California 2019 Insurance Rates up >20%!

California 2019 Insurance Rates up >20%!

I just got my Tesla insurance premium increased by 26% for 2019 (with GEICO) in California. I called and they told me that the insurance premiums have gone up in California in 2019 by a lot (lots of bad drivers, I guess...). Anyone else? It's not due to my family situation (no new drivers and no accidents or claims in the last 5 years!)...

Passion2Fly | 16. Januar 2019

And no changes in coverage or residence...

CST | 16. Januar 2019

My guess is you got the 'ole bait 'n switch routine.

This happens frequently where you'll get a teaser rate to get you to switch and then next period, "oops, rates are going up".

This is one reason I'm not leaving USAA for a cheaper short-term rate.

wildblue | 16. Januar 2019

Mine went up over 20% as well. Ameriprise through Costco. Still only a little over half what my old company wanted me to pay for the same coverage. A letter was included to say it was a California thing. I called and grilled the guy and that's all I got from him, too.

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

The reason it went up in California is because the huge amount of break ins occurring. People are using their car insurance to help cover the cost of the broken windows. This is why it is isolated to only California, because they decriminalized car break ins and the probability of your car being damaged is much higher. Insurance only increases with cost of living / risk goes up. It's also why they have risk management personnel who track the data.

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

Sorry, they decriminalized petty theft which resulted in more car break ins

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

My point about cost of living, was that typically rates only increase a few percentages to cover inflation. A huge increase is due to risk in one aspect of the car going up, and in your case Geico can actually itemize your quote so you can see how much goes where and where it actually increased.

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

Just make sure to have a previous year quote handy so you can compare.

RES IPSA | 16. Januar 2019

State Farm raised my rate by 4% for 2019... I live in San Diego

Teslanene | 16. Januar 2019

I guess depends where you live, no rate increase for me yet with Geico in northern Cal. Auto burglary and break ins are not common in my area.

RES IPSA | 16. Januar 2019

State insurance commissioner sometimes allows all companies to raise everyone's rates. I do not know if that is what has happened or not

Halbach | 16. Januar 2019

@Mabuck, Comprehensive coverage is a tiny portion of your total premium and not the reason. Most people have a $500 deductible so insurance is paying very little if anything to have those windows repaired.

CST | 16. Januar 2019

USAA - no increases yet... but my 6mo isn't up yet either...

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

Depends on your deductible, mine is 0. If theft is prevalent in your area insurance will undoubtedly go up, especially with the model 3 being a target

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

I’d certainly check to see if a $500 or $1000 comp deductible would reduce it 20% @OP

mabuck | 16. Januar 2019

I’d certainly check to see if a $500 or $1000 comp deductible would reduce it 20% @OP

Mrx50518 | 16. Januar 2019

I have Liberty Mutual and my premiums have not increased. I was a GEICO customer but LM was cheaper for my Teslas.

Khaotic | 17. Januar 2019

FWIW, my per-mile insurance dropped significantly when I replaced my 2012 Infiniti G37 w/ a 2018 Tesla Model 3. I don't feel like I'm paying a Tesla tax unless my previous car was insanely expensive to insure. :)

My current monthly rate in California is $42.75 base + $0.06/mi.

Depending on your commute, this could be significantly cheaper than Geico. You can get a Metromile quote here --

Note, their mileage tracker would normally plug in to your ODBII port. For a Model 3, they'll ship and adaptor, and you'll end up consuming your console's 12V output.

Garyeop | 17. Januar 2019

You actually believe insurance companies are paying for the hurricane, fire, and flood disasters over past 5 years? My home and auto have jumped. Everything. Basic rule of can't stay with a phone, insurance, or cable company. They are built in, never ending bills and they will increase rates of any faithful customer. Most people are complacent and won't change. You will be a richer person if you change every 2 years.

Passion2Fly | 17. Januar 2019

I tried today and I get 10% lower premium if I double my deductible from $500 to $1k.
I also got a quote from Costco Ameriprise and it's within 5% of my GEICO premium for same coverage.

