Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Purple CA HOV sticker waiting room

Timeline for me:
Jan 2 - send application to DMV
Jan 9 - DMV cashed the $22 check
Jan 15 - Received stickers in the mail (they are quite bright purple...I trimmed most of the white border off before applying!)

If you get yours, post your timeline for others to see.

Matinski | 15. Januar 2019

Thanks for the post. If the timeline holds, I should get mine next week.

kensyo | 15. Januar 2019

You are lucky. I also sent in on Jan 2. Check hasn’t been cashed yet.

Raffim | 15. Januar 2019

Can they be any uglier?

Alameda EV Guy | 15. Januar 2019

You are indeed lucky and one of the first! Congrats!

In SF Bay Area, estimated 40% are in carpool illegally...I’ve pushed it to 41% while I wait for my sticker.

...and yes, I’ve been checking my checking twice per day :)

one.more.again | 15. Januar 2019

Cool, thanks for posting. Prompted me to check my mail and there they were.

beaver | 15. Januar 2019

Wow I don’t mind my red HOV stickers so much now. Will we see more purple M3s now?

Why did they switch to purple from red in just a year? Makes no sense, what a hassle.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Januar 2019

Purple, Ha ha.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. Januar 2019

Those might look good on a Mary Kay Kar, Ha ha.

Alameda EV Guy | 15. Januar 2019

@epostby, the stickers are good for 3 years plus the year you get them. So, they have to have different colors every year for CHP to know the difference.

Red expires 2022, Purple 2023

EAPme | 15. Januar 2019

Waiting for mine too. Can't wait.

And yes, indeed, those stickers are ugly as sin. Oh well.

The red, green, and white stickers looks sporty, by comparison :)

voytres | 15. Januar 2019

These stickers (any color) that can even damage the paint - like old age. Will be better something else, or if stickers - on license plate for example.

lilbean | 15. Januar 2019

I like purple but those are hideous. It's worth one year less for the red ones, for me anyway.

Tuning In | 15. Januar 2019

I had the white stickers on a blue VW eGolf for 4 years and after removing them, there was zero trace that they were ever there. So that is complete speculative nonsense.

OCModel3 | 15. Januar 2019

I mailed my check on January 2nd from SoCal and it hasn't even been cashed yet. It must be in a sack on the back of a mule on the way to Sacramento.

JPPTM | 15. Januar 2019

I took a chance and mailed my app and check in early December with a note attached (with a copy of the CA DMV page with the purple sticker) and asked them to hold my app and issue me the 2019 stickers when they could. Check cashed 1/14. I assume I will see them in the mail in a couple of days.

OrhanBlue | 15. Januar 2019

Thanks for including a picture. Now I know what to expect. I mailed mine on 1/3/19. DMV has not cashed my check as of yet and today is 1/15/19.

RES IPSA | 15. Januar 2019

I mailed it on 12/31/18... sent a cashier's check, so won't know when they cash it. Nothing in the mail yet. I live in SD... the farthest away from SAC

RP3 | 15. Januar 2019

@REP IPSA - OP here and I'm also in San Diego. Was much quicker than I thought it'd be.

@Tuning In - I've heard both sides...good that you removed it without a trace. Maybe I'll just put them on without the clean cling. (anyone know how many times you can put the clean cling on/off? what happens when they don't stick any longer? Do you have to get new purple stickers since you would have already stuck them to the clean cling?)

RES IPSA | 15. Januar 2019

wow... now I am kinda worried there may be so sort of problem with my application

eric | 15. Januar 2019

Mailed them in 2-January, check not cashed yet.

lilbean | 15. Januar 2019

@RES Not to worry. Mine took almost two months.

RES IPSA | 15. Januar 2019


ken.lunde | 15. Januar 2019

I saw these new HOV stickers on a vehicle for the first time yesterday. It was a Model 3 in front of mine. Anyway, we received license plates for our second M3 on 01/10, and I mailed in our application on 01/11. Maybe by the end of the month. Our first M3 has the red HOV stickers.

chris.pribe | 16. Januar 2019

Sent my application in 1/5. Check not cashed yet.

cornellio | 16. Januar 2019

So ugly. Wish California would to get it together and give special EV plates like Hawaii does.

HKH | 16. Januar 2019

@RP3, When the decals have been affixed using Clean Cling, do you have to remove the decals when you wash the car, or can they stay on during the wash? Thanks.

dmastro | 16. Januar 2019

I sent my application the last week of December from Sac to Sac. Check hasn't been cashed yet.

I guess I'm in the minority but I don't mind the purple. As long as I can legally drive HOV, I could care less if they were rainbow, lime-green / hot pink checkerboard, or otherwise.

Alameda EV Guy | 16. Januar 2019

(speculation) even though DMV says they fulfill in “order received”, there’s probably a big bin with all the applications, and you are picked lottery style.

Wait...this sounds eerily similar to the T3 order / receiving process from 2018...

