Secret Supercharger in Cherry Hill, NJ

Secret Supercharger in Cherry Hill, NJ

While my car was being serviced at the new Cherry Hill service center, I happened to check my app and was surprised to see that it was supercharging, even though there is no official supercharger at that location. I assume it's not open to the public and is being used only for cars that are being serviced or delivered at the service center. Or, maybe it's a harbinger of the long promised Cherry Hill supercharger location.

hammer @OR-US | 04. Februar 2019

Lots of service centers have superchargers inside for their exclusive use. I wouldn't read any more into it.

Bighorn | 04. Februar 2019

What hammer said. Nothing to see here.

jjgunn | 05. Februar 2019's a big(horn) secret

reed_lewis | 05. Februar 2019

The Dedham, MA service center also has a service super charger. I was in for service there and saw my car super charging and it was not taking up one of the spots that they have.

The good thing about those service super chargers is that there are no idle fees. Otherwise I would have had to pay about $25 because it was fully charged and left on the charger for a significant period of time.

redacted | 05. Februar 2019

Sometimes these place may let you charge. I stopped at Lyndhurst, OH one time many moons ago, and they put my MS on the charger there. Of course, that was in the old days when there were fewer superchargers and far fewer Teslas.

jordanrichard | 05. Februar 2019

Well now Howard, it's no longer a secret. You weren't supposed to publicize this. In about 20 minutes a unmarked van is going to pull up to your work and guys wearing dark Foster Grants will be getting out of the van. It is best to not resist and just go with them. It was nice knowing you.......................

jonmaron | 16. März 2019

I speculate (or hope) that the superchargers will be at the new Wawa being built on Haddonfield road (across from the Cheesecake Factory)

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. März 2019

A Supercharger is to fast for a Cheesecake Factory location!!!!!!!!! LOL

inconel | 17. März 2019

Then you need a CheeseCake Factory V3