Stranded on I70

Stranded on I70

So sitting on an offramp on westbound I70 in rural Martinsville, IL this afternoon on Saturday. Can't get a Lyft or Uber, AAA said that they can't get anyone to tow our Tesla Model 3, Tesla says they are trying but can't get anyone for maybe 3 hours, nothing really nearby, battey now down to 24%, freezing and snowing outside so have the heat running. now sitting at a gas station chatting with a zany and fun counter guy who also makes the pizzas. Finally got a call from Tesla, truck on the way in 3 hours, AAA calls back they finally found someone. 6 hours after getting a flat, which looks like it can't be repaired, were in St. Louis 152 miles away though thankfully towards our destination which is Denver Colorado coming all the way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Tesla service not open on the weekends here so have to wait till Monday, Tesla can't say if they have the Perrlli sotozero 3 tires in stock or not until the service center opens, nobody nearby carries that particular tire, tire rack can't ship until the middle to end of the week. Any suggestions to get back on the road? Just slap any old tire on or replace both front tires with all season or different brands winter tires? Could maybe pickup the correct tire in Denver at the tire rack distribution center when arriving there.

JAD | 12. Januar 2019

It is a standard size tire, so any cheap tire will get you home and should be available at any tire shop. The car might not handle optimally, but you should be fine to get somewhere for $100-200 until you have time to fix it correctly. Is the puncture so bad a fix-a-flat can can't get you on the road?

Good luck, flat tires are a pain with most new cars these days. Spares are just too heavy and take up to much valuable space for being used so rarely.

r368 | 12. Januar 2019

Same thing happened to me in a NEW BMW with horrible run flat tires. Long wait in a country bar (ok, that was fun), tow truck, cab, motel, dealer without the correct tires. I ended up at an independent tire shop with 4 new regular tires. Worked great until the rest of that wrappy car fell apart.

voytres | 12. Januar 2019

Couple years ago I've got a nail in tire. It was one of the most popular tire Michelin on one of most popular SUV Lexus RX. At the Lexus service center they said that because of nail angle the tire shouldn't be fixed and need to be replaced, but unfortunately they don't have it in stock, so they recommended replace it in nearby Costco. In Costco they said the same - most popular tire, but doesn't have in stock, checked all Costco's in 30 mile radius - not in stock, because so popular :D

After couple more different tire shops I've ended up in American Tire shop, the have the same verdict - most popular, should be replaced, not in stock. But their data base shows that tire in stock in shop about 40-50 miles away. So finally I found most popular tire for very popular car in 7th place and spend more than half of my day for that and about 150 miles.

Bay Area.

Shit happens.

Good luck!

ewd7 | 12. Januar 2019

I tried the green goop with the 12V inflator but the gash was too big, so called for a tow. They didn't have any spares in that rural off an area and no tire shops that were open even had 19" tires, long story only way to get winter tires for the performance version was through tsportline.

The_Flash | 12. Januar 2019

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Is the cut so big it can’t be patched with a cheap tire plug kit either?
If doable, I would go with that and be on the road.
I know Tesla always likes to replace the tire but if possible, I would just patch it myself and get going.

I know these have foam inside but I patched mine and put over 2000 miles on it without any issues.

Best of luck to you.

ODWms | 13. Januar 2019

Wow. A flat tire should never result in the kinds of frustrations, tremendous expenditures of time and money, and inconvenience listed here. I’ve mentioned here before I’ve been lucky that flats I’ve had over the decades have been easily fixed at roadside in just a couple of minutes. Thank goodness they’re such rare occurrences in the overall scheme of things, either way.

ewd7 | 13. Januar 2019

Well I'd plug it myself if it was on the tread but it's a gash on the outer tread/sidewall and that can't be patched. Plus no Jack. I've got the list plus with me so I'm going to see one tire shop that is open today otherwise stuck in St Louis until Monday. Thanks for the well wishes. This is the first problem in 12000 miles and two months of ownership that keeps me from driving it, it's been a blast.

