Model X Used vs New

Model X Used vs New

I am moving San Diego and would be commuting for work once (or probably twice) a week to Santa Monica. Around 130miles of commute each way. I would be staying overnight and not drive back the same day.

I am looking to get the Model X with the 6 seats (no console) configuration. Definitely looking for a 90D or 100D battery size because I get range anxiety.
I am debating between a used 100D from 2016 with free supercharging & AP2 available vs ordering a new one.

Is it wise to get a slightly used but feature rich X from 2016 vs getting a new one if the price is almost the same? Would having a free supercharging one still be desirable in 2-3 years just incase I decide to sell it? What about AP2 vs AP2.5?

Really appreciate your thoughts.


Passion2Fly | 31. Januar 2019

First of all, an 2016 100D MX with AP2 and free supercharging is very hard to find because the free transferable supercharging ended about the same time the first 100D with AP2 came out, December 2016-January 2017. What’s more critical to you, AP2 or free supercharging? You might not get both!
Regarding prices, look on I found my 2016 MX P90DL there for a great price and fully loaded.
The 100D is still expensive. the AP2 ever more! How much money are you trying to save versus new?

info | 07. Februar 2019

I have a 2017 MX 90D AP2 with free lifetime supercharging , fully loaded except the premium radio. 26k / 2 years left on warranty. And a 2018 MX P100D AP 2.5 fully loaded 3.5K 4 years on warranty. Thinking of selling one. Not sure which to keep.

Jonathantuba | 09. Februar 2019

I recently made this decision on buying a model X in USA. I got a 2016 90D with free Supercharging as most of my use will be on roadtrips. I don’t find AP1 quite as good as AP2 in my other model X (100D) in the UK, but it does the job well on well marked highways which is what is needed. But I don’t think it navigates poorly marked roads, tight corners, or in heavy rain as well as AP2.

Which to get depends on your usage and priorities

Uncle Paul | 10. Februar 2019

A used Model X is often a great choice, especially if you can find one with the configuration your want. Free Supercharging would be fantastic for a commuter, but not that many will be available. If you can find what you like you can save a bunch.