Do you have a problem with your mobile charger at -6 F or below?

Do you have a problem with your mobile charger at -6 F or below?

I think my mobile charge don't like the cool température (-6F).

By the spec, the mobile charge should be able to take -22 F.

I have the T flash 5 times.

After an 1 hour in home it was working again.

Thank you,

burdogg | 21. Januar 2019

What is with all these cold weather posts out of the blue?

RES IPSA | 21. Januar 2019

That is really cold and kinda close to the lowest temp it is rated to work at. Maybe charging outside when it is below zero will be difficult??

malo2464 | 21. Januar 2019

The spec is -22 F.

TM3Q | 21. Januar 2019

No problem charging at -10F last weekend, I live in Quebec, Canada

coleAK | 21. Januar 2019

I’ve used mine down to -30 (F). I plug in at work if it’s below zero(F). Although the day it hit -30 I only gained 1% in 11 hours with a 30 min pre heat.

RES IPSA | 21. Januar 2019

You guys are crazy... way too cold, but I am a wimp

Mike UpNorth | 21. Januar 2019

It warmed up to 16 degrees F tonight in MN :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21. Januar 2019

Hmmm... Name-plus-four-digits again.

The optimal range of operation for a lithium-ion battery pack is 35° F-to-95° F. Could it be that when plugging in at -0° F temperatures the battery pack must warm up a bit before charging begins, and nothing is actually wrong?

There are a lot of cold weather queries, complaints, and observations being made around here of late...

bernard.holbrook | 21. Januar 2019

Yeah RED, that's because it's winter. People are discussing what their 3's are doing and trying to figure out if what they are getting is 'normal' or not.

On some of the colder nights here my charge barely went up charging overnight in my unheated garage. While I was expecting a hit of 30% I sure wasn't expecting a hit of 70% or more when stupidly cold out. In the summer I was charging twice or maybe three times a week for maybe 6 hours at a time. Now I have to plug in (and start the charge) every night as soon as I get home.

malo2464 | 22. Januar 2019

Red why again ?. It 's probably the second time in year am using this forum.
Ok it's not really important.

Now i know it's not a commun problem.

It's failing in fault just when i am connecting it in 240v outlet and when the my mobile charger is cold.

kevin_rf | 22. Januar 2019

I think the reason for all the cold weather posts is the North East just got walloped by a major cold snap. People are still trying to warm up to the issues unique to the car in the cold. I know I had a few. I've resorted to whipping down the window with wipes I bought for the interior... New fangled wipers.

Nexxus | 23. Januar 2019


ReD was referring to what we've been seeing on the forum. Spam bots that usually have a name with numbers after them spamming the forum with FUD. They would make a post and then disappear not to be heard from again until their next useless post.

Glad to see you're not a spam bot.

malo2464 | 29. Januar 2019

I am not a robot. I have just a problem with me mobile charge gen 2. I am in contact with tesla support team. I hope they will solve my problem.

malo2464 | 17. Februar 2019

They have changed the charger and after 240V plug.
Now its' working.