awd or rwd?

awd or rwd?

Trying to decide my order before 11/30 deadline. Having a tough time between Awd or Rwd. is the extra cost worth it?

one.more.again | 28. November 2018

No one can tell you if the additional range, performance, and functionality are worth the extra cost to you. Make sure you understand the difference in each category and you can't go wrong.

gballant4570 | 28. November 2018

Its worth it. However, if you're banking on 2018 delivery and therefore full Fed tax credit, you should call to find out what the available inventory is, and pick one that is waiting for an owner.

However, AWD will cost you a little range (~325 vs ~300) along with the $. When I first got my AWD I was wondering if it was worth it, but the extra few miles doesn't make any difference to me, while I sure do love the extra acceleration and handling.

Others see it differently, just my opinion.

one.more.again | 28. November 2018

gballant - Based on the currently available ordering options, I'd assume the OP is deciding between the MR RWD and the LR AWD, so the AWD has more range.

Arjeffery | 28. November 2018

I only had the option of test driving the AWD P at Tesla store closest to me. The car was Great, but the Performance model is in a whole different category. I have heard most people say AWD if you live near snow, which I don't(California) and RWD is better than most cars out there. I currently drive a Lexus GS 350 F Sport. Actually deciding between LR in either AWD or RWD

Bighorn | 28. November 2018

LR in RWD may not be available to order anymore. Double check.

gballant4570 | 28. November 2018

one.more.again, you could be right - I haven't looked recently at current order options. I'm still going to say that waiting inventory is most likely to result in a full federal tax credit, but the $ & range part of that picture would change. My overall assessment (admittedly colored by my own experience/preferences) would also remain the same. On the range side I would suggest keeping in mind the effects of the winter season on efficiency - I am experiencing that now, and am glad for the LR battery.

Arjeffery | 28. November 2018

LR range is still available in RWD for extra 3K

one.more.again | 28. November 2018

Do they still have LR RWD available for off-menu ordering? I have LR RWD and love it. If you get it, and if they can get it delivered before the end of the year so that you get the full tax benefit, then the key differences are:

a) LR RWD 0-60 = 4.9 sec. vs. 4.5 sec for AWD
b) AWD will have slightly less real-world range
c) AWD functionality in certain weather/terrain conditions
d) AWD can run on one motor if the other happens to go out - rare scenario I'm sure, but I guess a consideration

Bighorn | 28. November 2018

#4 in reality is unlikely. Elon likes the idea, but it usually doesn't work out that way.

Bighorn | 28. November 2018

Or d.

Magic 8 Ball | 28. November 2018

Although "d" is unlikely, at least, two folks on this forum have reported using the "limp" mode when one motor went out.

Teslaed | 28. November 2018

Long Range off menu = and additional $3000
AWD that has the long range = $7000 ($3000 for battery and $4000 for additional motor)

I drove both yesterday in LA and the regular mid range is plenty fast and not much snow or weather in LA

Be sure to get the 6 month free charging before it runs out. Below is my referral code if you like to use it.

douger1la | 28. November 2018

I think they are pretty much the same. AWD might be a nice feature in the occasional rain or possible snow, but as far as drive and performance they feel much the same. I have the AWD and my mom has the RWD and I don't notice a difference when i'm driving hers.

Bighorn | 28. November 2018

Good points, but referral codes aren't allowed in the forum.

frank168 | 28. November 2018

RWD 0-60 5.6 sec not 4.9

one.more.again | 28. November 2018

@frank - OP is considering LR RWD - apparently still available off-menu.

one.more.again | 28. November 2018

and I guess officially the LR RWD is 5.1, but I'm consistently getting 4.9 now.

Not sure of what folks are getting for real-word 0-60 with the AWD, probably better than 4.5.

Daryl | 28. November 2018

I pondered the same question, but here in Phoenix I couldn't come up with any valid reason to get AWD. I like to drive off-road, but an AWD Model 3 is not an off-road vehicle. Maybe when the Model Y comes out.

