Longest time without looking at your Tesla

Longest time without looking at your Tesla

I just took a weekender trip to Vegas (fly not drive)

I parked the car charged to 83% when I left on Thursday night (Jan 31).

Car is currently unplugged & has been since Thursday about 11 PM. As I type this, I have not looked at the app or driven the car. About 107 hours.

What's the longest you've gone without driving or looking at the app?

lilbean | 05. Februar 2019

Three weeks while in Maui.

Triggerplz | 05. Februar 2019

Ummm probably about 8 hours and that’s because I was sleep :-)

sschaem | 06. Februar 2019

I would expect the car to be at ~79% following Tesla -1% a day rule.

mbp11 | 06. Februar 2019

Probably about 8 hours!

I am leaving the country and going to Mexico on a medical mission in a few days (for two weeks) and plan to leave the Model X in the garage and plugged into the charger while I am away. I will probably reduce the charging level down to 50-60% during that time and not overcharge but that should keep the battery from running down too low. I have read that there is no problem leaving the charger connected but not to overcharge it.

Mike P

jjgunn | 07. Februar 2019

Today is Thursday Feb 7 - I will not drive the MX until this evening - it will be a full 7 days. It's been cold out, in the 30's or high 20's at night & for the Bay Area that's cold! I have not opened the app to wake up the car. It's been sleeping since Jan 31 about 11:00 PM

I will not pre-heat the car - Want to see what battery % is at after 7 full days & nights & temps ranging from high 20's to low 50's. Unplugged & parked in a car port - no direct sun.

I'd be shocked to see the battery still at 79% - I'm expecting 65%-70% when I turn the car on tonight.

It's a good test & I'm hopeful others can learn from it too.

mbp11 | 07. Februar 2019

Let us know what you find! I am in the SF Bay Area too!

bonhari03 | 08. Februar 2019

48 hrs is my record so far.

jjgunn | 08. Februar 2019

Drove the MX last night at 10:30 PM

Remember - at night it was in the 30's pretty much every night. Never plugged in. Never in the sun. 7 full days exactly. 168 hours. Started at 83% - 7 days ago & never opened the app. Scorecard.....

Limited Regen lasted about 30 minutes. Seat heaters, steering wheel heater & heater itself started working very quickly. Used EAP & NoAP at 67 MPH - no issues.

How much battery left?? Drum roll please.....

63% - Car used 20% in 7 days with the "cold" - about 60 miles range just sitting there undisturbed sleeping. Pretty normal wouldn't you all say?

Car still drives like a dream. Best car, far & away, I've ever purchased.

wrr3jr | 12. Februar 2019

I ordered my x in January for a
March delivery date...I look at my account page 20 times a day waiting for the start of production..worst mistake I made was the March delivery date I choose! Did not want to drive to Chicago in the nasty weather...never seen a Tesla, ordered on my phone sitting on my couch. Being in Michigan, spite played a huge part of my purchase. No more employee discount from greedy motors(GM)...