"We expect your Tesla to be ready between 12/20-12/31"

"We expect your Tesla to be ready between 12/20-12/31"

I just got a text message:

"Congrats! We expect your Tesla to be ready between 12/20-12/31, before the federal tax credit ends. Please be available during this timeframe to ensure on-time delivery."

I am a day 1 reservation holder, ordered MR on 10/19 and have patiently been waiting for a VIN or something. I guess this is something, but they sure are pushing it to the very last moment! I hope nothing goes wrong in transit or something.

18" Aero
no EAP
San Diego

David N | 06. Dezember 2018


shawncordell | 06. Dezember 2018

Got the same text.

daikoncat | 06. Dezember 2018

Same text here, located in Los Angeles.
MR, Black, white interior, aero wheels, EAP
Reserved Mar 2018, ordered 10/31/18

rs1805 | 06. Dezember 2018

got the same text. Vancouver, Canada

subbarao.vadapalli | 06. Dezember 2018

Got same text, in LA, Blue/Black/18"/no-EAP. Reservation holder, ordered 10/19..

I will be out of town from the 24th on vacation, so I am not sure how this timeline works out for me.

I guess, I need to call the DA tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

billlake2000 | 06. Dezember 2018

jamilworm, I hope they don't back down cuz you ordered, 1. black-cheap 2. aero-cheap and 3. no EAP-cheap. Risky business. Good luck. Be sure to post what happens.

Adrianmaceiras | 06. Dezember 2018

got the same text, located in San Francisco. MR, Black, Black interior, 19" wheels, EAP. Reservation holder ordered 10/19.

jamilworm | 06. Dezember 2018

@billlake - thanks. I thought I've seen people report that they've receive the same config as me already, so hopefully they don't push me back for being cheap. I got in before the $1k price increase on MR too.

pranatip | 06. Dezember 2018

Same I text received few minuets back. Thanks

pranatip | 06. Dezember 2018

Same I text received few minuets back. Thanks

CharleyBC | 06. Dezember 2018

Weird they gave the tax credit line to @rs1805 in British Columbia. Whichever side of the border, I hope y’all get your cars this month!

Skycop21 | 06. Dezember 2018

Received same text at 1800 MST Denver, CO. Day 1 Res, MR, Black, Wht interior, aero wheels, EAP, Res day 1, ordered 10/23

jeffersonhunt | 06. Dezember 2018

Just got the text this evening. Day 1 reservation online before the car was actually revealed. Ordered a blue/white MR with no EAP very late on 11/30 just before the cutoff. I guess they are prioritizing early reservation holders after all! I knew my patience would pay off.

jeffersonhunt | 06. Dezember 2018

Forgot to mention. I’m in Rexburg, Idaho. Got the text at 6:25 PM MST.

jeffersonhunt | 06. Dezember 2018

Also, I got the 18” aero wheels.

kqland | 06. Dezember 2018

@jeffersonhunt, I hope you are right about them prioritizing reservation holders! Seems there should be some benefit to plunking down $1000 a year before the car ever really hit production. Got the same text.

Msg at 5:16 PST
Day 1 res holder
White exterior
Black interior
Aero wheels
Ordered 11/26

CST | 06. Dezember 2018

If you miss the date, you'll wish you ordered LR.

doctorsmile | 06. Dezember 2018

same no option car, got the text in AZ

. if they miss 12/31, tesla will make it right. it's only a 3.75K difference they can throw in free...EAP...etc.

zyuaninc | 06. Dezember 2018

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kevin_rf | 06. Dezember 2018

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EM34ME | 06. Dezember 2018

Received the message at 1730 PST but no VIN yet


delivery in Palm Springs

wgachesa | 06. Dezember 2018

I ordered my RWD mid-range Model 3 (i.e. the "cheap" version) on 11/6/18. Received a text from Tesla on 12/3/18 saying "While we prepare your Tesla, please complete all Checkout items at to be prepared to take delivery when your Tesla is ready".

What do you think y'all? Will I see this soon? I'll be taking delivery at the factory in Fremont.

Kef | 06. Dezember 2018

There are several threads in this forum about that text. Seems to mean nothing other than "We know you are waiting..."

wgachesa | 06. Dezember 2018

That's what I thought, Kef. Darn. I'm renting a car since my current car died (not worth repairing due to mileage/age of vehicle).