Question about installing solar

Question about installing solar

We are planning to install a solar array and batteries. I am reluctant to use Tesla due to the overall negative reviews, wait times etc.
The bids I have rec'd are using 305 watt panels. I know I can get higher wattage, but will be paying more.

Other than price, is there an advantage to getting higher wattage panels? Of course I know I would use less panels. But other benefits?

stevenmaifert | 28. Januar 2019

If you have enough roof space to achieve the desired output with 305 watt panels, I don't see any advantage to using higher wattage panels. Having said that, the output of solar panels diminishes over time. The percentage of yearly output reduction may vary so check with the experts to see if starting with a higher wattage panel may benefit you over the service life of the system.

SUN 2 DRV | 30. Januar 2019

The number of panels used also affects the number of power optimizers or microinverters you might have up on your roof. This has not only cost implications but the granularity of your shade tolerance, power monitoring and potential for panel level faults.

If you don't use microinverters then the total number of panels needs to be evenly divisible into the same size strings for use by a central inverter.