Learning about Safety

Learning about Safety

Ok, I have 1,400 miles (~2250KM) on my Model X. One new technique it did not expect to have to develop is the emergency accelerator stab. Floor the thing because it's urgent...

Highway case in point:

Traveling around 75 MPH (~120KPH) in and HOV lane which is separated by two thick, white lines from the other 4 normally marked highway lanes. Traffic Ware Cruise Control Engaged. Autosterr too, but irrelevant for the purposes of this. It behaves the same regardless of autosteer.

A car, two lanes away from the HOV lane I am in decides to change lanes into the lane next to me.
Model X brakes aggressively while there is no safety risk, no danger. A car is changing from two lanes over into the lane next to me.

Stabbing the accelerator to the floor is the only safe option. There were cars behind me and their following distance is up to them. Tailgating is popular. I prefer to accelerate as opposed to agressively braking when there is no danger....

raffidesigns | 10. Februar 2019

This is a camera/sensor issue. The Model X should not be breaking as the car is not changing lanes in front of you. Autopilot ony care cares about the car in front and if a car comes into your lanes it swerves. The cameras should only see the cars around you and only react if necessary. I recommend taking your vehicle into service to check the cameras and sensors. My model X does the same thing and i had it fixed. It would change from the car in front to the car next to me in traffic. That should not happen.

mbirnie51 | 11. Februar 2019

I had a similar experience too. I was driving with Nav-on- AP on I-5 far left lane, +5 MPH over speed limit. In the 1/2 mile of our 2 lanes, the on-ramp had a car that was accelerating quickly and merged into his lane, causing me to dramatically decelerate. The car was behind mine about 10 feet when it made it into his lane when my car did the braking. Sensors got confused. I have allowed data sharing, so I hope the guys on the mother ship are looking at close calls to improve the discrimination factors.