multiple teslas break ins. How do we prevent it?

multiple teslas break ins. How do we prevent it?

I live in Sunnyvale, CA area. My neighbor got his model 3 last week and within 3 days, his model 3 got broken into when he was out for dinner.

I was out for dinner tonight and my model 3 got broken into. Fortunately there was not valuable in my car.
Interesting thing is, there were three teslas in the parking lot. All teslas where broken into (two model 3s and one model s). None of the none Tesla cars where affected.

None of the Tesla security alarms went off.

On model 3s they broke the small glass next to rear window that doesn't roll down. However, on the model S they first tried to smash the entire rear window.

I have two questions:

Is this some sort of anti Tesla movement?
How do we prevent this from happening?
thoughts on this?

andy.connor.e | 16. Mai 2019

What is the point of the alarm system. (rhetorical)

lbowroom | 16. Mai 2019

To prevent theft of the car

ODWms | 16. Mai 2019

These cars are absolutely amazing in so many ways. They are literally the most advanced cars on the planet in my humble option. Unfortunately, though, there's still no way to be perfect on every single point and one of those points that fell short was the security system. I think the fact that the alarm doesn't go off even after a window is broken and that there's no locking system for the rear seats are oversights.The good news is that the possibility exists that the alarm system can(?) be rectified, and maybe, hopefully an update can change that. We don't know for sure.

syung61 | 16. Mai 2019

I came upon this product in eBay. It may be a solution if you don't mind the look.

lbowroom | 16. Mai 2019

Sure, I'll just break the other window then

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

@ODWms "These cars are absolutely amazing in so many ways. They are literally the most advanced cars on the planet in my humble option." I respect your opinion, but this would be a very low bar for any EV manufacturer to meet. M3 powertrain is ok, not super efficient, but the rest of the car is the most castrated version of EV on the road currently. | 16. Mai 2019

@WantMY - Odd, I've not heard or seen another production EV that is close to the efficiency of the M3. Which car are you talking about? Also so far in 10 years of Tesla producing cars, I'm not aware of another competitor that is close to the efficiencies Tesla has produced. Doesn't seem quite so easy. Obviously, you must have a specific EV in mind that you think is far better than the M3 - I hope you'll share.

charles.a.braun | 16. Mai 2019

Actually, for those outside of California. car breakins increased in frequency beginning with the passage of Prop 47 in 2014 and increased even more in 2016 with the passage of prop 57. The voters of CA that can't read past the ballot title saw nothing more than "Prop 47 - The Safe Neighborhoods & Schools Act" and said, "Well who doesn't want safe neighborhoods and schools? That's a big YES vote". Among many other things, Prop 47 essentially decriminalized petty theft. Throw AB109 into the mix (Thanks Jerry Brown) and that released 1000s of "low level felons" back into society and all they know is how to rape rob and pillage. Props 47 and 57 pretty much legalizes those "low level crimes" such as auto burglary.

Criminals know that there is a .00016 chance of getting caught in the first place and if caught, it is a traffic ticket at most for punishment.

And to the dullard who spoke above of California having the 15th lowest crime rate, you really are a moron, aren't you? Surely even you can realize that when you take a bunch of crimes and make them no longer crimes, they no longer show up in crime stats. Like saying, "Hey, I know, let's make rape legal, then California will be able to tout the fact that we went from 100 rapes a day to 0 in our FBI stats". Whenever a mayor and police chief or sherrif go on TV to tell you that crime is down, yet you see with your own eyes that things that used to be crimes are up, why would you believe them? They are politicians!!!

4thekidz | 16. Mai 2019

@Charlesbraun: +1

@WantMY(Brain): Perhaps your own castration explains your bitterness.

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

@4thekidz or maybe because of you are retard, lol

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019 It is all because of you are staring to Elon's ass all the time, Teslas sucks balls in efficiency, el stupo, winter is forgotten very quickly already, nothing good to say, lol

4thekidz | 16. Mai 2019

@4thekidz or maybe because of you are retard, lol

@WantMY: Need I say more? Stay in school.

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019
lilbean | 16. Mai 2019

+100 @charles.a.braun

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

And it is for the summer, meaning the best for Tesla EVs, jn winters it sucks balls as it has no heat pump, thanks to self appointed fake engineer - EM.

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

@4thekidz when you get personal, get ready to be served, lol

kcheng | 16. Mai 2019

So, a Tesla is 4th in efficiency on that list of 73, and you're saying it sucks? And, two of the cars ahead, the Ioniq, both aren't really in the same range class. The only one above it, that is supposedly in the same class is the Lightyear One, and that's just a concept.

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

@charles.a.braun CA residents reaping what they saw. Besides illegals need to leave on something, would not you agree?

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

@kcheng it is in the summer (means EV fake news), in winter it drops to the bottom of the list, kapish. while Ioniq reign supreme in any season officially and unofficially it is delivers 20-30% more range - the opposite of all other "fakers" EVs on the market. BTW, this thread is about something else, if you want to stay on topic.