setting the charge current

setting the charge current

Here's what the manual says:
"The current automatically sets to the
maximum current available from the
attached charge cable, unless it was
previously reduced to a lower level. If
needed, touch the - or + buttons to
change the current (for example, you may
want to reduce the current if you are
concerned about overloading a domestic
wiring circuit shared by other equipment).
It is not possible to set the charging
current to a level that exceeds the
maximum available from the attached
charge cable. When you change the
current, Model 3 remembers the location.
If you charge at the same location, you do
not need to change it again."

I've lowered my charging current to 12 amps at home (wall charger) for several days but every morning it gets reset to 48 amps. Anyone else see this?

6813435 | 05. Oktober 2018

I use the mobile charging cable which has a maximum current of 32A when connecting to a NEMA 14-50 circuit. Last week, I lowered the charging current to 28A and now it is always charging at that rate.

amceachin | 05. Oktober 2018

I’ve notices the opposite. My car seems to remember the amps at a number of different chargers. When I park at work it sets the max to 30amps (the limit on the L2 charger) before u plug in and when I get home it shows up at 32amps or whatever else I’ve set it prior to plugging in.

wiboater4 | 06. Oktober 2018

If the wiring is ok at 48 amps on your wall charger it should not matter. You can change how much charge you want though by moving the line on the display to a lower state of charge.

droid4ted | 22. Juni 2019

i'm having difficulty with siemens charger ... reducing charge current seems to help (20A had limited issues, 25A more, 27A really bad) but when it cuts out, the limit is reset to 30A and the restart occurs

i would like to be able to set the limit and keep it there

jdcollins5 | 22. Juni 2019

The car remembers your last charging rate based on GPS location. If you look at it away from home it will probably show a different limit than st home.

Laauerbach | 16. Oktober 2019

I have a home NEMA 14-50 charger. My Model 3 always says that it is drawing 32 amps of current. Can I change this to speed up charging/ Should I?

gballant4570 | 16. Oktober 2019

Laauerbach, do you have a need to charge faster? I use a 30A 240V circuit, which charges at 24A, which adds 21 m /hr of charging. That's fast enough for me. A 50A circuit can draw a max of 80% capacity continuously, or 40A. Do you need to reduce your charging time by about 25%?

I think you could increase to that rate, but I haven't used a 50A circuit - I'll let others who do respond. I may have read that the Model 3 may need a Tesla Wall Charger to exceed the 32A rate though.

Frank99 | 16. Oktober 2019

You have two options.
1. Buy a Gen1 UMC from a Model S/X owner. It’ll charge at 40 amps.
2. Buy a wall charger, and install a circuit capable of 60A. You’ll be able to charge at 48 A.

Bighorn | 16. Oktober 2019

UMC provided with Model 3 maxes at 32 amps

leo33 | 16. Oktober 2019

Or 3) buy a Tesla wall charger, set it to 40A, wire it to a 14-50 pigtail, and plug it into 14-50 outlet on a 50A circuit.

(The gen2 mobile charging connector that came with some cars limits charging to 32 amps.)

kevin_rf | 16. Oktober 2019

I'm confused, the OP indicated he has an HPWC that can charge at 48a that he is manually lowering to 12a and it is not remembering the 12a. Why is everyone going on about what they charge at and not discussing why 12a is not being remembered.

I do know, the topic has come up before when the user was setting the current while driving before plugging in and that was not getting remembered. The whole Geo fencing thing. The OP might be doing something similar, or something screwy is going on when the current is set that low.

I do know the car will remember a lower current, I set mine too 34a on a HPWC with a 60a breaker because I feel like it. It does remember the 34a and charges at the lower rate. It can charge at 48a when I bump it up.