Delivery question -Documents

Delivery question -Documents

Good morning, so I’ve gone through the complete delivery set up process I’ve received my delivery date (it’s in a week) and wired the payment as instructed. I was sent a set of documents that had my first and last name on them , I executed those documents and I am picking up my vehicle next week. This morning I noticed my middle name was not on the Tesla contract but it’s on my drivers license. Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem at pick up? I have insurance, paid in full and executed the documents as instructed by Tesla. I even uploaded a photograph of my ID into my Tesla account as part of the completion process

Has anyone had experience at pick up regarding a middle name not being included on the document?

Thank you

Carl Thompson | 10. November 2018

I don't think it will be a problem. When I picked up my car I don't think they even asked to see my driver's license. Or any other ID. I'm pretty sure they just had me sign some documents and handed me the key.

azdonna | 10. November 2018

It won't be a problem. I never use my middle name in legal transactions, but it is required on my driver's license.

jkellner | 11. November 2018

Thank you

ALDONY | 11. November 2018

Where di you wire the money? I don't have any link

kcheng | 13. November 2018

The wire transfer address is on the next to last page of the MVPA:
Bank: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Bank Address: 420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104
Account Name: Tesla Motors Inc.
Account #: 4000118323
ABA/Routing #: 121000248
Note: Your name, and your Reservation Number

Also, it says you can make a ACH payment from your account page.

ALDONY | 14. November 2018

I have delivery Saturday and i don't have any info, no payment option, nothing..

gwright22 | 20. November 2018

I am on my 3RD delivery appointment.... Not to mention I had original reservation cancelled by some snot nosed kid Somewhere, USA. So disappointed in whole process. Hop I am not disappointed in car...