Losing excessive battery when driving

Losing excessive battery when driving

I just purchased the model 3 performance about 2 weeks ago. Since I got it, i have only been getting 50% of my charge ie it says 290 miles, but I'll only get about 150 miles out of it. I do sometimes accelerate fast, but I am definitely not driving it wild at all. Anyone else experience excessive battery drain while driving?

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

Everyone, at first.


Gemini18 | 26. Dezember 2018

I don't know where you are, but it's cold here in MD. For me, that means less mileage, as I turn on my heat seater, turn on the heat, and in general with the battery warming.

will | 26. Dezember 2018

I'm outside of DC in Va, so I'm probably not far from you. So would it be helpful to start my car before I drive to heat it up a bit?

thedrisin | 26. Dezember 2018

I am in Northern VA. LR Dual motor. I have had the car almost 2 mo. I average about 290 Wh/mi. I have had trips where I get down to 250, but in the warmer weather.

Gemini18 | 26. Dezember 2018

@Will - I'm in College Park, MD, so right outside of DC. I warm up the car for about an hour in the morning before I leave. I still have limited regeneration, but at least the car is comfortable when I get in. I think this is just winter with the M3. I don't know of any tricks.

will | 26. Dezember 2018

I also keep the car in "Sport" unless i am in auto pilot. I'm sure this affects it, but I would hope not as much as it is affecting me. @gemini18 I'll have to try it and see how it works. Do you know how many actual miles you get from a charge?

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@will 50% efficiency is too low. On my model S with 21" wheel, I get 80% and on my model 3 (non-performance) I get close to 100% efficiency.
if you have an iPhone or iPAd, you can use my app "Stats for Tesla" to measure your efficiency (ratio of actual range to rated range).
Link to the app:

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

Selling your app this way is NOT COOL!

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic just trying to help the OP by providing relevant information and letting him know that my app can help him/her. I'm a model 3 and S owner who has been participating in this forum and asked and answered questions. I just happen to developed a useful and popular app (see reviews and also posts by other suers in this forum).

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

You are selling your app. NOT COOL!

There are plenty of people here that can walk the OP through all the variables and reasons for not getting EPA mileage FOR FREE.

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic But your free advice cannot measure OP's phantom drain and show him the correlation between temperature and efficiency; the app can.

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

The following graph shows the histogram of efficiency for model 3 cars.

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

My free advice and advice from others can explain these things so the OP does not have to buy a tool to measure them. I feel, in this case, you are being a predator on the OP's ignorance of what I believe is the fundamental understanding of all the variables that would and normally do account for less range than estimated. The OP does not need a wrench he/she needs a book.

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic You calling the OP ignorant is not cool. I don't think the OP needs your advice to live his/her life and make decisions.

gballant4570 | 26. Dezember 2018

will, you need to track your wh/m. I live in MD, about 80 miles north of you. I've had my AWD M3 since Oct. 9. At first (Oct was warm) I was running A/C some days, and was seeing sh/m average in the 230's. My lifetime wh/m has crept up to 250, and my daily avg is trending 280 to 350 depending on how much heat I'm running.

Your mileage estimate is based on a wh/m close to 240. If your avg is greater, you'll get less miles. Less than 240, you'll get more. The percentage shift from 240 will match up the percentage difference in the mileage, up of down. Give your car a warming charge (about an hour) before driving when cold, and pre-heat the interior while it's still plugged in. This will help, but running heaters and otyher stuff in cold weather hity your efficiency more than you would expect - mainly due to an EV starting from a much more efficient baseline than an ICE. In the ICE, you are used to throwing away 40% of the energy you paid for.

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

@StatsApp Ignorance was not meant to be an insult and I apologize if it was taken that way. You are still preying on the OP here. In fact you are spreading FUD if you are trying, in anyway, to convince the OP he/she needs your tool to determine if the car needs service. Maybe I am reading your "too low" to be a problem with the car and not the understanding of the VARIABLES that would NORMALLY account for getting about 50% range. This discussion has been had in many threads and almost always understanding was achieved without a stat tool.

