Double bass does NOT fit in the trunk of Model 3

Double bass does NOT fit in the trunk of Model 3

I finally got the chance to try my 3/4 size bass, in its sturdy Reunion Blues case, in a friend's new Model 3. The height of the trunk opening is a couple of inches too short for the bridge to clear. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. Carrying the bass is a must-have requirement for me, so I guess I will be getting a refund of my deposit.

wayne | 02. Oktober 2018

You could switch to a violin .

I guess you can also remove the rear seat without too much difficulty to make the seats go flat? Probably wouldn’t help though.

TabascoGuy | 02. Oktober 2018

Roof rack?

djharrington | 02. Oktober 2018

Damn. There goes my idea of a career change.

TabascoGuy | 02. Oktober 2018

...or, you could switch to an electric bass. That would fit.

gballant4570 | 02. Oktober 2018

Lots of lives require more than just one vehicle..... I seem to always have 3-4......

Kathy Applebaum | 02. Oktober 2018

My baby grand piano doesn't fit either. This is a scandal and Elon has scammed me!

spuzzz123 | 02. Oktober 2018

I would think most sedans are out of the question for you now

Kikujiro | 02. Oktober 2018

Dammit! I was about to get a Model 3 to transport my baby grand piano.

Encierro-htx | 02. Oktober 2018

That sucks. I feel for you, i was worried about my road bike(57), but fits in nicely with little to no effort. Glad to find it out as only tried it after I brought the car home.

Tesla needs a sport wagon.

Sunergy-NJ | 02. Oktober 2018

I better warn all my pilot friends to forget about transporting their Cessnas and Pipers. 727s are right out.

gmkellogg | 02. Oktober 2018

You could always buy a used Model S. I'm the addition of a hatch back would work.

djharrington | 02. Oktober 2018

Are you absolutely positive it won’t fit? Looking at this, I don’t think I’d have a problem:

I’d mostly be concerned about the smell afterwards.

sduck409 | 02. Oktober 2018

It'll fit, you just aren't being creative enough. There's a crap ton of room in there. BTW I can fit several cellos in there, no problem.

johnw | 02. Oktober 2018

Have you tried putting it in from the side door?

Tuning In | 02. Oktober 2018

I put mine into the car no problems. Standard practice with sedans is to put in in through the front passenger door with both seats reclined. There is an issue though that the bout will rest on the screen unless you create a spacer to put between the dash and bass.

skygraff | 02. Oktober 2018

Mine fit in my first production Model 3 with the flatter back seat but, at first, I didn’t think it would when I tested the display car in Chicago Goldcoast.

Based on the neck to body angle, I’d been reluctantly planning to insert the bass upside down with some foam rollers as bolsters but did a final test on its back. Turned out the padding in my Mooradian case was the culprit and all I had to do was take the plunge and give it a slight push more than I’d previously been willing. Perfect fit with a little support under the shoulders.

I have pictures but mentally fading tonight so can’t remember how to post/host them.

The Reunion Blues bag appears to have some additional material/structure at the bridge but, depending on how rigid that is, you may be able to push it through. I figured, worst case, I’d have to reset the bridge but your mileage and willingness may vary.

-TheJohn- | 03. Oktober 2018

That's a totally esoteric and reasonable problem for you to say no to this car.
I totally get the No Really, I have to have this Feature/Capability.
Sympathy to you as otherwise you're missing out on a dreamy thing.

pko.888 | 03. Oktober 2018

I can't believe that there are three people on this forum that all tried this!

Ross1 | 03. Oktober 2018

I love to solve other peoples problems.

Ummm, what about getting two single basses and putting them in one at a time?
Or one in the frunk, one in the back?

We CAN work this out.
It is as my brother's billionaire employer used to say: Ian, try harder. And it always worked.

djharrington | 03. Oktober 2018


djharrington | 03. Oktober 2018

Damn send button. I wasn’t intending to only write “lol”, I swear.

Ross, another solution could be a saw

ColoDriver | 03. Oktober 2018

Sounds like a Model S is in someone's future.

