Free M3 supercharging after fires?

Free M3 supercharging after fires?

I am curious if people impacted by natural disasters (like fires in California or hurricane Michael in the Carolinas) still have free supercharging after the holidays. It was a nice gesture by Tesla, hope they keep doing this (and providing full batter for software limited vehicles).

hughbie | 13. Januar 2019

The nearest Super Chargers to the Camp Fire that burned Paradise are in Corning, Mt. Shasta City, and the Sacramento area. Those are quite a ways out from the fire area. Chico has one in the works. I hope that Tesla extended that courtesy to owners in the affected area. There were a few Level 2 chargers, but no SCs in the immediate area. A few more SCs along the N California I-5 corridor would be really helpful.

beaver | 14. Januar 2019

I think it's a good gesture, but most people who have a Tesla probably can afford $0.26 per kWH that is half the price of gas per mile. I was included in the "SoCal fire impact" list due to my commute through burn areas. I am not complaining, just curious when my free supercharging will end. I don't use it much as I have 8 kW charging at home.

CST | 14. Januar 2019

Ideally, PG&E would comp the power for this, given they're responsible. BTW, SF Chronicle reported that they *are* filing for bankruptcy protection.