Close proximity sensors for very weird garage?

Close proximity sensors for very weird garage?

We recently bought a Model 3. It was slightly wider than our prior vehicle. However, it has proved a problem exiting and entering our garage. It's not a straight shot. We have to pull part of the way forward and then angle right to avoid a wall corner on the driver's side. When we straighten out, we can pull forward, but need to avoid a pillar on the passenger side of the car. We also need to be able to park as close as possible to the pillar to be able to easily get out of the car. There are many products that keep you from running in to the end of the garage, but we need something that will warn you when you are 1 - 3 inches from hitting something. Does anyone have any suggestions for a product?


jordanrichard | 18. Januar 2019

String and a tennis ball. Oldest trick in the book and it will even work during power outages......... :-)

EVRider | 18. Januar 2019

I use one of those laser parking guides (a double one for both sides of the garage). It won’t work in a power outage, but then again, neither will my garage door openers.

Shock | 18. Januar 2019

+1 for string and tennis ball Could also have something like a pool noodle taped into place and bump into that.

tomjohn3217 | 18. Januar 2019

I have worked for Tesla for almost 2 years (literally 1 week away from my anniversary) and got laid off today. I don't have much else to say except I'm extremely bummed out. I was an instructional designer for the global team, so I designed a lot of training for basically everyone. I'm heartbroken, and I feel lost. I loved this company more than I've every loved another. I guess I understand the rational, but still....I worked many 80+ hour weeks to get "essential" training out to people, and now that's done. For anyone else out there that is dealing with this, I appreciate you. This is one of the most difficult times of my life. I really thought I had found the company I would grow old with.