"HA, You forgot to put the car in park"

"HA, You forgot to put the car in park"

I learned today that if I am parked and open my door and have forgotten to hit the "Park" button that my Model 3 will automatically put the car in park. Wow, what a great feature. Question: Why do I have to hear and see an alarm telling me that I forgot to put my car in park? If the SW provides the really cool feature of automatically putting my car in park when I forgot to do so, just do it. I don't really need my car saying "Hey Stupid, your forgot to put your car in park, so I had to do it for you." I love the driving experience that I get in my 3, don't limit my joy by gloating over a really cool feature that makes the car even safer.
I love my Model 3

gballant4570 | 26. Oktober 2018

RES IPSA, you sound like the sort of person that could have their life saved one day by this feature. People who routinely depend on their acuity to defeat safety systems are at a far greater risk of being hurt by the fault condition occurring that those who do not.

Just as the one handed farmer how many times he snatched the offending piece of chaff out of his corn picker successfully before the one time he did not.....

ILoveMyModel3 | 26. Oktober 2018

I love this feature and I think Tesla for it.

RES IPSA | 26. Oktober 2018

@gballant.... my acuity, brain function, hand-eye coordination, etc. has safely allowed me to handle all sorts of deadly weapons and/or instruments. I guess, according to your comment above, I have been lucky (in the context of my own negligence / recklessness causing an accident) over the last 25 years driving a vehicle that does not automatically choosing what gear the car is in.

Maybe it is not the car (in 99% of accidents) but the operator that causes accidents that sometimes lead to GBI or death. Maybe it is the operators not respecting the seriousness of the deadly instrument they are operating by not taking the simple step of knowing what gear the car is in before they open the door?

If owners want this option, then they can turn it on. If an owner doesn't want the option, they should be able to turn it off.

This is not complicated.

I have gotten so much criticism for simply wanting the automatic gear selection to be an option. I guess some owners want less rather than more options to customize the vehicle for their particular needs and wants. That is fine, but I don't understand how it makes me unreasonable or an operator of a vehicle more likely to be in a runaway vehicle accident. It has never happened to me before, and it will never happen to me in the future. This is completely within the control of the operator paying attention when they open the door with the intent of exiting the vehicle.

gballant4570 | 26. Oktober 2018

RES IPSA, never say never. Overconfidence often sticks around longer than ability. I don't think you are getting criticism, by the way. You are getting opinions.

terminator9 | 26. Oktober 2018

>>>Really simple: My car shouldn't choose the "gear" the car is in. That is all I want. I am more than able to choose what gear the car should be in at the proper time. And if I can't remember to do that, I should not be operating the car.

Isn't this the same argument as.. don't auto turn on the wipers, I know when it's raining to turn them on. Don't use autopilot, I have hands to move the steering wheel. No power windows, how hard is to rotate the knob (or whatever it was called). Why use auto transmission, I know when to shift from gear 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. Don't need a gas stove, I know how to light coal. Don't even need a car, I can walk. No home automation, I can flip the switch to turn the lights on. Since the origin of humanity, we are moving towards a lifestyle where things are automatically done for us for convenience but you always have an option to not use it.

Once every year I go camping and make my own fire to get the "experience". May be in 20 years, once every year I will driver an ICE car to get the experience.

RES IPSA | 26. Oktober 2018

@gballant.... I can say never, just like I can say that I will never accidentally discharge a firearm while cleaning it. That is because I have a routine I always follow and I pay attention. Should my faculties diminish to a point where I can no longer ensure my safety and those around me, I will stop. Same with driving.

nick-r | 26. Oktober 2018

All cars should have this feature! Regardless of how careful or competent you are, you're human and are susceptible to being distracted or making a mistake.

I had a neighbor who was killed by her own car recently. This feature would have saved her and spared her two daughters the sight of watching their mother get run over.