k6rim | 13. Januar 2019

Just got first flat in many years. On my almost new M3. The good news was that I was near Tesla service and they were open (Saturday noon). The bad news was that I couldn't get Tesla on the phone for their roadside service. Fortunately, AAA to the rescue. Tesla service was courteous and pretty fast - but needs to do much better at promptly answering calls for roadside service.

ewd7 | 14. Januar 2019

Update toodayo n Monday morning. Went to the Tesla service center, great bunch of guys, they even used their private supercharger to give me some juice as I was down to 7%, unfortunately they can't touch aftermarket wheels from tsportline, they nicely put some pressure in the tire so I could drive 1.5 miles to a local tire shop and they replaced the tow hook cover that broke, because it breaks in half in cold weather when you remove it as instructed in the owner's manual. unfortunately in the Midwest nobody stocks winter tires and it'll take a week to get them. Tire rack has them but it'll be Wednesday or Thursday before they arrive so the only choice is to buy a cheap all season, drive to our destination in Denver Colorado where tire rack has a distribution center, pickup the new tire and have it mounted at a local tire shop. Total cost $180 for the temporary or disposable tire, then the cost to replace the tire.

ewd7 | 14. Januar 2019

Also beware tsportline, just called them and they have no road Hazzard warranty like your local tire shop does. I'll be sticking with a local tire shop in the future.

Bighorn | 14. Januar 2019

Had a sidewall gash from a Richmond pothole last week. Bought two new all seasons, because I was ready for 4 new winter tires which they didn’t have in stock. If I’d had AWD, they’d have insisted on 4. Got 2 new winters a couple days later in NY. Used my State Farm Roadside Assistance since I’m out of Tesla warranty.

ODWms | 14. Januar 2019

It’s surprising those places don’t stock winter tires. I’d think there’s be enough of a demand for them to do it.

ewd7 | 14. Januar 2019

I think most people just use all season tires for the occasional snow. I'm in more of a snowy area at home and where I tend to travel and plan to move to. Even tire rack is out in the distribution center so I'll have a new tire waiting in Denver on Thursday. Looking into getting over off those donut kits for the model 3 as I don't want to go through this again, has stolen 2 two days out of our vacation. Plus going down the road this morning, the car suddenly said cruise control disabled, stability controlsuspended, emergency braking suspended, regenerative braking suspended. Had to pull over to the side of the road, do a complete power down and power up, contacted Tesla service and they did a remote diagnostic and couldn't figure out what happened. Seems to be fine now so hopefully nothing else will happen on this trip.

howard | 14. Januar 2019

Tesla needs to improve their not our wheel policy!! You are on the road and need a repair and they refuse to help a customer get back on the road. That just stinks. If it a legal liability thing sign a waiver. I do it for a host of other issues.

howard | 14. Januar 2019

Tesla needs to improve their not our wheel policy!! You are on the road and need a repair and they refuse to help a customer get back on the road. That just stinks. If it a legal liability thing sign a waiver. I do it for a host of other issues.

rxlawdude | 14. Januar 2019

@howard, why should Tesla support non-Tesla wheels and tires?

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

Get AAA. It is not TESLA's problem if some cast-in-a-back-alley wheel screws up your day.

ewd7 | 14. Januar 2019

I had no problem with Tesla though you are much better off just going to a regular tire store for tire stuff than Tesla. They offered to pay part of my tow but AAA picked up the tab, long story AAA kept us out in the cold for for hours while they looked around for the cheapest tire company, first told us nobody could help us out that night, so when I asked them about basically telling us to camp out in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold in a snowstorm, they finally capitulated and found someone.

howard | 14. Januar 2019

I have never paid double for a set of winter wheels and tires. Besides Tesla did not have them available even if I had lost my mind. I have always bought good quality aftermarket wheels with either Nokian or Michelin snow tires. Never has Audi or GM even said a word about them being aftermarket. When I took my Bolt in for a software update I put the seat down and loaded the winter set in the car. Not only did they swap them out and reset the TPMS they did not charge me as a courtesy since I had to bring it in for the software update. Where do you think Tesla buys their wheels that makes them so superior? That’s right the same hand full of low cost mass producers everyone else uses.