RP3 | 16. Januar 2019

@HKH - Not sure about the clean cling and washing. I don't have them yet and I'm trying to decide whether or not to order the clean cling or just put the beautiful stickers directly on the bumpers.

RES IPSA | 16. Januar 2019

I plan on using PPF film to apply the stickers. A lot of window tint places will do that for about $50 for all 4. I am only putting on two of the 4 stickers, so the guy told me he would charge me $30 to apply the 2 stickers with PPF.

RPM Tesla also has a PPF kit for the stickers as well for sale

CST | 16. Januar 2019

MSM, so I don't care about the color - it matches better than on other colors. LOLOLOL!!!!

patrick40363 | 16. Januar 2019

They should blend in well on obsidian black.

love2scuba | 17. Januar 2019

Mailed mine in on the Jan 2, check still has not cleared the bank as of 2 minutes ago. Yes, I look at least twice a day as well. Not looking forward to putting purple stickers it on my white MS but I am looking forward to the 20 minutes saved on my commute! Side note - anyone looked into the new electronic license plate. I believe it's still rich at $700 but you are suppose to be able to show an electronic version of the carpool sticker on it instead of the physical stickers. Hoping the eventually lower the cost to increase adoption.

rxlawdude | 17. Januar 2019

@Res, "I am only putting on two of the 4 stickers..."

I will not be surprised to see CHP doing an enforcement campaign for HOV abusers. While an argument can be made that the statute suggests decal (singular), it also states that stickers must be applied as directed. That means, sadly, all four.

Raffim | 17. Januar 2019

@love2scuba, that feature is not available yet, and was always advertised as possible coming in the future... I doubt it will be incorporated into the digital license plate personally.

RES IPSA | 17. Januar 2019

@RX... agreed. I am running a small risk of fix it ticket, meaning I spend some time at the traffic courthouse in Kearny Mesa asking a bailiff to come out and sign off on the correction to pay a $35 dismissal fee.

rxlawdude | 17. Januar 2019

@RES, I figure you're amply qualified to negotiate the court system. :-)

RES IPSA | 17. Januar 2019

Well, if you see a white M3 driving around SD with one purple sticker to the right of the rear license plate, you will know it me me... The other one will go on the side of the right front bumper

4barkie | 17. Januar 2019

I am clearly out numbered here. I applied for the stickers because they were purple!

phatngo | 19. Januar 2019

It probably is some lottery style processing, as I mailed mine in on Dec 20. I called yesterday just to see if they got it okay, and they said the special processing unit was currently working on applications that were received Dec 14. Maybe when you call, they automatically tell you they're currently working on applications received 1 week prior to the date you tell them you mailed it in.

lumberjack | 19. Januar 2019

I don’t know why the DMV can’t do things the easy way. This whole decal application and payment can be done online without any paper involved. Nobody would mind paying $23 instead of $22 for using credit card. All the data they need from us (license plate number, VIN, address, car model, etc.) is already on their computer systems. There is no discretion involved that would require a human to process. Yet, they waste our time and money doing it the way they do. It is annoying. Sorry for the rant :-)

dgstan | 19. Januar 2019

FWIW - I had yellow sticker way back when and the green ones that just expired. Each time, I put one sticker on the rear window and one on the rear side window. Drove like that in SoCal for years and years. Never once had a problem.

I also sent my application in on 1/2/19 and the check has not been cashed yet.

RES IPSA | 19. Januar 2019

@phatngo... thanks for the info

Alameda EV Guy | 19. Januar 2019

Happy to call as well. Would you mind sharing which # you called? Only # I see is the ARB sites. Of course will share what they say. Thanks

Flanmansd | 22. Januar 2019

Bump, want to keep this thread alive. Mailed application on 01/08/19 - Check not cashed yet.

Anyone else care to share - especially someone that has received their stickers. //Tks

mike | 23. Januar 2019

Nothing yet.. Mailed my application in on 12/31. Check still hasn’t cleared.

globe-z | 25. Januar 2019

I mailed my application on Jan 2,
still got nothing now....check hasn't cleared either...

That is real purple....

loiboi8 | 25. Januar 2019

Keep this thread alive!!!!

Check sent on Jan 2. Check not cashed yet. DMV special processing unit lazy af. I called and they said they are working on orders sent on december 24 of last year.

They wouldn't even give me status of my application. If anyone interested in calling to check and see if there's progress here is the number +19166578035

Please bug the shit out of them. I hate those fuckers.

loiboi8 | 25. Januar 2019

Keep this thread alive!!!!

Check sent on Jan 2. Check not cashed yet. DMV special processing unit lazy af. I called and they said they are working on orders sent on december 24 of last year.

They wouldn't even give me status of my application. If anyone interested in calling to check and see if there's progress here is the number +19166578035

Please bug the shit out of them. I hate those fuckers.

phatngo | 26. Januar 2019

So perhaps the dates they are giving in terms of how far along they are is actually accurate (except for those lucky few like OP). I sent mine in December 20. Checked was just cashed on 1/23, so I expect to be receiving the stickers before the end of next week.