Wattage of Tesla's Solar Panels

Wattage of Tesla's Solar Panels

Hi Everyone,

I was wanting to know what the highest wattage per solar panel does Tesla provide? I saw a youtube video where the person said 325W was the highest the offered. Is this true?

Also, what are SRECS? In my Tesla quote, they offered to buy mine for about $500 but some recommend that I not sell them to Tesla. I am not familiar with what they are or their significance.


acegreat1 | 19. Januar 2019

Yup 325w each panel. If you have limited roof space other companies have as high as 370w panels

acegreat1 | 19. Januar 2019

Me I have 44 Tesla panels on my roof

Patrick | 19. Januar 2019

Lots going on with SRECs - google search

leonjjohnson10 | 19. Januar 2019

No, 325w panels are not the highest wattage. I just had my tesla solar system installed and I was upgraded to the higher solar panles. 400w is the highest for commercial usage. I cannot remember the wattage, but its higher than 325.

edrickerson | 18. Februar 2019

I was quoted 23 325 watt panels but when they arrived last week I was given 23 330 watt panels. The model number is SC330. Very pleased with the install. Waiting for utility inspection so I can turn on.

Pkalhan | 18. Februar 2019

@edrickerson, nice unexpected upgrade on the panels! I hope I get the same, but if not, no biggie. Currently, they have me down for 40 325watt panels for a 13kW system.

lpjakob | 23. Februar 2019

SC330 seems to be the new panel that Tesla is now making, see report at Electrek.