OP please be patient, many contributors are on holiday now and will be back soon to help you if you wish.

ccfiiimd | 26. Dezember 2018

OP, I think you get the idea about cold weather affects performance. I live in the mountain west and it is cold and hilly here. I have an AWD non P and I am getting about 300 watts per mile now. You will get better mileage when it warms up.

Also, I don't have any stake in the StatsApp, and I find it pretty useful. I am not sure why there is a problem to let people know about it, but I do know I found out about this forum through that App. @Magic 8 Ball, is there some etiquette I am missing here?

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic No, I don't think OP's car needs service. There are many things that can contribute to low efficiency and some of these factors are mentioned in the posts above. Temperature is another major factor that I mentioned in my post and I'm sure you are aware of it.
I'm a Tesla enthusiast and owner. App development is by no means by day-job (I'm a machine learning engineer). No one really needs an app for Tesla. the car operates just fine without an app. Apps are useful for those who want do know more data about the app and do more with it. I give the OP more credit as an adult who managed to buy a Performance Model 3 to decide for himself what he needs and what he does not.

Let's not be too aggressive towards each other and treat each other with respect that we all deserve.

ST70 | 26. Dezember 2018

@will- what is your wh/mile?

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

@ccfiiimd First off I am not a forum cop, just expressing my personal opinion. There is another thread, about the app, which I do not object to but reaching out into other threads with an unsolicited app pitch crosses my personal line. I really don't want to see everyone doing unsolicited product pitching here which, IMO, would take away from owners and the curious helping each other with tribal knowledge and understanding that can be achieved without needing a tool.

efuseakay | 26. Dezember 2018

Chicago here, somits cold. Here’s what I do.

Go to bed with car charged to 70%. As soon as I wake up, I charge to 80% (or as close to it as it gets when I leave). I also set climate to 78 degrees.

When driving I set fan speed to 1 and temp to 69 degrees. AC and recirc. off. Vents set to floor and face.

20-40 miles a day, and my average Wh/mi is in the 250-270 range when I make it home with a Performance optioned 3. By no means do I take it easy either.

highwater | 26. Dezember 2018

I think his recommending his app is a lot less offensive than the bitching about him doing it is. It is a pretty good app and it is not a scam that requires a warning so all are free to choose for themselves. I am glad I was offered the app on this forum, I like it.

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

Each to their own.

Happy holidays!

#shameless app pitch

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic I see where you are coming from. I certainly don't mean to spam and I always refrain from commenting unless I have something useful to say. My posting the histogram of efficiency and correlation between temperature and efficiency was attempts at contributing and helping OP.

aasandsas | 26. Dezember 2018

@Magic 8 Ball - Do you add any value other than being an armchair warrior with low level understanding of Tesla ? You are way past your prime to provide any valuable guidance to anyone in this forum. Goodbye.

dwilker60 | 26. Dezember 2018

over the last few weeks my commute 23 miles each way is consuming 75-80 miles I was assuming it was the cold weather

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

@StatsApp Like I said I did not object to the other thread. I could be a schill setup but it did not look like predatory spam to me. Let's help the OP understand the variables without complicating things.

Variables (not in any particular order):

Ambient temperatures
Climate control
Elevation Change
Road Condition (dry, wet, icy)

What else?

kevin_rf | 26. Dezember 2018

I live in MA with a 100ish mile commute each day. With cold weather setting I'm losing 3 miles of range for every 2 miles driven.

When it was warmer, I was able to meet the expected mileage if i kept it under 75. Now that it is colder, not so much.

The meter reading for the in October was 610 kwh, 680 kwh in November, and my December reading was a whopping 850 kwh!

