MX Bluetooth issues with Iphone X

MX Bluetooth issues with Iphone X

I'm having issues with my Bluetooth and Iphone.
Most of the time when I make an outgoing call, the bluetooth does not work - the person I am calling can hear me but I can't hear them!
I have to make several attempts until it works and sometimes when I hang up I hear my apple music start playing automatically.

Tesla cannot fix this...any ideas?

lilbean | 04. Februar 2019

It’s a known issue with all the models and different phones. It’s usually the first call that is the problem. There is no fix that I’m aware of at this time.

jjgunn | 04. Februar 2019

Shut off all the apps using Bluetooth. Like your music.

Ensure the only BT connection from your phone is to the car. No ear buds, etc.

Try making a call.

I do not have any BT issues with a Pixel 2 XL & latest firmware on the MX.

1 firmware update I had to reboot the car & re-connect the phone. Other than that, I have had zero issues with my BT connecting to the car or working. People always comment how my "headset" sounds so good. When I tell them I'm in the Tesla, the reaction is usually..."Wow, can't even hear the road!"

I only use it for phone calls in the car. I don't stream music over BT. I'm guessing that's where the major issue lies & exactly why Tesla can't do anything about it.

BT isn't your wireless home router. It's not intended for multiple connections or high bandwith streaming.

behroozan | 06. Februar 2019

Lilbean is right - it’s always the first call and the person I am calling can hear me but I can’t hear them...started after a recent upgrade - and also sometimes music plays while I am making a call even though music over Bluetooth is turned off
Very very annoying...

David Trushin | 07. Februar 2019

I have the same problem. It's a shame that they gave us a whooped cushion but you can't call your friends to tell them about it.

Vawlkus | 08. Februar 2019

Try judging the volume up/down slightly after the call connects. That’s cleared it for me.