Steering wheel warmer

Steering wheel warmer

Wondering if and how to get this and if all AWD 3 are set up to make this happen -

squashsilver | 11. Januar 2019

Just wanted to see if anyone has been able to get this - and how- with the recent update - my version is 2108.50

lbowroom | 11. Januar 2019


gballant4570 | 11. Januar 2019

set fire to your steering wheel - disclosure, its a one time use only feature..... maybe twice if you're careful.

CharleyBC | 11. Januar 2019

@gballant4570: It is not cool to make me laugh out loud at the office!

lbowroom | 11. Januar 2019

What made you think it was available on the 3? There's no hardware for it, has never been offered. Software can't fix that.

gballant4570 | 11. Januar 2019

CharleyBC, sorry for my obvious indiscretion.... in my own defense, I am retired. I no longer spend time in offices - at least not my own.....

RES IPSA | 11. Januar 2019

I place on my hands on the wheel, and after a minute or two, the wheel warms up where my hands have been placed. Works every time since I am considered a warm blooded animal

RES IPSA | 11. Januar 2019

But if that first 1-2 minutes is unbearable, I have heard gloves can help...

Sunergy-NJ | 11. Januar 2019

My 3 is in repair for a failed steering wheel column module - the wheel doesn't move in and out, only up and down - and the BMW X2 (uses this smelly liquid to operate) has a heated wheel. I am already spoiled, but I'd much rather be in my Model 3.

Sunergy-NJ | 11. Januar 2019

Sorry, the BMW is a loaner from Springfield Tesla.

wiboater4 | 12. Januar 2019

I live in a cold place and have never felt the steering wheel on my model 3 was to cold. Heater is not needed.

njchillie | 12. Januar 2019

@RES IPSA Wearing gloves increases the time it takes for the wheel to warm up where you place your hands!

spc737 | 12. Januar 2019

The theory with electric cars is that, since the heater uses a lot of energy, you keep the cabin cool and warm yourself with the heated seats and wheel, thus maximizing range. This works very well with my Volt but I don't think it's a big deal with the Tesla since the battery is so big. Just warm up the cabin until you're comfortable and live with slightly less range.

agoraya | 12. Januar 2019

Heated steering wheel is not going to be available in a Model 3 because the wheel has embedded sensors that detect the heat of human hands for nag warnings regarding proper hands-placement on the wheel for that EAP feature.

Magic 8 Ball | 12. Januar 2019

@agoraya Oh, really? (eating popcorn)

gballant4570 | 12. Januar 2019

spc737, especially pre-warming the cabin as you run a battery heating pre-drive charge in cold weather while plugged in, preserving range. Then there is no temptation to set fire to the steering wheel.

I've also re-heated the cabin in cold weather on interim stops while not plugged in - but that does steal range. That introduces a use for those level 2 charges we see in store parking lots - plug in in cold weather to use shore power for pre-warming, and actually coming out ahead on range preservation. When available of course....

hokiegir1 | 12. Januar 2019

@agoraya - That's not how that works. That's not how ANY of this works.

rdavis | 12. Januar 2019

Where do people get this info from... @agoraya, you may need to do some research ;)

Chris.beeuwk | 12. Januar 2019

Here in Maine I awoke to below zero temps today and a heated steering wheel would be a warm touch.. We have a Volt with this feature and wearing gloves seems to spread and conserve the warmth. I wish it was included in my new M3; a nice compliment to the delicious heated seats! But it's also true there's plenty of cabin heat should I call for it. Only in my second week of ownership and still getting used to this fascinating car. :-)

gballant4570 | 12. Januar 2019

Chris.beeuwk, you will soon find the value in both a pre-drive battery heating charge and a pre-drive cabin heating period.....

jithesh | 12. Januar 2019

It helps little bit if you keep heater on for 15-20 mins, steering wheel wont get hot but it wont be that cold.

I just use gloves.. those help a lot.

lbowroom | 12. Januar 2019

Now that the op knows the steering wheel isn't heated, can we let him figure out how to keep his hands warm himself?

agoraya | 12. Januar 2019


Agreed that's not how any of it works. Was just a tongue-in-cheek comment in the same vein as setting fire to the steering wheel (not). I must confess I wished there'd be a heated steering wheel included in all Tesla cars shipped to and sold in colder climes, as I can't think of a reason why not, particularly as the Model 3 made it to being the best selling luxury car.

Sparky | 12. Januar 2019

I agree that the lack of a heated steering wheel was a cost saving oversight on the part of Tesla, especially given that the recommendation in colder climates is to reduce cabin heat and utilize seat heat in order to maximize efficiency. That, plus the warm floor from battery heating makes a cozy cabin with the slight annoyance of a cool steering wheel on long haul trips in the cold. But I'll add the half degree too cold steering wheel to my list of first world problems in my life and I won't let it affect my Tesla grin as I'm driving in the snow.

Cactusone | 12. Januar 2019

How about an after market steering wheel heater for all you guys?

kcheng | 12. Januar 2019

I think the OP was confused because some of the updates seem to imply that the steering wheel has heat, but since it doesn't specify S, X vs 3, it's possible some people get confused.

gballant4570 | 12. Januar 2019

I laughed at the idea of heated seats, until I got to know about the efficiency of said heated seats compared to cabin heating. I doubt I'll reach that point with heated steering wheels though.... I always said that glove weather was less than 10 degrees F, Now that I'm a senior citizen, I'm willing to relent to 15 degrees,,,,,

terminator9 | 12. Januar 2019

I have it in my BMW which does not have remote start. After using it for the first 5 minutes it gets too hot and I have to turn it off as the warmth of the hands also contributes. In M3, I preheat for 5 minutes from my phone and the wheel does not feel "cold" when I get in the car.

earle | 13. Januar 2019

@Cactusone - wouldn't that product interfere with the EAP detecting that you'd put your hands back on the steering wheel and applied pressure?

efuseakay | 13. Januar 2019

Just pre-heat the cabin.

SalisburySam | 13. Januar 2019

Some folks, including apparently @earle, still believe that grabbing the Model 3 steering wheel is needed to avoid or cancel the AutoPilot nags. This has nothing to do with it. The steering wheel has to be torqued, or pressure applied as if to turn the wheel, to address the nags. No pressure needed. Thus, the add-on steering wheel heater will have no impact on AutoPilot nagging.

kkallioj | 14. Januar 2019

A 10000 eur Kia Picanto has a heated steering wheel. I'm not paying 7 times that for a "luxury" car that doesn't have such a basic feature. Please fix it, Tesla!
No, gloves or pre heating aren't a fix.

terminator9 | 14. Januar 2019

@kkallioj - Who says tesla is going to add everything that Kia and other cars have that are cheaper than it? The 7 times cost is NOT going towards adding all the features that other cars have - it's going towards battery and engineering.

A boeing 747 costs 200 million plus and does not have heated seats as Kia Picanto. I am not buying it!