Software updates

Software updates

Good evening:

I just received the software update on my phone.

What happens next ? It took 45 minutes to download on my phone . What do I have to do to get the update to the car? I did not get the update directly on the car because of a low wifi signal in my garage.

Thank you.


rsotomayormd | 14. Januar 2019

Will the phone automatically send and install the update ?

rsotomayormd | 14. Januar 2019

Will the phone automatically send and install the update ?

sheldon.mike1010 | 14. Januar 2019

It probably is already downloaded into your car computer. It's the app telling you. Say yes on your phone or on the screen and wait 45 minutes. You need to trigger it.

lbowroom | 14. Januar 2019

Yeah, your're confused and misunderstanding something. The phone doesn't get the update and send it to the car. Once the car has the update downloaded, both the car and the phone notify you it's ready to install. Most updates estimate 45 minutes to install, but are usually faster. If you get in the car, the screen will ask to install now or schedule a time. You can also initiate from the phone. Perhaps you've already done that and that's the 45 minutes you're talking about.

sam | 26. Januar 2019

After the update, the dash-cam icon disappeared. I checked the USB memory card (128gb) on my computer and it is unrecognized. I tried every trick on the internet and was unable to make it work again. Did anyone experience the same?

sheldon.mike1010 | 26. Januar 2019

It's corrupted file system on the 128GB thumb drive. Place it into a computer that can format to fat32.
Create a folder named TeslaCam. I take mine out before doing updates, as it's happened a couple of times.

jjgunn | 26. Januar 2019

Get a better USB instead of the flea market cheapie for $2.

I went all out & paid $15 for (2) low-profile hi-speed USB 3 drives. I have no issues through multiple firmware updates. Haven't had to take the USB out since version 2018.42.2 - That was in Sept or October 2018 I believe.

Also, I'm using the passenger side USB port. Shouldn't make a difference just letting everyone know.

syclone | 26. Januar 2019

I'm away from home base and have no access to wifi. I stopped at a SC and told one of the service people. He noted down my VIN and told me that I should see the update in about an hour. Sure enough, in about an hour I received a notice in the car and on my phone that an update (2108.50.6 4ec03ed) was ready to install. This proves that Tesla doesn't necessarilly use WiFi exclusively for downloads.

apodbdrs | 26. Januar 2019

Using WiFi downloads quicker!

CST | 26. Januar 2019

I bet he said wait an hour because that's how long it took to download.

gballant4570 | 26. Januar 2019

I've gotten several software updates - currently on 2018.50.5. My car has never been connected to wifi.

syclone | 26. Januar 2019

@CST: You are right. But the point is that software will download over your LTE connection too. I'm glad I placed my order before July 1,2018 and have the added benefit of lifetime LTE. (That is until Elon decides to renege on that as well)