Used to drive with 19" at 45lbs. Now I drive 18" at 40lbs.

Used to drive with 19" at 45lbs. Now I drive 18" at 40lbs.

Substantially different car.

Pros. Much smoother drive. About 3% better mileage. Less noise.
Cons. Handling and traction not as good as 19", but 18" handling and traction just fine for me. So not much of a con.

gballant4570 | 13. Januar 2019

I'm keeping 46-47 lbs in 18's. Pushes efficiency in a positive direction. The ride is still the smoothest I've ever had..... and I get the same comment from others. I have only been able to make the tires break traction on one occasion, on a 90 degree on a wet road. And that was very minimal.....

M3BlueGeorgia | 13. Januar 2019

Driving 18"s at 44 right now, maybe 43 depending on temperature.

When Spring gets close, I'll bleed off a couple of pounds to around 42.

jimglas | 13. Januar 2019

18" at 42#, just because

batmanasb | 13. Januar 2019

*psi not lbs. I was so confused reading this thread at first, thought you were talking about different wheel weights or something.

batmanasb | 13. Januar 2019

Also, Maryland weather is crazy. I prepped for the winter by inflating my tires to 44 psi when it started getting colder. But now they literally range anywhere form 42 to 46 depending on the day and how much I've driven.

jimglas | 13. Januar 2019

psi, my bad

ODWms | 13. Januar 2019

I’m at 50 psi hot, with the 20s, and the handling is out of this world. The ride is still nice and smooth and grip actually appears to have improved if that’s even possible.

This is the single best car I’ve ever owned, hands down.

ODWms | 13. Januar 2019

Oh, and, of course with the increased tire pressure, range is optimal.

helge | 14. Januar 2019

Hi,do anyone know if I can use my Winter Weels 19" from my Tesla S on a Tesla 3?

drbob | 14. Januar 2019

Inflated mine to 45 and the TPM’s show 42. I’m not bothering anymore with it. Ride, efficiency and handling just fine. Do you think 2-3 psi make an appreciable difference?

jforbes77 | 14. Januar 2019

Would a lower psi give better handling in the snow or is a higher psi better?

ODWms | 14. Januar 2019

I’d guess lower, only because I know that’s what we did when off roading. I’d imagine snow performance would be better too. I’m in Florida. The last I lived in snow was as a kid, so I couldn’t be more ignorant on the topic.

neylus | 14. Januar 2019

Run my 19's at 38 psi which yields a significant sharp impact reduction with zero loss in handling that I can tell. Of course, would bump back to 45 for road trips.

Artkush | 14. Januar 2019

Lasa168 (OP), can you please share your experiences and decision making in switching from 19" to 18".
I have 18" aeros (black car) and was thinking of going larger. The large fender gap drives me crazy and I'm trying to determine how much energy to expend in addressing it. Although the rolling diameter is the same for all wheel sizes, the appearance with the 19" is better IMO (I know the performace cars with 20s are factory lowered).

Having already considered lowering the car, I've concluded to pass on doing so for a variety of reasons.