt. In a few years everything in Tesla will be controlled by voice command. The screen is just there to let you do things when you're too bored.

parkerjs | 31. Juli 2018

dborn said it brilliantly...With design ideas like this, I'm becoming worried about Tesla's future

SO | 31. Juli 2018

Is this finalized? If not, I wouldn’t fret yet.

sentabo | 31. Juli 2018

I suppose I could get used to it......but I'd rather not. Minimalism has its upside, but IMHO this takes it a step too far.

Yodrak. | 31. Juli 2018

" it's not so much the aspect ratio of the screen, but whether it is integrated into the dash or hanging out"


NKYTA | 31. Juli 2018

It’s got to be visible for both LHD and RHD -and in the same place- to minimize production costs.
Reducing production costs was the goal of M3.

Perhaps a smart move.

We have one on order.

carlk | 31. Juli 2018

Tesla must have a reason for everything. We just have to trust Tesla since we don't know fully reasons behind it. We were brave enough to go alone with the original design there is no reason, for me at least, not to do the same again.

Hammonddave | 01. August 2018

I chose a Model S over the Model 3 for several reasons, the screen being one of them. I love the fact that the Model S has the screen right in front of the driver. This is crucial, especially for turn by turn navigation, speed, etc. And I love the vertical screen for Nav and entertainment. Much more useful than the 3 iPad screen.

I also feel that the Model S has the PERFECT number of switches and buttons. Makes me feel like I am driving a car, and not surfing with my iPad. There is a limit to the minimalist philosophy before it starts turning into an unsafe PITA.

lilbean | 01. August 2018

+1 Hammondave Having both an X and a 3, it’s always a treat to drive the X because of the points you mentioned.

Rowlie | 01. August 2018

I’m skeptical that an even wider horizontal screen would be considered. It’s kind of a stretch for me to reach the far side of the screen in the 3. I think for the premium price they want for the S/X, two legit screens and premium quality materials and details will be critical.

sr.smr | 01. August 2018

I sat in an M3 yesterday and have to give credit to the awesome ventilation system's design and control. I can best describe the control as a slider on the screen that can move up, down, left and right and causes the air flow to follow accordingly. It even converts to two independent controls when it senses you are affecting the passenger side of the air flow. Great software. Now that is something I would want over the old fashion manual vents that can be drafty, misdirected, or closed by mistake because of the care needed to make precise changes as compared to the ease of the M3's system. If you have not experienced this feature in the M3, try it! Steve Jobs said it best:

“Some people say, "Give the customers what they want." But that's not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, "If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, 'A faster horse!'" People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.”

So far Elon has not let me down, so I'll continue to have faith in my hero.

ahmed1000 | 03. August 2018

I'm not sure I believe the article. As others have mentioned, the MS needs to be quite different from the M3 to justify it's premium position. I'm also highly skeptical about the time-line given; although Tesla have their hands full at the moment, once the M3 wait times come down the MS/X sales will surely begin to fall without a major change in design or functionality.

Adding the removal of unlimited supercharing by mid-September, leads me to believe we may be looking at an S/X refresh by year end. This story leaking and the change in free supercharging announcement so close to each other seems like a plan to push sales to those who are on the fence. It's telling us 'if you don't buy now you'll lose free supercharging, have to wait at least a year, and you'll end up with a less premium cabin'.

I'm personally fine with the existing cabin and exterior. What makes me hesitant to order now is the promised V3 supercharing which IMO is a real upgrade. No one seems to be sure whether existing cars will be able to benefit from it, and nothing would be worse than spending over 100 grand on a car three months before this change.

nityarane123 | 03. August 2018

Based on what’s disclosed in the images, the new interior would bring the single-vent air conditioning of the Model 3 to the S and X, Electrek reports, but the cars would maintain a small instrument cluster, unlike the 3, which has virtually everything integrated into its center dash screen.

________________________________________________________________________ . .

Rutrow 3 | 06. August 2018

The announcement, a year in the future, will spur S and X orders among anyone who doesn't want the spartan 3 interior.


lilbean | 06. August 2018

Yes and they could change their mind and keep the same layout and continue selling a lot of cars.

Yodrak. | 06. August 2018

"I also feel that the Model S has the PERFECT number of switches and buttons."

I agree. Two buttons and no switches is so much better than no buttons and no switches on the dash.

Not counting the switches and buttons on the steering wheel and stalks, since there's no difference there.