Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

I've had my Tesla for two years and have used the iPhone calendar this entire time. I now started using the Google Calendar and can't seem to get it to sync.

1. Does Tesla sync to Google Calendar?
2. Does Tesla allow the use of multiple calendars?

Can anyone help? Thank you! | 21. August 2018

No problem syncing to Google calendar via an Android phone. I sort of doubt it supports multiple calendars, but it should switch seamlessly between multiple linked phones (the first phone to connect via Bluetooth would be the calendar used). The Tesla app has to be running for it to work, and I think there is an option in the app to provide calendar info to the car - perhaps you have that option off?

henley-tesla | 21. August 2018

I'm getting all of my connected/sync'd Google calendars showing up on the Tesla (Android phone). I do have issues with "Calendar Not Updated" which seem to occur regardless of whether I've left the app running or not. As a work-around for this I've found going into the Tesla App and turning OFF "Calendar Sync" in settings, then turning it back ON again, will force an immediate update. If you've been updating what calendars are shown etc then that might help them display quicker?

TranzNDance | 21. August 2018

I don't know if it syncs with Google Calendar, but I sync my iOS calendar with Google. I am able to see multiple calendars.

EVRider | 21. August 2018

The Tesla app on your iPhone syncs your iPhone (iOS) calendar with the car, it doesn't directly sync with other calendar services. If you've set up your iPhone calendar to show Google calendar entries, then you'll see them in the car too.

rxlawdude | 21. August 2018

I've found some issues with some meetings (seems to be recurring meetings that's the commonality) no longer showing up (Android, using native Android mail client attached to MS-Exchange.)

This seems to have started with one of the updates earlier this year.

EVRider | 22. August 2018

I’ve heard that tentative meetings might not show up either, but I don’t know if that’s an issue with Google calendar; if I recall, the person who reported the issue was using MS Outlook or Exchange. | 22. August 2018

I use Outlook and Android/Google calendar and Tesla does pick up recurring appointments for me. I've never set up a tentative appointment - I don't even see how to do this!

negrin33 | 22. August 2018

Thank you for the feedback!

I downloaded Google Calendar and nothing on the app will show up on my Tesla. The only things I see are the events and reminders I added to my iPhone calendar. I've tried everything and nada. Online help points me to connecting a gmail account, but the issue is the actual Google Calendar on my phone and Tesla not syncing to it.

rxlawdude | 22. August 2018

@Ttap, in Outlook, you can Accept, Tentative, or Decline a meeting invite. Tentative on the native Outlook calendar will have hash marks.

TranzNDance | 22. August 2018

You need to add your Google account to your iOS accounts list. In iOS settings, go to Accounts, then Add, then select Google.

rxlawdude | 22. August 2018

And oddly, today, a recurring meeting indeed is showing in the Tesla. WTF?

EVRider | 22. August 2018

@negrin33: Once you do what @TranzNDance suggested, you won’t need to keep the Google calendar app on your iPhone, you’ll access you Google calendar using the iPhone calendar. If you don’t see your Google calendar entries, go to iOS Settings, Accounts & Passwords, Google, and make sure Calendar is turned on.

rhys.wilson | 15. Mai 2019

Dear Tesla - Please modify the Calendar app to read data from Google Calendar and Outlook/Exchange Calendar phone apps. Right now, Tesla app only syncs with Samsung Calendar, which will not sync with my firm's Exchange Server (Mobile Iron issue?). Help, please!

Ohmster | 16. Mai 2019

Hmm. Mine syncs with every calendar I have. Several iCloud, a few Google, and one Outlook via an iPhone.

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EVRider | 16. Mai 2019

The Tesla app syncs whatever calendar data is in your phone’s native calendar app. If you want to include other data, you need to sync that with your phone’s calendar. No reason why the Tesla app should support multiple calendars. | 16. Mai 2019

@rhys - To be a bit clearer, Tesla is using an industry standard to get calendar data from the phone,. If your phone is not synced to some other calendar source you want, that's a issue with the phone, not Tesla.

Now I suspect it's more likely one of these things are at fault:
1) Do you have the Tesla app installed on your phone?
2) Do you have the Tesla app running?
3) Does the Tesla app have allowed access to your calendar (some phones can block this)?
4) Is Bluetooth enabled and paired with the car?
5) The in-car calendar has options as to when it syncs - start with Always, and later change it to be more restrictive if it makes sense for your usage.

EVRider | 16. Mai 2019

@TeslaTap: rhys said that he wants the Tesla app to sync calendars from other apps on his phone (Google and Outlook/Exchange), so it isn't that there's a problem -- the app is syncing the Samsumg Calendar as expected. The Tesla app doesn't do what rhys wants, and in my opinion, it shouldn't. | 16. Mai 2019

@EV - thanks for the clarification. I was answering the wrong question :)