I rarely floor the accelerator on my RWD M3, and when I do there is plenty of power for whatever I really need to do.

Consider the AWD if you live where it snows or if you just want to impress people with how fast your car is, and in that case you might splurge for Performance.

Mike UpNorth_ | 28. November 2018

Go with RWD LR and put the savings into EAP. IMO.
No reason for AWD outside snow.

gballant4570 | 28. November 2018

Arjeffery, likelyhood of driving in snow (in my view) is not involved in the AWD/RWD decision making process. Its not involved in mine, nor is it involved in my willingness to say that AWD is worth the $.

Mike UpNorth_ | 28. November 2018

That's cool @GB. But my guess is it should be in most people's decision.
Bad weather climate = AWD is needed.
Nice weather climate = AWD optional.

Just_Ted | 28. November 2018

I have driven the following rear wheel drive cars through Chicago winters, before moving to the Mid-Atlantic: 1967 VW Beetle, 1972 Ford Maverick, 1967 Ford Econoline Van (like the Mystery Machine), 1981 Ford F-150, 1978 Chevy 30 van, 1981 Ford Grenada, and a little red vette (ok, it was a Chevette, but still RWD).

All wheel drive is like a philosophy degree: it doesn’t get you out of a difficult situation, but it does let you get stuck way further off road than you otherwise would have been.

I would go with the RWD any time, especially with modern traction control and stability control.

fasheriff | 28. November 2018

When I buy a car, I think about re-sale and the car standing out. So, Long Range battery is more appealing than Regular. Dual Motor is better than one motor. You get the picture. Trying to micro-decide what whether you are in or what state is a waste of time. I live in Central California where there is no snow and about 15 inches of rain per year. My Tesla is loaded other than Performance (that is where I drew the line).

Just my thoughts.

sroh | 28. November 2018

We have one of each.

The big benefit to AWD for many of us is being able to get past chain control when driving to the mountains without having to install chains. If you never drive in snow (Tahoe, Mammoth?), RWD should be fine. The difference in acceleration is small; the RWD is still plenty quick. The benefits are lower cost and better range.

reallynolie | 28. November 2018

Use the saved $7k to pay for electric the next ten years haha!

ST70 | 28. November 2018 topic

lilbean | 28. November 2018

Yes, get it if you can afford it.

Kerzenflamme | 13. Dezember 2018

just to clear something up. AWD model 3 has less range than RWD model 3. This is quite substantial with the RWD having about 8% more range.

You cannot apply the Model S induction motor efficiency gain to the Model 3s PM motor at all.

Kerzenflamme | 13. Dezember 2018

just to clear something up. AWD model 3 has less range than RWD model 3. This is quite substantial with the RWD having about 8% more range.

You cannot apply the Model S induction motor efficiency gain to the Model 3s PM motor at all.

Vsanva | 13. Dezember 2018

AWD less range for sure

I went for AWD .... no regrets , I had RWD ordered first.

Also resale , more popular model and that cute badge.

thedrisin | 13. Dezember 2018

Dual Motor. Better on wet pavement, snow. And, yes, FASTER! :)

agsteelerfan | 31. Januar 2019

Any opinions on whether long range RWD will be offered by Tesla again in the future?

mrcarlostapiajr | 28. Februar 2019

if anyone is open to trade their awd for rwd, id be open to it and would deliver it personally.

spuzzz123 | 28. Februar 2019

I bet you would be open to that! Me too!. One LR RWD for a M3P. Anyone? Anyone? I'll throw in my all weather floormats.

Iwantmy3 | 28. Februar 2019

After driving through this winter on a number of snow or ice covered roads, I can see how AWD would be of some benefit. However, I have never had any real issues with RWD. On the other hand, I do a lot of driving of "mid range" distances (200 - 450 miles in a day) in cold temperatures and at real highway speeds. Range is still king in my thoughts. A ?10%? range loss with AWD would tip the balance on some of these trips forcing extra charging stops or adding a stop where none is needed now.

one.more.again | 04. Dezember 2019

LR RWD vs AWD on track: