Squeaking noise from the right falcon wend door

Squeaking noise from the right falcon wend door

Squeaking noise of the right FWD (Falcon wind door).
MX was delivered in Sept. Right after delivery, I heard some squeaking sound from the right FWD whenever there are bumps (even tiny ones) on the road, it becomes more severe when the winter comes. It goes away only on very smooth roads. It seems the FWD was not tightly installed and there was gaps among the parts. Otherwise, the car performs superb.
Wonder if any has similar situation.
Should I bring it in for a check and repair?
Many thanks.

patswin | 26. Januar 2019

Absolutely, the noises that are easily repeatable for service center to hear make it easy for them to identify and correct.

donz527 | 26. Januar 2019

I had the same issue. It isn't necessarily the door but your leather seat rubbing against the door. The service center can apply a cleaner to the seat and it miraculously goes away.

jch | 26. Januar 2019

I had similar issue, Its coming from middle top area where the felcon wing connects. I took it to service center, they replaced some rubber part under the seat and also replaced a loosing clip in felcon wing, no more annoy noise after.

TDUB | 28. Januar 2019

Thank you all. I will bring it to the service center and update you later. | 28. Januar 2019

I purchase a new X in November 2018 and it had a squeak coming from the passenger side sectors I assumed it was the fwd but turns out that there is a known manufacturing problem regarding the bolts holding the middle row seats. As soon as I menuotit to the service attendant (who was absolutely awesome at the Fremont site) he told me the problem and the repair. Took two days and it’s perfect.

TDUB | 31. Januar 2019

Update: I brought the car to the Service Center (appointment was made via the App on the phone). They checked it and found the noise was from the middle row seats and have it fixed.
They also have fixed the Charge Port door, which doesn't close complete.
Besides the issues I brought up, they also check fluid, tire pressure, updated firmware.
Most impressive, the car was thoroughly cleaned and washed inside and outside.
Guys in this Service Center at Austin, TX are gorgeous.

By the way I was given a Model S 100D as a loaner car. First time to drive an S. It's cool. But I like the X more.

wluk | 08. Februar 2019

similar problem and thought it was the FWD and it turned out is the middle row seats of my 7 seater. The ranger was able to replicate the noise by moving the chair. He removed like 10 pieces of trims in order to move the floor panel and adjusted a few bolts and the noise is gone. It took him like 30 minutes to complete.

Silver2K | 08. Februar 2019

Might want to update your title stating service found and fixed the issue and it was not related to the Falcon wend door.

lilbean | 08. Februar 2019

I wonder wenda title will be changed.