2nd Row Rain Water Problem Solved

2nd Row Rain Water Problem Solved

We have had water dumping into the 2nd row of our Tesla Model X when it rains and we open the Falcon Doors. Rather then drive 75 miles to the service center and let them re-due the door gaskets I ordered this: It is a very small (1/4") vinyl molding. I cut the beginning and end of the molding at an angle with a knife and installed it right along the edge of the roof next to the falcon doors. The water just runs along it and down either the windshield or the back window when the doors are opened in a heavy rain. You can barely see the molding on the car. I think Tesla could easily redesign the top to incorporate a small gutter like this and not rely on the gap between the door gaskets to keep the water out of the car. I cut the molding to approximately 43" in length. It needs to be placed close to the opening of the Falcon Doors on the center roof section so the gasket on the door goes over the molding. The tight spots are at the beginning and end of the door. The door gasket drags on the drivers side rear of my car, but works fine. it might be possible to shorten the molding so this doesn't happen and still get the desired results.

TDUB | 12. Oktober 2018

Handy man! I don't know if every X has the same problem, but I saved your post, just in case. Thanks.

spusin | 13. Oktober 2018

I had the same problem on one side only. When they compared the 2 second row doors, they noticed that the angle that the water was directed through the channels was different. They ordered a new channel or seal or whatever it is called and that fixed it. It only happens in some cars that have this manufacturing defect that is not picked up in quality control.

Model X Guy | 13. Oktober 2018

Mine did not leak when I got it last March. But first the driver's side and later the passenger side stated leaking when opened in wet weather. I think the door gaskets developed a "set" and the gap between them does not opens up as much now. I still think a minor redesign of the plastic piece between the Falcon Doors with small ridges along the opening of the doors could be done and it would save Tesla a lot of service calls to get the door gaskets "just right" to prevent leaks. You really have to know that the small 1/4" half round molding I put on our car is there to even notice it. I think Tesla could do it even better then my retro fit job.

mbirnie51 | 17. Oktober 2018

Could you send a photo or link to photos for view?/ MX has always dripped water into the second row when raining and dripped even on mornings with a lot of dew on the roof area. Thanks.

Model X Guy | 19. Oktober 2018

Sorry for the delay,
I just took some pictures of the car with the molding installed. It's kinda hard to see, which is a good thing. Anyway it works really well for me. I tried it during a heavy rain storm last week. I moved the car up and down the driveway and onto the street where it sat at a slant due to the crown of the road. No water came in at the top from either side. a few drops came in at the side facing the rain, but nothing like before. Send me an e-mail at cemessner@ and I'll send you pictures.