Ik ben de bovenste balk met symbolen kwijt op mijn scherm, hoe krijg ik die weer terug in beeld?

aghoefnagel | 09. Dezember 2018

Ik ben de bovenste balk met symbolen kwijt op het touchscreen. Hoe krijg ik die terug?

lilbean | 09. Dezember 2018

The top bar with the icons was on version 8. The update with version 9 shows all the icons at the bottom now.

lilbean | 09. Dezember 2018

De bovenste balk met de pictogrammen was op versie 8. De update met versie 9 toont nu alle pictogrammen onderaan.

jerry | 09. Dezember 2018

The soft ware update for the touch screen is not nearly as good as the original soft ware. The map always appears on the screen that is totally unnecessary and the bottom is music. There is no flexibility in arranging the screen. I don't need three windows on the screen and the windows can no longer be "flipped" as before. I want the rear view camera to be in the top part of the screen because I use it for seeing cars in the blind spots of the tesla. Please give more flexibility in managing the screen layout. Thanks.

Mardy930 | 09. Dezember 2018

How do I get my version 8 back? I liked the screen set-up the way it was. Version 9 sucks. | 10. Dezember 2018

@Marty- not an option.