Tesla Model S 60D to 75D battery upgrade

Tesla Model S 60D to 75D battery upgrade

I have a 75D battery which is software limited at 60D. I know some of you got an ugprade for $500. After a trip to the service center, they are quoting 2K. When i call the Customer service, they say its $500. Service center doesn't honor it and there seems to be a clear communication gap between CustomerService and service center. How do i handle this?

hammer @OR-US | 08. Dezember 2018

Your service center is correct. 60D to 75D is 2K. The 70D to 75D was the one for $500

Silver2K | 09. Dezember 2018

Hammer is correct. You can also check in your "my Tesla" by clicking on manage and look for upgrade options.

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 09. Dezember 2018

Pay online through your Tesla page. $2k. There’s a Russian guy on eBay doing for $1000 but buyer beware!! Californians got it free for 2 months thanks to fires!!

ckcland2 | 09. Dezember 2018

The current price is $2k for that upgrade, and that is what I paid almost a year ago. It was well worth it!

tsrikant | 09. Dezember 2018

@Full charge, i get 198 right now. How much do you get with 75 upgrade?

Yodrak. | 09. Dezember 2018

"I have a 75D battery which is software limited at 60D".

You have a 75 kWhr capacity battery that is limited to 60 kWhr useable capacity. The 'D' refers to the car having dual motors, not a reference to the traction battery.

ckcland2 | 10. Dezember 2018

252 for me @100%. I rarely charge to 100% though.

Silver2K | 10. Dezember 2018

I think that upgrade was once $9k, it's a steal right now.

dpollard31 | 11. Dezember 2018

Your car will probably also be eligible for uncorking. That takes your 0-60 down to 4.2 seconds and is worth much more than the extra range IMO. You can ask them to check it’s eligible before paying for the battery upgrade just in case your car is in the 1% that can’t be uncorked.

galo420 | 11. Dezember 2018

Late June 2016 purchase and I paid $3K to upgrade from original 70D to 75D to get 19 extra miles of range.. getting it for $500 now is crazy good

otang | 10. Januar 2019

I just bought a 60D. Since the car is software limited and has a 75 KWhr battery, I can actually charge the battery to 100% because the battery is underused. In my previous Tesla S 85D, Tesla recommendation is charging the battery to 85%.

Is charging the 60D to 100% correct?

reed_lewis | 10. Januar 2019

You are fine charging the 60D to 100% since you are only really charging to ~87%

The car will complain to you, but you can ignore it.

reed_lewis | 10. Januar 2019

I upgraded my 60 kWh to 75 kWh when the price was $7K. It went down 30 days later to $2K. Tesla would not refund anything.

MySin_AZ | 10. Januar 2019

@dpollard31- is the uncorking only available to post front refresh cars? I have a CPO S 60 2014 production year...but guessing that year can't be uncorked... | 10. Januar 2019

@MySin - Nothing to uncork. The 2013-2014 60s were a real 60 kW battery pack.

MySin_AZ | 10. Januar 2019

@TT-is uncorking the same as range unlocking...thought uncorking was the acceleration...I did realize that my car's range can't be extending (although hoping that sometimes in the future there will be a cost effective battery exchange program)...wouldn't mind reducing my 0-60 from 5.5 to 4.2, if possible...

lwaprop | 15. Mai 2019

Post refresh 60D eligible for upgrade now? 5.14.19. | 15. Mai 2019

@lwaprop - Yep. Has been for a year or so. Not sure of the cost though.