Tesla vehicle as temporary power wall?

Tesla vehicle as temporary power wall?

I am having Tesla solar panels installed on my roof next week. I also have placed an order for a Model 3. I was wondering, if in a power outage I could use the car as a "powerwall" for the house?

acegreat1 | 19. September 2018

Not yet, I hope one day. Even if it was just for emergencies (hurricane, earthquake, etc) for now the powerwall is the only tesla battery backup they offer. Also did you use a referral code for your solar.? If not and you would like one (for an extra 5 year warranty. Email me @

grclopton | 25. September 2018

That would expressly void the warranty.

Mediumed | 27. September 2018

It would be great and there is talk to possibly initiate this (vehicle to grid) lets hope it comes to be. In the mean time solar panels with a powerwall allow fueling up a model 3 in a power outage or if there is no powerwall the model three can offer heat, air conditioning, information via radio and a way to charge cell phones.