Charging interrupted?

Charging interrupted?

Ran into something odd last night.

Picked up my phone this morning and noticed a charging interrupted message from about the time charging was to start (11:30). I was like, okay, will check on the issue when I get downstairs. Thinking blown breaker or something equally weird with the HPWC. Picked up the phone five minutes later and the car was now charging on it's own with three hours remaining. Based on the range, it clearly had not charged overnight.

Just find it odd. Curious what may have caused it. Just clicking the notification cleared the message and then restarted charging.
-Car was set to 30amps on a HPWC that has a 60amp breaker.
-Firmware was still 34.1, so it wasn't 36.2 installing
-All clocks in the house look okay and the weather was fine, so I don't think it was a power glitch.
-I did grab something from the trunk, but I thought that was closer to 11, not 11:30.

Once resumed, it was charging fine until I stopped it at 7am for my TOU. Any thoughts?

Btw. Not being able to set the charger current from the app is a bit annoying. Would have liked to have bumped up to 48 amps after I noticed it.

Lorenzryanc | 25. September 2018

I've had the issue at work before. Someone said it could be the charger or the car seeing a surge or drop and stopping the charge. The app would show charging interrupted. When I opened the app, it'd start back up. It also only happened when I set my charging amps at a lower amperage. Perhaps try "scheduling charging" at the 48 amp? I think it's more efficient that way too.

MarshaFair | 25. April 2019

Charging is interrupted due to the outage of the energy. Al the issues of the sphere and is accumulated for the future times. The options fixed for the humans in this charging of the commodity.

RickM3 | 25. April 2019

That happened to me once back in January, I escalated the issue to Tesla support as for me it was a big issue waking up in the morning with no charge. I believe I had Software version 2018.50.6 back then. Tesla took a few weeks to get back to me and the engineer explained this was normal due to a power feed issue, the car stopped charging to protect it self, that is completely logical, what is not logical is that the car does not try again to continue charging. I argued this point with the Engineer who didn't seem to care but I asked to escalate the issue and get it change as we had differences of opinion on how the software should handle this situations.
I never heard back from Tesla on this but after the following software upgrades I never had this kind event again, but I'm still hoping they listened to my suggestions.

RMast | 29. April 2019

Since I cant post at the moment, hijacking this one. Looking for some help. My charging interrupts often, it used to happen during the night but always kicked back in before morning so never needed to worry, but after some recent updates I find myself at very low % in the morning (and I have a decent commute) anyways....any tips or experiences? Couple notes below, thanks in advance to whomever helps!

- charging did not interrupt for months before the updates (but had in the past)...i've also had screen issues an excessive handful of times (compared to what others have mentioned i.e. once or twice going black, mine freezes often, goes black (3 times) and goes static (6 times), with images like a "kaleidoscope" often requiring restart.
- Now interrupts frequent, some days every 5 minutes, sometimes once a night. and sometimes it starts charging again on its own, sometimes not. (for example I charge to 90%, last night I woke up at 86%, and night before at 40%, in the past week id say its something like 34,90,90,40,86. it varies.
-i've tried charging at 16, 24, 30 and 32. Tried charging when I get home from work to get a head start (i usually charge starting at 11:30 and am done with plenty of time for still stalls from 6-11:30pm but typically I can jump start it enough to charge (just annoying)
- rare occasions I get notice that there's a problem with the plug. but if I just click charge again it starts no problem.
- my electrical has been upgraded (before I moved in) but is not a top system, not sure stats, but had electrician check before getting car and it was more than sufficient.
- I charge using an older, previously installed RV c
- Recently serviced (tires, badge) but it was before these updates and the charging had been steady for months so didnt bring up, but was hoping they check the overall well being of the car/charging? do they? (they did top off my charge)
- Florida FPL

wanted to throw some details out there so I don't get generic answers, since i've tried a few things, thanks to anyone who reads/answers. Hoping someone smarter/more experienced than I can help.

jimglas | 29. April 2019

Classic Chargus Interruptus, Medications can help, but there is no cure

RickM3 | 29. April 2019

Try charging at a different location, a friends house/neighbor to see if you experience the same issues with charging, this way you can discard your house electrical system.

