Black Wall Charger Referral Never Received

Black Wall Charger Referral Never Received

I'm doing last resort items before retaining counsel - anyone with info that can help would be awesome.

I received my second Tesla in March 2018. Still haven't received my black wall charger referral product. I've been misled so many times by the referral dept person.

Anyone else have this long of a delay and needed to take legal action to get Tesla to do something that I would consider fairly easy - like respond to emails or better yet, ship the product?

I'm sending to and with no luck of anyone that is concerned.

Thanks in advance!

EVRider | 30. November 2018

You earn the referral award when someone uses your referral link to order a Tesla (that someone can be you) — is that what happened? Just ordering a Tesla doesn’t get you a referral award. Your My Tesla account should show your earned referrals. You can read about the referral program here: For what it’s worth, I earned a wall charger award in August but haven’t received it yet.

By the way, you would spend far more on legal fees than the referral award is worth.

Tesla-David | 30. November 2018

I also have been waiting for HPWC for referral, and am not concerned. Tesla will honor that award in due time.

Scottsdale100D | 30. November 2018

Yes I earned the award and have patiently waited for almost nine months.

@Tesla-David - what evidence do you have that they will honor the award? I thought the same but 9 Months and inaccurate statements has led me to question their integrity. Especially over something so easy to control.

Scottsdale100D | 30. November 2018

Yes I earned the award and have patiently waited for almost nine months.

@Tesla-David - what evidence do you have that they will honor the award? I thought the same but 9 Months and inaccurate statements has led me to question their integrity. Especially over something so easy to control.

jimglas | 30. November 2018

I was told that the signature HPWC is on back order

Tesla-David | 30. November 2018

@Scottsdale100D, the only evidence I have is almost six years of positive experience as a Tesla customer with Tesla and Tesla-Energy with two MS's, M3, and PW2 installation earlier this year. As @jimglas notes above, the HPWC's are backordered. I have complete faith that they will honor their agreements.

jerrykham | 30. November 2018

I'm waiting on mine. I don't care if it ever shows up as I'd just have to store it. We have two of the standard HPWCs now and all I would do is replace the face-plate of one with the black signature one. I can't think of why I'd want to go to small claims court over something like that. And retaining counsel? That will likely cost more than the wall connector is worth unless all you are doing is having them send a letter.

EVRider | 30. November 2018

@Scottsdale100D: Does your HPWC show up in your loot box under your awards? Mine is there, with the status "Scheduled." Don't know what that means exactly, but at least I know it's coming.

Tesla-David | 30. November 2018

@EVRider, my awards status says available starting June 2018, so there must be a back order issue as @jimglas noted when he contacted Tesla.

MaxEV | 30. November 2018

The Tesla referral program has the potential to be a "win-win-win" situation for Tesla and program participants. However, the referral program as it is being run right now turns program participants in to beggars.

Tesla could fix this in two ways. The first thing Tesla needs to do is to provide immediate and verifiable confirmation to program participants as soon as they have qualified for a reward. The partially broken loot box phone application doesn't qualify in my mind. Specifically, I mean Tesla should provide some kind of certificate or confirmation e-mail with a ticket/case number on it and/or a certificate via snail mail.

The second thing Tesla needs to do is to provide referral awards promptly (preferably in a matter of days and within no more than a few weeks).

@Scottsdale100D, as an alternative to taking legal action, perhaps you might want to consider filing a Better Business Bureau complaint and/or filing a complaint with your state attorney general's office if appropriate. (Disclaimer, I'm not a lawyer and this doesn't constitute legal advice).

Scottsdale100D | 01. Dezember 2018

@MaxEV - great ideas and a very productive post. Thank you and I will start the process w/ BBB, AG, etc!

I have had a terrific experience with Tesla as I own a Model S and X. Great people and I'm so happy they are disrupting an industry that needs the different thinking.

What is so frustrating is the simplicity of fixing this. Just hire one person to do nothing but send emails and communicate. Knowing someone cares goes a long way. Or have each service center (or store) own their customers after the sale until everything promised is delivered. Btw, what a great excuse to stay in touch and build relationships.

@Tesla-David - great to see such enthusiasm and loyalty to Tesla. I was there as well. Have a couple framed pictures in my garage of Tesla memorabilia and never paid over $50K for a car until I bought (gulp) two Teslas. The impact of the company is phenomenal. I don't think there is any question of that. However, just get me a f... HPWC so I can charge both my Tesla's at night and continue to enjoy an incredible experience. I have much better things to focus on as I'm sure the people at Tesla do as well.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Scottsdale100D | 19. Dezember 2018

A little progress but little hope as well.

Tesla responded to my BBB complaint: "Please call into our customer care department. 888-765-2489 "

I figured why not at least try again on my side. So I called and after 2 min of hunting through all the prompts, the system told me wait time was greater than 10 min.

Met with an attorney last week and we had a good laugh about how ridiculous this is. His most interesting comment was that he had thought about buying a Tesla and was curious to see how my case progresses. Volunteered his time for a next step.

Tesla has now had multiple opportunities through multiple communication channels to provide a meaningful response.

AG may be getting more interested.

Easy fix is for Tesla to deliver the HPWC referral. If they can't, then just say when they can. If they can't say when they can, then just say when they will provide an update. Ignoring customers is so ridiculous and is shocking for Tesla to continue.

SCCRENDO | 19. Dezember 2018

The have been pretty slow with the wall chargers. They kept promising and delaying but I eventually got mine 6 months after it was promised in July. The 3rd award is a solar roof token. I earned mine in April and have heard nothing. I am not sure that I have any use for it anyway. Frankly I think that the referral awards are potentially a great idea but they have been mismanaged. There is pretty much zero incentive for me to make any more referrals from the system although I will still do it. On the other hand I would rather they concentrated on manufacturing cars and answering their phones than focusing on the referral awards. I am pretty happy with the first 2 awards I received, the kiddie Tesla and the HPWC.

jimglas | 19. Dezember 2018

the referral rewards are just an unexpected perk. I will still be an advocate for the car to anyone that wants to listen. that said, its frustrating waiting 6 months with no feedback.

Scottsdale100D | 19. Dezember 2018

9 months is too long. However, if they would just communicate, most people would understand.

SCCRENDO | 19. Dezember 2018

At Scotsdale. I guess you should work that out with your lawyers. Hopefully it's not Guilliani, Michael Cohen or Mike Flynn's attorneys.

patswin | 19. Dezember 2018

Another easy fix for them would be to stop offering these perks, especially if they start getting lawsuits over it. That said, I don’t understand why they can’t write an email with current status of hpwc and send it out to everyone waiting for it. Seems pretty simple

cmmcintosh | 19. Dezember 2018

Tesla customer service has gone into the toilet over the last year. Even getting a service appointment at my local center is 28 days out. As for a referral, mine was fulfilled Oct of 2017 and still haven't gotten the charger. I feel like they are giving plenty of reasons for states to maintain franchised laws, at least there is competition that way. Sad days.

geekydon | 20. Dezember 2018

I'm in the same position. Ordered the black wall charger in March, no word since. I've sent queries to no avail.

EVRider | 20. Dezember 2018

I asked about the wall connector delay using the support form on My Tesla, and received an e-mail response the next day (Dec 4):

“We have been out of stock since early August when our shipment was delayed. We have since recieved our shipment and expect to resume shipments to customers in the next 2 weeks.”

I’m waiting for two wall connectors at this point, but if they don’t come soon I’ll ask them to swap one for a regular wall connector.

EVRider | 20. Dezember 2018

Update on the wall connector: I replied today to the e-mail I received on Dec 4 and asked for an update, and received the following response two hours later:

"We did start shipping to our oldest outstanding selections last week. I do see you on the list, that being said a shipping label has yet to be printed for your first shipment. Based on the selection date that should be added very soon within the next week or so. Your second selection has been made but I do not foresee it being delivered in the immediate future. We expect to catch up to current selections in early March. I also see you have made a selection for some rims right now our expected time frame is 60-120 days."

As you might have gathered from the reply, I'm also waiting for the arachnid wheels (I only earned those two days ago), but I didn't even ask about them when I asked for an update, so it was nice that they volunteered that information. The referral team might be slow to fulfill orders, but they've been pretty responsive in my case. Asking nicely doesn't hurt. :-)

frenchrose | 21. Dezember 2018

yes I earned the award and have patiently waited for nearly 9 months.

@Tesla-David - what proof do you've got that they'll honor the award? I idea the equal however 9 Months and erroneous statements has led me to question their integrity. especially over something so easy to manipulate.

sowa.greg | 21. Dezember 2018

This may seem obvious, however, I haven't seen it mentioned...

Have you actually ordered the hpwc award in your loot box? When I earned it I then had to enter my shipping info and submit before being added to the list for shipment.

FreddyC10 | 21. Dezember 2018

Any chance you can share the email address for the person you are talking to? At this point, I would be happy with just getting a regular Wall Charger. I don't need the black wall unit.

henryp1 | 21. Dezember 2018

You can add me to that list of waiting ( 3 months in counting....) for the HPWC 8( Let's take a poll to see how many people have received their referrals gift from Tesla. I hope someone at Tesla is reading this.

patswin | 21. Dezember 2018

HaHa. We can do it line model 3 wait list.
East coast, ordered 7/15, still waiting for invite. :-)

MilesMD88 | 21. Dezember 2018

Got an email from the referral program. Was told wall chargers out of stock & they expect to resume shipments in January. As for the wheels, missing a part to assemble wheels. They gave me no timetable.

EVRider | 22. Dezember 2018

@FreddyC10: The e-mail address I’ve been using is My initial question was submitted using the support form on My Tesla, and I received an initial response from that e-mail address, which I’ve been using since then.

FreddyC10 | 22. Dezember 2018

Thanks EVRider, I just sent them a message through the support form. I figured I would go that way first.

Scottsdale100D | 23. Dezember 2018

Unfortunately I've lost faith with the responses from the referral program department. They've said it was scheduled to ship, then ran out of stock, then ship in Sept, then ship in Oct, then ship in Nov, then crickets ....

I've learned whatever they say is unreliable. I guess when I think about it, sending inaccurate information is probably worse than ignoring customers. This stringing people along and misleading is what the AG will start collecting information on.

I'm guessing no one has heard from a Management level person apologizing or providing a cadence of updates. So, likely the poor person who has the miserable job having to deal with irritated customers is left on his/her own to defend a poor business practice. I feel for that person and as it has been stated many times, this is so easy to fix.

Tesla has such a loyal following (I'm included) that to have such an easily fixable item souring an experience that makes Tesla different in the marketplace is just silly. Whoever is the leader over the department should be replaced.

Scottsdale100D | 12. Januar 2019

Well, it appears Tesla will listen when you get an attorney. Had a demand letter sent to them and within a couple weeks, the HPWC showed up. Drama and stupidity is over.

So, if it helps anyone else, I filed a complaint with my state's Attorney General Office and the Better Business Bureau. Tesla's did respond to the BBB complaints but in my opinion were just delay tactics. First response they said to call customer service, second response was they said someone would reach out to me. Neither were helpful and didn't hear from anyone.

Demand letter was sent at end of Dec and I received the HPWC in less than 2 weeks. Could have been coincidence too, but since I never received any communication from Tesla, who knows. The HPWC literally landed on my doorstep out of the blue.

Now on to much more productive items like getting it installed and enjoying my MS!

If anyone at Tesla is listening, accurate communications would have resolved this with little to zero effort. I lost faith when the referral department's few communications were inaccurate and grossly misleading. All of us have so many more important things to do. Glad it's over.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

jimglas | 12. Januar 2019

Mine reward request was placed mid-october, Installed last thursday. Nic to have 2, no lawyer required.

Tesla-David | 13. Januar 2019

Congrats @jimglas on getting your HPWC and installation. I already have one HPWC installed, and the second one will help us with the M3 charging. Still have not heard anything back from "Tesla. I expect it will be on my doorstep one day unexpectedly.

rm760 | 14. Januar 2019

I too am awaiting the delivery of the signed wall charger. My rewards box has the device listed as "scheduled". Anyone know what scheduled means?

jimglas | 14. Januar 2019

Mine was delivered and still says scheduled

SCCRENDO | 14. Januar 2019

I earned mine in Feb and finally got it in July. I set it up in daisy chain with my other HPWC and it works perfectly. Can give up to 48A (45 mph) when charging the Model 3 alone and 40A on each when charging the Model S and 3 together.

My beef is with the 3 rd award. I earned it May 11. It is an early access token to a solar roof. I have 13.2 kW of solar panels already. They have not even announced details yet. But it looks like a pure waste of time for me

ssyee | 16. März 2019

What address was used to send demand letter?

vikshith | 17. Oktober 2019

At the end of the month, Tesla will end a long-running referral program that offered incentives for existing Tesla owners to help drive sales. In its recent iterations, the referral system gifted new buyers who found their way to a Tesla through a friend with six months of free charging at Supercharger stations.

manjill | 26. Oktober 2019

Nice to see this post here and thanks for sharing this to us.

numeriano.aguinaldo | 03. Dezember 2019

2 years on and still waiting for my wall box, what do I have to do to even get a response from Tesla???

sandra23 | 30. Januar 2020

What address was used to send demand letter?