Air conditioning noise

Air conditioning noise

FES75D | 08. September 2018

Anyone else think the air conditioner is struggling to keep up with hot temps, or is this normal? My brake pedal vibrates when it’s hot. Local sc says it’s normal.

kerryglittle | 09. September 2018

Sounds normal if its not working right. No way your brake pedal should vibrate. Are you sure your lane departure is off when this happens?

stevenmaifert | 09. September 2018

The compressor is quite loud when running a full tilt, especially when Supercharging on a hot day. | 09. September 2018

Two different questions - The A/C is a variable speed design (unlike ICE cars, that is based on the engine speed). This allows the Tesla to spin the compressor at the speed necessary for the cooling needed. On a very hot day, it will spin up to maximum speed to cool the car down and then spin down to a quieter level (and less power consuming level) when the cabin reaches the desired temp.

Ok, on the brake pedal vibration - Hard to say if this is normal or not. At max speed the compressor may have a bit of vibration that is felt through the frame and anything connected to it. That said it should be in the level of barely perceptible or not perceptible. If it is teeth rattling, clearly something is wrong. Somewhere in-between is acceptable and not acceptable and without having any sense of the amount of vibration you're feeling, it's hard to say who's right. Have you noticed a difference in a loaner car - that might put it in perspective. If the loaner has no vibration with max a/c, it may be easier to convince service your car has an issue.

You didn't state the age of your car or if this was an issue from day-one or developed over time. Some early Model S cars had an a/c line that was touching a part of the steering and you could feel the compressor vibration in the steering. A trivial fix by service moved the line a fraction of an inch away from the steering components. Perhaps something similar is occuring with your car, but with a braking component, although I don't think the lines run close to each other.

FES75D | 15. September 2018

Thanks for the responses, I assumed this wasn’t normal. To clarify my MS is 10 months old . I didn’t use the A/C until this summer. On a 100 degree day with temp set to 75 A/C compressor noise is so loud I can’t use my phone. At the same time the brake pedal does vibrates to the level of teeth rattling. The loaner car did not do this. The sc ran a test on A/C, car “passed” test so sc says it’s normal. Tech told me Tesla knows about this it has something to do with compressor mounted to frame and they might be working on a fix. Any suggestions?

kerryglittle | 15. September 2018

I suggest you leave them the car until it is right. If they have any doubts say lets for for a test drive in your car and then a different car. If they cant see or feel the difference then go above their heads. Does sound like possibly a loose bolt or something. Treat the mechanics nice and they will treat you nice. Cool heads prevail. No pun intended. LOL. Keep us posted.

harry pippic | 15. September 2018

@FES75D, the cause and the solution to the compressor noise and vibrations may be a quite simple fix. Sometimes the refrigerant lines around the compressor vibrate against the vehicle's other components or even the frame. The simple fix is to isolate the lines with foam bushings or isolators.
In most cases it's a simple repair, don't fret...

Demixl | 13. August 2019

Hey, pal, I had almost the same problem, with the A/C of course, but I went to a shop, and there was a guy that helped me to repair the problem, he kinda said that he was working for and they had some clients with the same problems. The service didn't cost me too much, and the job was done in a good way. I may share more with you if you want, and tell the problem I had with all the details. | 13. August 2019

Not sure if Demixl is spam or not, but sounds like it (vague, never saying anything about Tesla). Link goes to Singapore, and as far as I can tell, every Tesla sold there is still under warranty, but not 100% sure.