Kathy Applebaum | 03. Oktober 2018

Oddly enough, I saw a picture on Twitter last night of a double bass fitting in a Model 3.

paulinSD | 18. Juni 2019

I have already purchased a Model 3 and just discovered I can't carry my bass in the car. I measured the trunk space before I committed to the purchase. However, as others have said, the angle of the rear seats with respect to the trunk opening prevents inserting the instrument.
I have also tried inserting the instrument through a front door with all the seats down. I can't get that to work either.
Needless to say I am very disappointed. Any suggestions by people who have solve this problem are most welcome. Silly jokes about sawing up the instrument are not. (The instrument costs more than the car.)

jimglas | 18. Juni 2019

Switch to an electric bass?

lordmiller | 18. Juni 2019

Should have went with the X then. Dumb to by a sedan thinking your giant instrument would fit.

leo33 | 18. Juni 2019

Get a hitch and trailer for it? Or maybe a mount for the roof-rack?

neylus | 18. Juni 2019

This reminds of that time I bought a couch thinking it would fit through my front door.

legna_fo_htaed | 18. Juni 2019

@Lordmiller buy not by

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 18. Juni 2019

Roof rack.

lbowroom | 18. Juni 2019

Yes, many people don't seem to understand that there are 3 dimensions of measurements to contend with. Complex shapes fitting into complex shapes can be.... complicated.

leo33 | 18. Juni 2019
rxlawdude | 18. Juni 2019

How about a single bass instead of a double?

billlake2000 | 18. Juni 2019

neylus, who among us never had that happen to us. :)

spuzzz123 | 18. Juni 2019

Model Y is right around the corner see if you can roll that deposit into that

Lonestar10_1999 | 18. Juni 2019

Trade it in for a ukulele. Problem solved.

paulinSD | 18. Juni 2019

After searching the web, I found a video which helped me get the bass in the Model 3. The three things that I finally did to solve this was: move both front seats full forward, recline both seats, raise the backs of both back seats, and insert the bass bottom first. Here is the video from Upton bass:
I hope this helps other bass players.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18. Juni 2019

Ah. So you didn't have to switch to a fretless electric bass guitar, eh? Cool.

rxlawdude | 18. Juni 2019

@ReD, I guess he no longer has anything to fret about.

DanFoster1 | 19. Juni 2019

@link, I too made a deposit on the Model 3 (which I love) but I bought a gently used Model S as soon as I realized Model 3 would not be a hatchback.

I travel to gigs with my 7 foot, harpsichord, my cellist, his cello, his viola da gamba, our gig clothes, our cooler for food, and our bags of scores, street clothes etc. etc.

I heartily recommend an S for musicians with big instruments like us!

hokiegir1 | 19. Juni 2019

You know, it's all about the bass.

Jtwo | 19. Juni 2019

Model S, X or Y may work for you.

jimglas | 19. Juni 2019

There is always this method:

skygraff | 19. Juni 2019


Yes, you can always fit a bass in the front passenger seat or in some configuration across seats so very glad you worked that out.

Obviously, through the trunk would be the best for safety and comfort but basses and cases vary in multiple dimensions and the new back seat cushions probably don’t help. I would be curious to know what size bass you have along with the bridge-to-back, fingerboard-to-back (at shoulder), and shoulder-to-head dimensions. How much padding does your case have and have you tried compressing the folded back seat if it’s the new, more cushioned style?

Congrats on the Model 3 and getting your bass in!

lbowroom | 19. Juni 2019

Since the original claim in the title has been debunked, can the OP come along and fix it?

TabascoGuy | 19. Juni 2019

Dammit Jim...

hokiegir1 | 19. Juni 2019

@lbowroom - the original post is 8 months old. I'm not even sure I've seen that OP back since then.

gmkellogg | 19. Juni 2019

OP might be gone Hokie, but the rest of us are never going to give you up, never going to let you down, never going to run around and desert you.

jimglas | 19. Juni 2019

well done

lbowroom | 19. Juni 2019

I know, just stabbing in the dark. I'd hate for Tesla to lose out on sales for all those double bass musicians that frequent this site.