Love my Model 3 = Get Model Y for Wife

Love my Model 3 = Get Model Y for Wife

I am looking forward to the Model Y reveal. The plan is to reserve a Model Y for my wife. When they come up with a newer model, plan to give my Model 3 to my son and get a newer one for myself. Thinking within 5 years, the whole family will have a Tesla.

terry.k.morrow | 09. Januar 2019

Your plan sounds a lot like my plan -- though my son won't drive for another 10 years.

degnan78 | 09. Januar 2019

I hope to do the same for my family, especially if the Model Y has a third row and captain's chairs in the second row.

coleAK | 09. Januar 2019

^^^ isn’t the Y supposed to be a 3 sized crossover? The X has a 3rd row and capt chairs and is 9” wider and 14” longer than the 3

alienranch | 11. Januar 2019

coleAK - correct. It's based on the M3 platform.

neylus | 11. Januar 2019

Yep, the model Y is another ace up-the-sleeve in waiting for Tesla. My wife can't wait to replace the x3.

hokiegir1 | 11. Januar 2019

We're planning a Model Y as well, assuming it can tow small loads (trailer with home repair type supplies). We aren't overly concerned about seating capacity. The X would be sufficient, and if the Y doesn't work, we'll consider a used X -- but we much prefer the 3-basis to the S/X currently.

MNGreene | 11. Januar 2019

or how about: Love my Wife = Get Model Y for Her :)

inconel | 11. Januar 2019

Or maybe: Love Model Y = Get it "for" my wife

roxybalboaguy | 11. Januar 2019


gcklo | 11. Januar 2019

Same here.

TeslaMarque | 11. Januar 2019

Only kidding here but I would love to see the Tesla Model Y NOT; put boosters on the sides, w a 60 battery so it’s as light as possible, and hop it around like a bunnY. I would buy this in a heartbeat!

howard | 11. Januar 2019

Will trade the Q3 for the Y as soon as we can.

slingshot18 | 11. Januar 2019

My wife is hoping the Y is a good replacement for her QX60. My son has already claimed my 3 but he's only 2 years away and I'm not sure I'm going to be willing to let him have it that soon.

drhelmutroth | 11. Januar 2019

LOVE my 3. Don't understand why my wife wants a Y.

bj | 11. Januar 2019

How about not giving your kid a car? Make ‘em work for it. I worked for my first car. My parents didn’t even guarantee the loan, or make a contribution, which they easily could have. Taught me the value of hard work and money real fast.

-Nik- | 11. Januar 2019

If my referrals continue, we will be at the unveiling of the Y, and putting a deposit down on the wife’s. :)

kiwank | 14. Januar 2019

bj: Yeah I thought the same thing before I had kids. I grew up poor in a trailer court and earned money by working hard. I was a busboy at age 13 and had two paper routes by age 15. I also joined the Army at 18. I thought I would not spoil my kids but looks like I didn't do a good job. Right now their job is excelling in school and other activities. Some of it paid off already with college scholarships. My youngest will be a National Merit Scholar this year. I have thrived by learning my lesson from being poor but I had a hard time giving my kids the same lesson.

gballant4570 | 14. Januar 2019

Many parents want to make life easier for their children than it was for themselves. The danger? They might succeed.

I see it in my own family - my Dad favored his youngest son, gave him everything. Didn't give the rest of his children like that. Now Dad is gone, and my younger brother expects the same from me......I inherited Dad's heart, but its not as soft.....

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for life....

But back to the OP - I am waiting for the pick up. Could be the Rivian, but more likely the Tesla. The recent Rivian talk is making me anxious to see the Tesla prototype - and I'm not talking about the mini-semi......I got no interest in that.

M3BlueGeorgia | 14. Januar 2019

They call that the Model X :-)

As far as anyone can tell the Model Y will be a derivative of the Model 3, probably similar in size and shape to the BMW X3, so no third row of seats.

jimglas | 14. Januar 2019

EM has tweeted that MY will have a 3rd row of seats
No specific mention of legroom

jpyang | 14. Januar 2019

What's a reasonable expectation for Model Y's range? 310 miles still will be a big disappointment for me.

billtphotoman | 14. Januar 2019

My wife is already hinting to me she may want to trade in her Leaf for a model Y. Fortunately the shortest range version would be fine since her 150 mile Leaf offers more range than she needs to toodle around town.