I drive rightly 30k miles a year, with previous cars I religiously tracked the mileage, it makes a nice sin wave, dipping during the winter and going up in the summer. I have a nice sin curve going all the way back to 1992. Doesn't matter if it's an ice, hybrid, or ev. Winter steals range from all vehicles.

kevin_rf | 26. Dezember 2018

I live in MA with a 100ish mile commute each day. With cold weather setting I'm losing 3 miles of range for every 2 miles driven.

When it was warmer, I was able to meet the expected mileage if i kept it under 75. Now that it is colder, not so much.

The meter reading for the in October was 610 kwh, 680 kwh in November, and my December reading was a whopping 850 kwh!

I drive rightly 30k miles a year, with previous cars I religiously tracked the mileage, it makes a nice sin wave, dipping during the winter and going up in the summer. I have a nice sin curve going all the way back to 1992. Doesn't matter if it's an ice, hybrid, or ev. Winter steals range from all vehicles.

kevin_rf | 26. Dezember 2018

Arrg, the dreaded double post

efuseakay | 26. Dezember 2018

@aasandsas No. He doesn’t.

StatsApp | 26. Dezember 2018

@efuseakay lol

Magic 8 Ball | 26. Dezember 2018

Happy Holidays!

"Let's not be too aggressive towards each other and treat each other with respect that we all deserve."

#shameless app pitch"

Eazyndn | 26. Dezember 2018

I’m a rare poster, but follow the forum when I can. I get both sides of the discussion, but here’s my unbiased take:

1. Magic 8 ball sometimes can be helpful if the OP has a legitimate issue, but not critical.

2. He can also be pretty nasty

3. Having said that, @Stats reply was appropriate, but should not have posted the link. Maybe next time @Stats can be helpful without any links to the App.

Happy Holidays everyone.

kaffine | 26. Dezember 2018

I have a rear wheel drive with long range battery. I drive between 70 and 80mph depending on section of freeway and the majority of my commute is on the freeway.

In the summer I was using ~210 miles of range for a 170 mile commute + 11 hours of it sitting not plugged in.

Now in the winter I am using ~240 miles of range for my 170 mile commute + 11 hours sitting not plugged in. I try to prewarm my car 30 minutes to an hour before I leave in the morning as well as upping the charge limit so the battery will warm up a bit before I leave. I don't always remember though.

The temps are just starting to drop to a low of 32ºF with highs in the 50s.

dgstan | 26. Dezember 2018

> i kept it under 75

How do I do that?

Bighorn | 26. Dezember 2018

Are you trying to achieve your rated miles in one trip or over several days? Winter driving can degrade range by 20-40% depending on temps and distances. Don’t even try to use your range like a fuel tank meter—there are losses from battery management and vampire losses. You should be charging every day if that’s an option.

I concur that StatsApp shouldn’t be whoring out a link. Particularly egregious during the holiday season, but I guess it’s paying the bills.

kevin_rf | 27. Dezember 2018

@dgstan EAP helps a fair amount, true, you blink and you are doing over 90... But it's all about going light on the gas pedal, staying out of the left lane, and being chill.

(Speed will vary)

billtphotoman | 27. Dezember 2018

@M8B has the variables down but one thing to keep in mind is wind resistance goes up with the square of the combination of speed + head winds. Combined with colder denser air this could easily explain a 50% range hit. Going 80 MPH or 70 MPH into a 10 MPH headwind in sub freezing air temperatures could easily produce 150 miles of range.

meni | 27. Dezember 2018

Upgraded from a RWD M3 to a P3D+ and the new car definitely has worse range - as is also reflected in EPA ratings. I usually get 350 wh/mi in the AWD while I got closer to 300 on the RWD. This is driving with AC, heat, and a heavy foot in LA and surrounding areas - which have uneven elevation. Mind you LA ‘winter’ is a factor with the new car since I got it in Nov, so I guesstimate the AWD draws 20-30 more wh/mi than the RWD.

derotam | 27. Dezember 2018

@Will, So as others have said, you can really only look at your actual range vs rated range over a single continuous trip. That is a little over simplification but it is the best way to more accurately gauge how you are using your vehicle and what you can do to improve efficiency if you can in your scenario.