Teslanene | 29. April 2019

Last week I was getting the interrupted message because of the heat wave and my garage was to Hot. I couldn’t charge until my garage had cool down usually after 9pm. I thought it was the outlet but charge at work and same interrupted message show up once it got hot outside. This week no issues charging anytime. My car is probably having issues since no one is complaining about charging in the heat.

ODWms | 30. April 2019

Inside the garage it’s too hot? I’ve never experienced that. I’m sure there are some who charge their cars outside in direct heat who can shed some light?

rusty.draper | 03. Mai 2019

We are also experiencing this charging interrupted issue. We can no longer rely on scheduled charging during off-peak hours because of this. The wall unit worked fine for the first few months, but for the last three months, it fails far more than it works. We have also experienced a few blank screen/reboot incidents since purchasing the car.

kaffine | 03. Mai 2019

I got a notice on my phone the other day that charging was interrupted, at the same time the tuning adapter for my tv rebooted no other electronics seemed to notice the power fluctuation, I was using a computer at the time and it stayed running.

Found out later on that my house AC compressor motor shorted to ground it must have caused enough of a power drop for the Tesla to stop charging and for the tuning adapter to reboot before the breaker tripped.

It doesn't take much of a power fluctuation for Tesla to stop charging.

When using the mobile connector I have found I need to tuck it under the car so it is in the shade if it is in the sunlight it reduces the current to 6amps but so far I haven't had it stop completely yet.

elecfan2 | 04. Mai 2019

Mmmm, the post resurrecting this necro-post seems oddly worded.

testing123456 | 04. Mai 2019

Informative, following this thread

kevin_rf | 04. Mai 2019

I'm grabbing some popcorn to watch the thread mutate.

In nine months I've had this reoccur maybe twice... I did dial down from 48a to 34a.

jeff.wield | 21. August 2019

I was experiencing the same problem on my model 3 charging at home with an older JuiceBox. At the time I didn't make the connection but it started after I dialed down the current from the 40A which was the max for my charger to 30A. I did that because the charging cable was getting warm at 40A. The problem became worse when I dropped it below 30A figuring I had all night to charge. The charging was interrupted twice in the same session. So, I set the current at 32A. I did one charge without a problem. I'll try that setting for a while to see if the problem returns.

harrychen1 | 02. Oktober 2019

I'm experiencing the same problem for model 3 "Charging interrupted at ...." when I schedule the charge. Do we know if there is a fix?


jimglas | 02. Oktober 2019

chargus interruptus?

amit_misra78 | 12. Dezember 2019

I am new to my Tesla Model S (less than a month). Last few days I am seeing the same issue day or night. The charging keeps getting interrupted. I am Buffalo, NY and the temperatures are in the teens... The car is in the garage at all times. Any helpful ideas before I call Tesla Service?

Bighorn | 12. Dezember 2019

Is a house heater kicking on, because a voltage spike/drop may cause the car to either reduce the charge rate by 25% or stop altogether.

WEST TEX EV | 12. Dezember 2019

I have experienced opposite problem:

Plugged in. Charged to slightly higher than 20% for “safety”. Used app to “stop charging” (prefer to charge later/elsewhere). Went to bed.
Woke up and it must have resumed automatically. Had charged “all night”

Joshan | 12. Dezember 2019

@amit_misra78 not to nitpick, but you will likely get better information on Model S questions on the Model S forum. You got lucky to get Bighorn who is/was a long time Model S owner.

amit_misra78 | 12. Dezember 2019

Thank you for the replies. I will search on the other forum as well. I am going to monitor my furnace activity and try to map it to the interruptions.

kevin_rf | 12. Dezember 2019

Not sure what you are charging with, but maybe try lowering your charge current. For instance, if you are using a NEMA 14-50 it defaults to 32a, nothing keeps you from lowering that to 20a. It's also worth looking at the voltage, is it 240v, or some lessor voltage?

Good luck, and enjoy the car. | 12. Dezember 2019

@Amit: @kevin gives some good advice. You might check to see if any other devices share the branch circuit that your UMC is on. I have experienced interruptions to charging due to things like the garage door motor and outdoor lighting that turns on at night that share the same circuit as the charging cable for the Tesla. If you pop a breaker because of the current drawn by sharing devices, you have to dial back the Tesla charging current setting.