Custer Sounds of Silence Rally 2019

Custer Sounds of Silence Rally 2019

Dates set 5/17-5/19
Road trip anyone?

Still Grinning ;-)

pnajar | 16. Oktober 2018

The first sign of spring? Yeah

Rocky_H | 16. Oktober 2018

Maybe put a year in the thread title, so it's not mixed with all the old threads about previous years?

Tesla-David | 17. Oktober 2018

Yes, my wife and I would definitely be interested in doing this next year.

SamO | 17. Oktober 2018

This was an amazing event in 2018. The town is incredibly friendly and the events (and spectacular views) are worth the drive.

Thanks for starting this thread.

Shesmyne2 | 17. Oktober 2018

See you there SamO?
It'll be a 2 car trip for us this year!
Gotta get me some SCs!

Still Grinning ;-)

sklancha | 05. Februar 2019

I totally expected to see more chit chat about the 2019 rally. Last year was a blast!
For those who have no idea what we are talking about:

It might be a bit early, and cold outside for people to be thinking of plans in May.... maybe I should wait a little while longer to talk about camping plans...

Tesla-David | 10. April 2019

Time to re-engage on this. Is this still on, and who is committed?

finman100 | 10. April 2019

I'm in! Got family in Rapid City and can't wait to road trip my Model 3 back to my home state.

Coming from Oregon. Halfway point is Missoula for an overnight going there and coming back.

So very excited to cruise the Hills sans gasoline!

NKYTA | 10. April 2019

Sounds like a great turnout this year!!

I’m not going to be camping but will play seat for a Great Dane if Apollo shows up in town. Two cars from a two Tesla family from NorCal coming - should be an interesting trip! ;-)

From what I hear, all of the “regulars” will be in attendance, including the oh so close Bighorn. Oh so close to being the Tesla poster child, but nobody got the dog on video...that inspired Dog Mode.

I’m lobbying for a new prize for him this year, home to Custer, shortest distance. ;-)

It is a great event, the organizers are awesome. Show up in your Tesla’s!!