Base Model S is now $94,000 and Base Model X is now $97,000...

Base Model S is now $94,000 and Base Model X is now $97,000...

I wonder if this is only temporary and if a new battery range will be released soon and if so what the pricing structure will be...

Passion2Fly | 14. Januar 2019

Nope! Base Model S is $94,000 and base Model X is $97,000. You read the numbers after incentives...

jimglas | 14. Januar 2019

My MX is now $20k less than I paid 1 year age. Not complaining, just an observation.

Raffim | 14. Januar 2019

@Passion2Fly... wowsa, you are right! I missed that!

jacklondon413 | 14. Januar 2019

This price point is ridiculous at first glance, but I'd wait just a little longer before they announce some kind of new refresh for these models.

gmr6415 | 15. Januar 2019

Maybe they want to sell more 3s.

richardls | 15. Januar 2019

I think a few things could be going on here:
1. People who would have bought an entry level S will still buy a Tesla, either a higher end 3 or the 100D S. So, Tesla will lose very little sales while gaining operational efficiencies.
2. Soon, Tesla will likely introduce a new, larger battery for these vehicles, and the 100 will become the base (maybe with a price decrease). (They haven't limited a model to a single battery, and the 3 shows they are not abandoning that approach.) This makes more sense than this simply leaving it as all 100s for the foreseeable future, as the Y is not yet out and I don't think they are trying to forgo sales SUV sales at that price point until then.

jordanrichard | 15. Januar 2019

richardls +1 This is about economies of scale. The Model 3 is cheaper and faster to make than the S and definitely the X. By increasing the number of 3 purchased, that drives down the per unit cost even further which means they can then really turn up the heat and release the much anticipated $35K version.

jjgunn | 15. Januar 2019

jimglas | January 14, 2019
My MX is now $20k less than I paid 1 year age. Not complaining, just an observation.
Got mine end of June 2018 - it's about $10k less now. Seems about normal

jimglas | 15. Januar 2019

Agreed, My P3D is also about $10k less 6 months later. Tesla must be getting more efficient building their cars.

jjgunn | 15. Januar 2019

I look at it as us helping an American car company become profitable. No easy feat!

Plus I paid the $3k for FSD & I know you did too - Like...."Here Tesla....hold onto this $3k for me until you're ready to improve my car."

No other car company on the planet has even thought of doing this.

jimglas | 15. Januar 2019

I want the MCU upgrade, I was being selfish as I suspect it will cost more than that