Seat heater too warm

Seat heater too warm

I am in Colorado and know the meaning of cold weather.

However, even the lowest setting for the front seat warmers is too warm for continuous use.

Has anyone else complained about this? Is there a way to mitigate the lowest temp setting - short of turning it on and off?

inconel | 07. Februar 2019

If you can go to a SC to test out their demos. Your seats might be malfunctioning.

lilbean | 07. Februar 2019

It's been an issue. Burdogg' behaves the same way too. Mine does too.

jimglas | 07. Februar 2019

maybe a thin seat cushion?

burdogg | 07. Februar 2019

Well kind of - it gets really hot, but then it disappears and I hate it - it cycles and I know it isn't right but they will not fix it. Even though my 3 gets really hot - it STAYS hot the whole time! My S gets hot (2015) but not as hot but at least stays hot. The stupid X gets hot - then shuts off, then will come back on, rinse repeat. Frustrating. I may have to bring it up again now that time has passed, see if anyone will agree with me that this is NOT normal (I know many out there have the same issue, but there are many out there that do not have this issue)

jimglas | 08. Februar 2019

FWIW: Mine seems to work fine. I suspect yours is malfunctioning.

Solarman004 | 08. Februar 2019

On long drives, I slow cook a pot roast on the passenger seat.

Seriously, though, we never use level 3 for this reason, but find level 1 to be comfortable.

TDUB | 08. Februar 2019

For me, level 3 is unnecessarily hot, level 2 can be a good start, level 1 is comfortable to sit on for long.

wluk | 08. Februar 2019

wish they have heat level settings for the steering wheel as well.