HW3 computer

HW3 computer

How much will not having the HW3 computer devalue my car?

EVRider | 14. Januar 2019

No one can answer that. Why does it matter?

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

Biggly, sell it now and cut your loss.

JAD | 14. Januar 2019

It is an easy upgrade at any time. Just pay Tesla and they plug in the new computer. Unlike every other car company, you can upgrade without replacing the car in most cases, so it is a non-issue which computer you currently have. It likely will cost $1-2k more and delay your getting the upgrade by not buying now, but not a significant value difference.

sheldon.mike1010 | 14. Januar 2019

AMAZEU: If you purchased FSD when you ordered, you will receive this upgrade FREE.
They aren't changing cameras, just the computer. Can be done by Tesla Rangers when the time comes.

CST | 14. Januar 2019

@sheldon.mike1010 - did you manufacture the part about having Mobile Service do the swap? Because that's the first time I've heard that one.

sheldon.mike1010 | 14. Januar 2019

It's a drop-in replacement. Rangers exist for just this kind of service.

gmartinez84 | 14. Januar 2019
TeslaMarque | 14. Januar 2019

If someone was looking to buy your car right now, and they wanted FSD, which doesn’t have it. This would cost the buyer a total of $5k more regardless if you get it, or they do, the costs are $5k. So if said buyer was interested in buying your car today, they would offer you $5,000 less than you’re selling it for, as they’d need to pay a $5,000 upgrade to get the HW3.

No one knows what will happen in the future. But since you didn’t pay to unlock FSD (assumption) you’re not going to be charging for it, and it won’t affect you either way.

TeslaMarque | 14. Januar 2019

That doesn’t make sense, sorry it’s late and I’m tired. The buyer just has to figure that FSD is a $5,000 option if she wants to add HW3. If you already had HW 2.5, this could increase the value of your car by $5,000, but as far as I know, HW 2.5 doesn’t do a single thing as far as driving and owning the car is concerned, at least at the current time.

AMAZEU | 14. Januar 2019

I read that the newer M3’s will have the new computer. Without regard to FSD. That would seem to make the older ones less valuable. Like older iphones

Magic 8 Ball | 14. Januar 2019

Sigh, read the replies. Older cars with owners that paid for FSD will get the new computer with no extra charge. You cannot upgrade an iphone 8 to become an iphone 10.

EVRider | 15. Januar 2019

Since you can’t buy the HW3 computer yet, all you can do is buy FSD now to get the free upgrade later. There might be other future changes to the Model 3 that make it better than the current one. Like I said earlier, no one knows what’s going to happen later, so why worry about it now?