I've been with GEICO for 10+ years. When I added my M3 to my policy the premium changed very little. However, the next annual policy renewal had the premium jacked up +20%... I've never seen this in the past! Each annual increase was very little, sometimes even a lower premium. I'm sure it has to do with Tesla. Repair bills are coming in very expensive and they're updating the premiums accordingly.

mabuck | 17. Januar 2019

10% is certainly worth looking at. More than likely it is something geico has discovered about the Model 3 and it’s just dependant on that car. I pay $78/month for full coverage for my model 3. No deductibles.

Shesmyne2 | 17. Januar 2019

CSAA went up maybe $100 annual from last year when we added the 3 and deleted the Mustang.

Still Grinning ;-)

Passion2Fly | 18. Januar 2019

Same for me, I pay $1000/year for my M3 with the new rate. That’s around $80 per month with $500 deductible and max liability to qualify for Umbrella...

lbowroom | 18. Januar 2019

Huh, I live in California and my insurance rates are unchanged.

dmanincali | 18. Januar 2019

Just checked my new rates (starting in February) from Ameriprise through Costco. My policy covers both a Model X & a Model 3. My aggregate rate has gone up 6.7%.

I don't think the break-ins/glass explain it because for my Model 3 what I pay for comprehensive has actually gone down but what II pay for collision and bodily injury have gone up. For my Model X comprehensive, collision and bodily injury have all gone up.

Also, total increase for the MX was 6.3% total increase for the M3 was 7%.

This is with a completely clean driving record. No accidents, tickets, or claims ever.

dmanincali | 18. Januar 2019

Also, not complaining at all. I pay less than $700 every 6 months for ensuring the two Teslas and this includes GAP/new car replacement coverage.

alvinw818 | 19. Januar 2019

Yikes. I have Geico also in California. I hope they're not raising across the board.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Januar 2019

Yeah, misleading thread title.

h2ev | 19. Januar 2019

I switched to Geico shortly before I ordered my Model 3 in New Jersey. Compared to my previous insurance it was 1/2 price with about the same coverage. What we're paying now with 3 cars including the Model 3 is the same as my previous insurance co. without the Model 3! Also, under the old policy it would be +$1200/yr when my son gets his driver's license. With Geico it'd be $500. This was a big factor in deciding to buy the Model 3.

I was quite skeptical seeing that offer, so I compared it to Ameriprise with Costco and they weren't even close to Geico's offering. I then got on the phone and asked the rep point blank if this is some teaser rate to get me to switch, to which she replied "we don't do that", as expected.

I'm up for renewal in a couple of weeks. It went up by $5 from a new surcharge. Let's see how long this rate holds..

Josephc618 | 19. Januar 2019

I would think most drivers $500 deductible are pretty standard for most unless they pay more for lower. From what I read, replacement for the rear small window is less than $500 parts and labor, why would people claim insurance?

Tuning In | 21. Januar 2019

I just received my renewal bill from State Farm. No claims, accidents, incidents, etc.

It went up from $1100 per year to $1800 per year. So it looks like the higher premiums will be the norm for this car. I did consider Ameriprise but a online area has yields comments and reviews of that company that are consistently scathing.

Passion2Fly | 21. Januar 2019

Is this for just one Tesla or for several cars?

Tuning In | 21. Januar 2019

This is for one car. We have two Model 3's with different renewal dates. The other car has almost the same premium so we are anticipating that it will increase as well.

slingshot18 | 21. Januar 2019

@mabuck Please quote your statement. I'm not arguing it, but please prove it.

Passion2Fly | 21. Januar 2019

Darn!!! Same for me with Geico... with the latest supercharging costs increase, these cars are definitely becoming more expensive to operate...

sbeggs | 21. Januar 2019

After 4 years insuring Model S with Amica at $170 per month in San Diego, this renewal cost $205 per month. Clean driving record, been with Amica 35 years.

