Tesla is discontinuing 75kWh battery pack for Model S and Model X starting next week...

Tesla is discontinuing 75kWh battery pack for Model S and Model X starting next week...

Get ready for substantial price increases on the S and X...

efuseakay | 09. Januar 2019

Batteries are getting cheaper.

Bighorn | 09. Januar 2019

Price increase on what, specifically?

mrburke | 09. Januar 2019

This is a good sign. Hopefully the S's and X's batteries will be of the new design coming out of the Gigafactory.

lbowroom | 09. Januar 2019

Well if the new model has 100 for the price of the 75..... Woo-hoo!

minervo.florida | 09. Januar 2019

I see the new 2170 with about 335 range and 400 range, all near current prices.

RES IPSA | 09. Januar 2019

Probably moving the standard to 100 kWh and then the new P150D (150kWh)

Makes sense... hard to justify such a price difference between the AWD Model 3 and the Model S with the same sized battery

lbowroom | 09. Januar 2019


kevin_rf | 09. Januar 2019

While I'm happy with the pack in my Model 3, upgrading the Model 3 LRB to 250 kwh would tempt me to upgrade ;-)

lbowroom | 09. Januar 2019

250? Roughly triple the battery size? Fill the trunk and frunk space?

Madatgascar | 09. Januar 2019

They seem to have found room in the new Roadster...

lbowroom | 09. Januar 2019

The space for 200 was designed in, not found after the fact...

RES IPSA | 09. Januar 2019

I would assume slight design changes coupled with new battery technology will increase battery output

ODWms | 10. Januar 2019

The Verge says pricing will be $18k more expensive.

wiboater4 | 10. Januar 2019

Maybe there just wasn't that much demand for the smaller battery.

jimglas | 10. Januar 2019

probably to simplify production line

efuseakay | 10. Januar 2019

Elon also tweeted they are doing away with the 75/100 etc method of naming as well.

Bighorn | 10. Januar 2019

The price isn’t going up. The cheaper option is going away.

burdogg | 10. Januar 2019

We know nothing on price...other than what we see today. For all we know - Tesla demand lever - get more people on the fence for an S and X to buy now (those on the fence usually on the fence due to price, so lower price going away - better buy while I can) ...only to in a month or less, drop the price on the bigger battery to then pull that demand lever for those that want more range but don't want to pay the price it is now.

Nothing new here for those that have been around...

ODWms | 11. Januar 2019

I wouldn’t be surprised if the pricing comes in lower than what’s being said. As technology increases, their manufacturing costs tend to drop leading to lower consumer pricing. This has been the case with Tesla before. They tend to to a good job in passing those savings on to the customer.

Tcloutier5890 | 11. Januar 2019

Maybe Tesla will open up a little more speed on the non performance 3’s now that there is a bigger gap between the S and 3? Also ,with BMW’s new models the edge is lessening. How about it Tesla?

mrburke | 11. Januar 2019

Trust me. Tesla is not walking away from the "lower end of the high end" EV market. There will be two different ranges available at price points similar to what they are now.

burdogg | 11. Januar 2019

agreed - demand levers :)

I don't think though that they will be dropping the 0-60 on the performance model 3 - just my opinion. Want more speed, pay more...get the S.

drhelmutroth | 11. Januar 2019

My decision to buy a Tesla now instead of later was based on the tax credit. Wouldn't it be stupid to pay $7.5k + tax for the same car just a little later. If I didn't buy it with the tax credit, I couldn't buy it for quite some time. Tesla played into this fear and then dropped the price by $2k on Jan 1. I no longer believe in 'buy now or lose'. I am glad that I fell for it. LOVE my 3. Always looking for an excuse to drive.

burdogg | 11. Januar 2019

drhelmutroth - true - but you still made out better than if you had waited... 2k drop does not make up for $3750 lost tax credit :) - You still came out with a $1750 plus :) So yes, sometimes buying before a change is better...but there are times it is not - you never know.

Teslanene | 11. Januar 2019

If they keep dropping the price on the mid range I wonder if they will discontinue it since it will be close to the standard battery price.

drhelmutroth | 11. Januar 2019

@burdogg I was driving an Infiniti G35 worth $8k. My rule of thumb is 1% deprecation per month. Depreciation of the 3 is $600 more per month. It would have been cheaper to keep the G35. Not that I have any regrets. If I have any regrets, it is that I missed out on getting the P3D-. I ended up getting the AWD instead. Fast enough by objective standards, I would have liked to pay $11k for the bragging rights.

Raffim | 14. Januar 2019

Base Model S is now $82,250 and Base Model X is now $85,450.

billtphotoman | 14. Januar 2019

I like several others think higher range model X/Y are coming followed by a price drop in the 100 kWh X/Y. If they price the 100 kWh X near the I-Pace / E-Tron and Mercedes BEV CUV they would have a huge range advantage over those competitors.

drhelmutroth | 14. Januar 2019

Cheapest S configuration that I can find is $94k. Cheapest X is $97k.

jimglas | 14. Januar 2019

MX is now $20k less than what I paid 1 year ago.

lbowroom | 14. Januar 2019

Raffim is quoting the price after rebate and gas savings.