Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives

So i am active duty military stationed in North Carolina but state of residence is technically Maryland because that’s where i enlisted, I ordered my Tesla in North Carolina and it’s registered in North Carolina i know Maryland has a 3,000$ tax incentive on top of the federal tax credit does anyone know if i qualify because i still pay taxes in Maryland but the car is registered in North Carolina?

jordanrichard | 19. Januar 2019

Being retired AF myself I can add some insight into this. I don’t see Maryland giving you anything for a car they don’t know exists. Since you aren’t maintaining your MD registration, your Tesla doesn’t exist to them.

stevenmaifert | 19. Januar 2019

A little Google research shows that this is an excise tax credit which appears to be the functional equivalent of sales taxes collected in other states. If you didn't pay the Maryland excise tax when you purchased the car, then I don't think you would qualify regardless of which state you claim as your home of record. Some links: