Video Data

Video Data

I'm considering purchasing the M3, I recognize every Tesla is loaded with cameras to aid with autopilot. I assume all the video recorded is stored by some proprietary software.

Is there anything you can get (aftermarket or otherwise) that allows owners access to the videos recorded? I'd prefer not to void my warranty.

I understand that in the event of an impact Tesla stores the previous moments leading up to that impact. Is this information shared with the owner for insurance purposes? Is there a way to access the data at that point?

It seems pointless to have to purchase a dashcam for a car that's loaded with cameras.

Appreciate any help/tips. | 09. August 2018

Not currently. Elon said Tesla was considering it, but keep in mind the cameras are optimized for AP, not as a dashcam. All but the rear camera are monochrome/red. Resolution is low, expected to be 720p at best and perhaps lower. Due to the power requirements of the AP camera processor, there is no way to leave the cameras on while parked, a key feature on dashcams (usually with shock sensors).

Still having something is better than nothing, but it will not be a great substitute for a quality dashcam. For more details, pros/cons etc.: