#lemrwhiteinterior . Let’s do this

#lemrwhiteinterior . Let’s do this

Calling on anyone who’s ordered a mid range model 3 with white interior, and hasn’t received any updates from your ownership advisors or by calling in. Tweet @elonmusk and @tesla with #lemrwhiteinterior. I’m hoping if we get enough people, maybe we can finally get some answers. Probably won’t work, but it’s worth a shot. Here’s hoping.

I was quoted 4-6 weeks because I live in SoCal. I started Week 7 of waiting yesterday... no vin, no delivery date..

Scubasteve04 | 03. Dezember 2018

As I see more people on Twitter using this hashtag, I’m just going to bump it. I know this won’t do anything. But doing this makes me feel productive, while waiting around for an update on a very expensive purchase that’s almost 2 weeks late with no updates is just a waste of energy.