Passion2Fly | 21. Januar 2019

Darn! +20% in one shot! Wow! What’s happening with the Teslas in CA?

sbeggs | 22. Januar 2019

10% increase is usually what prompts me to compare suppliers and switch, but in this case, I will probably call Amica and fiddle with the coverage.

ODWms | 22. Januar 2019

I’ve found that staying with insurance companies over a long period of time actually gets you higher rates. Insurance companies don’t value “loyalty,” and instead actually increase your rates over time. Shop around and you’ll likely find that you’ll get much better rates over time by changing companies every few years.

Tuning In | 22. Januar 2019


I was actually surprised that the rates were as low as they were. The new rates are about in line with what I was paying for a Porsche Cayman. Same price and performance. I don’t see any reasons for insurance companies to do any favors. They usually don’t.

n | 13. Mai 2019

Massive GEICO price increase! I have been a GEICO customer for 13 years with a fairly clean driving record. Model 3 was added to my policy in September 2018. My December, 2018 renewal premiums were relatively unchanged. However, for the June 2019 renewal, GEICO increased by premiums roughly 25%.

I spoke with a representative over the phone who told me the increase was applicable throughout California, which means I would expect others to be experiencing a similar price increase with upcoming renewals.

I will be pricing other insurers as I don't know if this is GEICO specifically or all insurers.

Mikael13 | 13. Mai 2019

I’m been with GEICO for over 5 years. No tickets/accidents for at least 7 years. I live in Northern California. My wife’s ‘13 Hyundai increased by 6%. First rate increase in 12 months, so I can confirm it’s not a 20% increase across the board. As far as my M3, I only picked it up March ‘19 (from a ‘11 BMW 335) so I don’t have a point of reference yet on this baby of mine.

One thing to note on your GEICO insurance is they sneakily added a coverage for new cars called Mechanical Breakdown coverage which is stupid, since M3s do not have an engine and the car is under warranty!! I immediately removed that coverage retro back to my effective date of car ownership change. No questions asked. Check your policies guys.

Mikael13 | 13. Mai 2019

.... and oh yeah, shop around. I did... and GEICO is still cheapest for me.

I wish I can apply for USAA but I ain’t no veteran. :-)

billstanton | 13. Mai 2019

AAA Nor Cal dittos. Ouch. Looking forward to seeing what Musk comes up with. After 40+ years with AAA, I would jump ship.

fazman | 13. Mai 2019

I have AllState and a P3D+ and two other cars. full coverage, umbrella coverage I think my rate is about $2k for 6 months. My rates actually went down acouple months ago... go figure and I'm in cali.

JustSaying | 13. Mai 2019

The US company Government Employees Insurance Company is better known as Geico is a car insurance company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

IntelSPE | 13. Mai 2019

Ameriprise increased mine by 30%. Criminals are roaming free in Cali due to libtard laws which in turn drive premiums higher.

fazman | 16. Mai 2019

Correction, i just got my June renewal. My $680/6 months jumped to $980/6 months. No accidents/tickets... infact my rate was suppose to go down instead.

At least I still get the FUSC

Fredvanngo | 16. Mai 2019

All insurance companies for Tesla in CA going up 20-40% in 2019. Mine with Geico is up around 33%. Waiting for Tesla insurance from Elon... hopefully!

andy.connor.e | 16. Mai 2019

Insurance companies will charge you whatever they think they can get from you. When i turned 25, my insurance company at the time tried to hike my rate up, which the opposite should happen. I shopped around and everyone but one agency offered me an even higher price than what my current company was going to hike me up to.

Dont marry yourself to an insurance company. They are just insurance. Always shop around and tell them what your current rate is and ask them to beat it. They will change your rates without warning and for no reason, simply because they can. Insurance is insurance, always remember that and always shop around every couple years. When you stick with one company for too long they may start to think you're a "loyal customer", and will stay with them even if they charge you more.

stockbandit91 | 16. Mai 2019

I'm in CA, just got my annual renewal for Mercury Insurance that starts in June, rate up about 4%, but so was our Honda Pilot. Still about $30 more a month than the CRV it replaced.