Summon 2014

Summon 2014

Most of us with a 2014 without AP would love to have AP. Although we don’t have Cabrera wall the way around, we would love to have it.

Specially if the car has the sensors, parking, why can’t we have it?

At least the summon feature would be great. Tesla, will you turn this feature on? Can it be done?

EVRider | 06. September 2018

Cabrera wall?

The AP hardware was added to cars produced in October 2014 (more or less) and beyond. If your car has AP hardware, you can purchase the AP option which will give you Summon. If your car doesn’t have AP hardware, you’re out of luck.

jordanrichard | 06. September 2018

I think what he is saying and it is why can't the pre-AP cars have at least the summons feature. Correct me if I am wrong but the summons feature does not utilize the camera, just the parking sensors. So if one has a pre-AP car, with parking sensors, why can't those cars have summons.

BTW I too have a pre-AP car and this would be nice to have.

EVRider | 06. September 2018

Do pre-AP cars have as many ultrasonic sensors as AP cars?

rxlawdude | 06. September 2018

Pre-AP cars don't have the hardware on the steering to summon.

reed_lewis | 06. September 2018

@rxlawdude - Good point! If the steering wheel cannot be controlled, then summon would be pretty useless!

Haggy | 06. September 2018

Pre-AP cars don't have the sensors on the sides. The ultrasonic sensors are on the front and back only. Assuming that the car is programmed to use all of them, it might be considered less safe unless the car does nothing but literally move forward or reverse without the steering wheel moving.

As far as steering goes, the cars have power steering, meaning that the pre-AP cars still have to be able to sense torque on the wheel. That's how power steering knows that the motor has to kick in. Since the car can use feedback from the steering wheel to control the power steering motor, the car should be able to use the computer to control the motor directly. The limitation would be that the car isn't designed for a driver to take over steering, but I suppose that sensing torque in the opposite direction could be used as a signal to abort.

So while i would be possible to do it, technically speaking, it wouldn't be possible practically speaking. There wouldn't necessarily be enough safety features.

EVRider | 06. September 2018

Aside from any technical limitations, why would Tesla invest any effort or expense to make Summon work in a 4+ year old Model S? It's better for Tesla if you upgrade.

murphyS90D | 06. September 2018

Pre AP cars don't have brakes that can be computer controlled. Some of the early AP cars were delivered with the wrong brakes and had to be modified. Presumably the wiring harness for the brakes was already in place.

JAD | 06. September 2018

They are also very different, less accurate ultrasonic sensors on the pre-AP cars. Not likely to happen for a lot of reasons.

Fawkes87 | 19. Februar 2019

If summon could be done with parking sensors, Tesla could have retroactively rolled out a barebones version to some 2013 models too that have parking sensors. @murphyS90D's point about brakes sounds very valid to me. Without controlled brakes, doing things like this would be tough - - even if you don't "really" need to steer.