Call mic poor quality- different phone same result

Call mic poor quality- different phone same result

My voice has statics and poor quality from other side when I use M3 handsfree mic/speaker calls. I have a latest IOS for my iphone 7 and my wife has a iphone 6s. I even try different phone and all has a same problem. I called the service center and schedule a service but the technician called back and said dont waste your time there is no known issue and nothing to fix. I was hoping that someone from tesla come up with the solution or at least admit there are no way to fix this issue.

meratf | 12. Januar 2019

I was just wondering if no one can offer M3 owners the real solutions for this from Tesla.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 13. Januar 2019

Just spitballing here, but you said "poor quality from other side". Are you saying from the passenger seat the quality is poor? How is the quality from the driver seat?
My BMW had terrible quality from the passenger seat because the mic was in front of the driver. Noise canceling technology causes passenger voice to be partially canceled out. Same thing may be happening here for you.

meratf | 14. Januar 2019

No what I meant was the quality of the voice from other side of phone conversation. So the other party I am talking to always complain for lots of statics and poor quality and if I switch to my air pod everything become clear.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

Calls from our car come through clear.

TickTock | 14. Januar 2019

After seeing the thread, I polled the various folks in our household with whom I've spoken from the Model 3 and they all said that they didn't notice any issues with the sound quality. I have a Note9.

meratf | 14. Januar 2019

Magic 8 ball what kind of phone you have?
This might be isolated issue with iphone!

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

iphone 10

wiboater4 | 14. Januar 2019

works great with my phone . People I call hear me just fine. Galaxy S9+ and I had a cheap LG tracfone before that that worked also.

terminator9 | 14. Januar 2019

hmm.. I have this issue too. I have a iPhone XS. I have not tested with another phone. People who I call, although can hear me, say that it sounds like a AM radio where the voice is not clear. It is much clear if I directly using the phone (without bluetooth to the car). Also my other ICE car does not have this issue. If others don't have this issue, it could be hardware mic - might have Tesla look at it next time.

nttesla | 14. Januar 2019

I can’t hear my wife when she is in the car. Mic isn’t that great.

Augus | 14. Januar 2019

I don't think they have any noise cancellation on the mic for wind/road noise, so anyone you're speaking to gets to hear it all -- and on the highway, there is a lot! I didnt realize how bad it was until my wife was driving and I called her. You're almost better off using a seperate bluetooth headset if you need to be understood. My ford has active noise cancellation for the whole cabin, and it's wonderful, but I the M3 isn't equipped with enough mics for this.

On slow roads in the city, or while parked, it's perfectly clear -- just worse than many other cars while driving at speed. | 14. Januar 2019

@nttesla - Might be a plus :)

Those with problems, any chance you have an Apple watch too? There were some issues reported a while back that the watch/phone combo caused audio problems. I thought it was an Apple issue that had been fixed by Apple, but perhaps not.

A quick test would be to use your phone without the watch and see if the audio quality improves.

Augus | 14. Januar 2019

No apple watch -- but I have an Essential PH-1 and it causes the screen/UI to crash if I enter the car while speaking on the phone, and it's about a 75% chance that it won't transfer call audio at all (just silence on both ends) until I flip back and forth between speaker phone and bluetooth audio. Bluetooth music streaming is perfect though.

But I think this might be an essential phone quirk, as there aren't many of us, and other PH-1 users report similar bugs.

nickrfoster | 14. Januar 2019

I have an iPhone 8 and people I am talking to wonder why it is so hard to hear me. Does anyone know where the microphone is situated?

garretn | 14. Januar 2019

Same issue with my iPhone X and my wife has a iPhone 8. If we are driving over around 40-50 mph the back ground noise is so bad it's hard to have a conversation the person on the other end (not in the car) complains all the time.

The Tesla mobile service guy says he reflashed the bluetooth module but that didn't change a thing. We both have Apple watches but I have not tried disconnecting our watches to see if that helps.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

Wife has apple watch and iphone 10, works fine for us.

coleAK | 14. Januar 2019

I also agree the sound quality both in the car and on the other end is pretty poor. Same issue for all our iPhone’s: X, XR, XS, and 8. On both ends, the person using the car and the one outside on the phone. | 14. Januar 2019

Odd that all the complaints seem to only be with Apple phones, although some Apples seem to work fine. Anyone with Android phones have a problem?

holdthataway | 14. Januar 2019

I have the same issue as the OP. My phone is an iPhone X. People that I speak to through the car’s mic complain about the quality of the call. When I switch over to my phone mic, they can hear me much clearer. My voice recognition works flawlessly most of the time. Only an issue when making phone calls. It is very odd.

nickrfoster | 14. Januar 2019

Does anyone know where the microphone is placed?

meskipp | 14. Januar 2019

I recently took my model3 in for something else and asked about the sound quality for my iPhone8s. The technicians said the handsfree technology definitely works better on android devices. They also said the air coming from the vents when the heat/ac is on can create a barrier between the speaker and your voice.
Half the time I'm told I sound fine on the other end. There's no rhyme or reason to why it works when it works for me though. I was pretty disappointed by this. Other than that, loving the car.

slee0316 | 16. März 2019

Same issue with my iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. If I am driving my Model3 around 40-50 mph the back ground noise is so bad it's hard to have a conversation the person on the other end (not in the car) complains all the time. It's OK when the car is not moving. I had to put a headset in the car just in case.

The Tesla mobile service guy changed the mic but that didn't help.