Need help. Tesla is unable to fix this. Noise from rear right suspension.

Need help. Tesla is unable to fix this. Noise from rear right suspension.


I started noticing fairly loud noise from the suspension when car goes over speed breakers or potholes. Louder in case of potholes.

The noise is almost like mettle surfaces grinding with each other.

Does anyone here have experience dealing with this issue?

Here is how i am able to reproduce this noise:
1. lower one of the rear seats so you can hear the noise more clearly
2. slowly drive over those small speed breakers, let front wheel go past the speed breaker and slightly speed up right after front wheels go past the speed breakers.
3. this will cause the rear wheels to bounce up and down a little harder. This results in the noise from under the trunk area.

I took the car to Tesla and they replaced the damper. But as soon as I picked up the car from repair, i heard that sound on my way back home.
I took the car right back to Tesla. This time the technician said they can't do anything else. Some noises from suspension are normal.

I find that hard to believe that a $57k car making such sound on a speed breakers is normal.

Since Tesla has given up on this, I want to know what are my options.

Magic 8 Ball | 25. Oktober 2018

Drive slow enough so the sound does not happen?

M3phan | 25. Oktober 2018

Yeah, I mean, most cars make noises when you hit a speed bump hard (I get it, you’re trying to help us understand the noise you hear). I avoid them as much as poss, and when I have to go over them, good lord I roll over them super slow.
Do you have the option of a different SC? Even though they’d have the previous fix on record a different tech guy might be willing to give it a second look.

maztec | 25. Oktober 2018

Record the sound, post the video, let us listen to it.

vishious911 | 25. Oktober 2018

Might sound insane to suggest, but any chance you think it might be the license plate bracket rubbing against the body? You said grinding noise from under the trunk. But I _had_ to ask.

oz.mon | 26. Oktober 2018

I'd say take it to another shop perferably one that specializes in suspensions and see what they say. could be like a missing rubber bushing that goes in between strut and the area where it contacts the body/car panel.

Lorenzryanc | 26. Oktober 2018

Sounds like the gas tank strapping... but in all seriousness, can you reproduce the sound if you park the car and push down on the rear corner of the car. Almost like jumping on it and making the car bounce? Good test when buying a used car too to check the shocks.

It sounds almost like a bushing issue, but that would be a squeak as opposed to a grind, but we could hear 2 different sounds. If there were metal grinding, there should be an obvious shiny spot somewhere after all the protective paint has been worn away.

Try bouncing on the car and hear it from the outside to help pinpoint it.

RIP ICE | 26. Oktober 2018

I have this same problem. I took in to the SC and we couldn't reproduce it on a test drive. They gave me the same unsatisfactory answer - "some noises from suspension are normal".

David N | 26. Oktober 2018

I’ve had kinda same issues with ICE when there is a strange sound, I’ve always went with the tech on the test drive so I can point out the noise. Once he says “I hear it” then it’s up to them to find out what it is. So, When you take it in, especially with something that is not easy to evaluate, make sure you take a tech with you on test drive, both of you in the car, wether he drives or you drive you can point out what the noise is, he can hear it with you there. Kinda hard to deny something when you both have heard it.
Keep us posted.

disapr | 26. Oktober 2018

Assuming that you aren't overly sensitive to the normal operation of suspension in a quiet (engine-less) environment.

1. Continue taking it to Tesla until they eventually find the issue - or
2. Try to isolate the side. Can you reproduce this with both rear wheels? Is it only on one side? Does it happen with both running over the breakers?
3. Attach a gopro or similar small camera underneath the car and reproduce the issue looking at each suspension arm assembly and then a final looking at the subframe (cage around the motor). Analyze these videos and see if you can associate a motion with the sound to further isolate the component.

If the sound is more of a grinding or metal on metal sound then it's probably a bushing/bearing and if it's more of a clunk then it is likely something that didn't get fully torqued. Just off the top ideas, the steps above will give you the best idea of what is actually happening.

LostInTx | 26. Oktober 2018

I have the exact same issue. I heard it; Tesla thinks they heard it but passed it off as normal noise from the back suspension.

No sounds like that from my Truck, my wife's Lexus or my daughter's Camry. So again, Tesla is pioneering new technologies; in this case, untraceable suspension noise.

mbukow | 19. Dezember 2019

I have this noise on my dual motor model 3 - from day 1 -(November 2018) when I back out of my driveway with wheels turned - sometimes going over speed bumps, and it can be alarmingly loud accelerating over a bumpy road. I took it in recently and they ordered a damper assembly, so waiting to see if that fixes it... I received a loaner model S that gave a "low coolant" error, and one door handle was stuck... I returned it and they gave me another model S that has a crazy motor buzz... / But aside from these finicky problems, I love driving a Tesla... Did your car get fixed?