I am also in Northern Virginia. The question has already been asked, what is your Wh/mi you are seeing? This is an important question for us to even start to attempt to help you.

What is your daily commute look like(1-way miles), highway/city, stop and go. Also because of the weather right now when you first leave, how soon are you getting to the highway if you are at all?

Without further information the recommendations I could say would be to schedule your charge so that the car is still charging when you leave in the morning. Also, preheat the car using the App for at least 10 min or so while still plugged in before you leave.

Speed(air resistance) is a big enemy, definitely stay below 75mph.

will | 27. Dezember 2018

Thank you all for the help! To answer some questions, my wh/mi is around 350-450. Since I got the car a few weeks ago it has always been cold, high 40's/low 50's during the day, low 30's at night. I was not preheating my car or scheduling my charge. Would you recommend that I schedule a charge every night for about an hour before I leave? I will also make sure to turn the heat on while charging about 30-60 minutes before I leave. My commute is 3 miles on high speed road (55mph) with lights, 10.5 miles highway, then 2 miles low speed roads. On the highway I usually drive around 70-80 mph. I also drive with "sport" on all the time. Even if i'm not using "sport"s full capability is it still draining my battery more so than if I use "chill"?

I appreciate everyone's comments! You guys have given me a lot of incite so far.

derotam | 27. Dezember 2018

Out of order response... Sport vs chill doesn't really matter unless you are driving sporty. So you have a 15 mile commute which is EXTREMELY "bad" for your Wh/mile rating in a non pre-warmed car. The heater is over 4kW so you are maxing out your heater usage for a good part of your short drive.

Yes i would definitely schedule the charge. I am going to work on looking at charge time needed to keep the snowflake away and maintaining full regen but I haven't gotten to it yet. You scheduling the charge for an hour befor will definitely help. If it doesn't give you full regen capability, you might need to reduce the charge rate a bit to get a longer charge time.

I don't think you need to turn on the heat for an hour though, even 30 min seems a bit long as long as you are scheduling your charge time. I am doing a 3.5 hour charge at ~19Amps and pre-heating about 10-15 minutes prior(with seat heaters just to help heat up all the cold surfaces inside the car).

globalMan | 27. Dezember 2018

Let me suggestion an optimal way to resolve the "war" between StatApp and Magic:

Give all the forum members the App for free, for a limited time of course.

That way, Magic would be less inclined to call out "#shameless app pitch", while StatApp can really say "...attempts at contributing and helping OP" and go back to its full price after say a week (or longer). And the OP obviously also got helped. A win-win-win situation.


Bighorn | 27. Dezember 2018

Agree—pre-charge battery and 5-10 minutes of climate heat before departure. Your outlet power will determine how much this helps. Use seat heat to reduce need for blowing heat—uses about 99% less power!

Magic 8 Ball | 27. Dezember 2018

I say let's not turn the forum into a flea market with free samples.

derotam | 27. Dezember 2018

If my incandescent light stops working, my first step isn't to hire an electrician.

OP's post has not so far warranted any 3rd party app to figure anything out.

meni | 27. Dezember 2018

Disregard the developer’s spam. I have the Stats app and it’s not at all required to help diagnose your concern. It’ll just confuse you and offend your eyeballs (green-blue-gray UI, yikes). Tesla’s main screen consumption app and odometer offer more granular info on the all important wh/mi. Hope Tesla integrates those consumption features into its phone app at some point. Also do a google search on elevation maps since any upward incline negatively affects power consumption. Finally track the weather and your A/C behavior.

thedrisin | 27. Dezember 2018

I stopped looking and being too obsessed with watching the Wh/mi. I average 290, hasn't changed. I plug it in routinely every evening. I like the cabin a comfortable temperature and drive to enjoy the ride. Have fun, don't worry!